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Market Cap 12.29B P/E 4.12 EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income - Forward P/E - EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg 13.00%
Sales - PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg 23.00%
Dividend 3.00% Price/Book 1.35 EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -2.00%
Recommedations - Quick Ratio - Shares Outstanding - 52W Low Chg 69.00%
Insider Own - ROA - Shares Float - Beta -
Inst Own - ROE - Shares Shorted/Prior -/- Price 65.91
Gross Margin - Profit Margin - Avg. Volume 31,637,780 Target Price -
Oper. Margin - Earnings Date - Volume 54,156,499 Change 1.09%
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SPDR Select Sector Fund - Energ News
01/27/22 Market check: Stocks lose steam into session close
01/25/22 Market check: Stocks pare steep losses in another intraday reversal
01/25/22 Market check: Stocks fall across the board, bitcoin rallies
01/24/22 ETFs: Investors favor ‘traditional sector rotation plays’ in 2022, strategist says
01/24/22 First Look At Possible GICS Shakeup
01/21/22 Market check: Stocks accelerate losses into the close
01/21/22 Oil: Geopolitical risks ‘elevated prices a little bit more,’ strategist says
01/20/22 Stock market drop 'is an opportunity for some names,' strategist explains
01/20/22 Market check: Nasdaq rebounds, Dow jumps in early trading
01/20/22 Biden suggests he can’t bring back monthly child tax credit payments
01/19/22 Russia-Ukraine situation shows ‘just how vulnerable we are’ in the energy markets: Strategist
01/19/22 Stock market: U.S. equities are still a solid investment in 2022, Goldman Sachs strategist explains
01/14/22 Market check: Stocks fall after retail sales miss, mixed bank earnings
01/13/22 Market check: Nasdaq poised to end three-day streak, tech and health care lag
01/13/22 Stock market: ‘A barbell approach has a lot of merit,’ strategist says
01/12/22 Inflation: Commodities ‘could turn around in a heartbeat’ but wages are ‘sticky,’ strategist says
01/11/22 Market check: Stocks higher after Powell testimony on Capitol Hill
01/10/22 BlackRock Underperforms Surging Financial Sector
01/10/22 Stock market: Top concerns & opportunities for investors right now
XLE Chatroom

User Image InsiderFinance Posted - 2 hours ago

ETF Sentiment: $XLE is the #5 ETF that institutions are trading with 35.2K options contracts. Market analysis included in screenshot of dashboard from http://insiderfinance.io.

User Image Colberado Posted - 4 hours ago

$XLE this will be over $70 after $CVX and $XOM earnings

User Image robmarketblind Posted - 4 hours ago

no change in my strategy - Follow the market and realize what kind of market it is. intraday trades ongoing each day this week include: $LABD up 108% YTD $SARK UP 38% YTD $XLE up 18% YTD

User Image Heffay01 Posted - 4 hours ago

$XLE my $64 puts had me sweating today

User Image SheDrills Posted - 4 hours ago

Crazy town politics bleeding into US courtrooms. $500/bbl must be on the liberal agenda…we should probably check out their stock portfolios. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-judge-revokes-80-million-acre-gulf-mexico-oil-gas-leases-2022-01-28/ $xle $xop $oih $gush $uso

User Image CasanovaCapital Posted - 5 hours ago

$XLE $XOP $SPY Breaking news: Federal judge cancels Biden admin oil leases for 80 million acres in the Gulf Mexico

User Image fattuna Posted - 6 hours ago

More Thursday night p0rn for O&G investors... "WHEN THE MARKET TURNS STRUCTRALLY BULLISH, I WILL BE THE BIGGEST BULL YOU KNOW. WE ARE GOING TO BLOW THROUGH 100, 120, WE ARE GOING TO RECESSIONARY LEVELS, WE THINK AROUND 150's BUT NOT YET..." "It's coming, boom years coming, 150's coming but not this year" $XOP $XLE $OIH $GUSH $XOM https://youtu.be/rH18RE6On_s?t=332

User Image fattuna Posted - 6 hours ago

Thursday porn for O&G investors... $XOP $XLE $OIH $GUSH $XOM https://youtu.be/0Q9clbBofy4

User Image macroQmicro Posted - 7 hours ago

Industry Sectors ranked by price strength and momentum re Jan. 27 close: $XLE $XLU $XLP

User Image Dre0122 Posted - 8 hours ago

$DVN Very impressed with this stock and the sector as a whole..Has been holding up very nicely despite all the market volatility $XLE

User Image Netlord_2 Posted - 8 hours ago

$XLE https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/bidens-infrastructure-bill-now-signed-law-mandates-vehicle-kill-switches-2026

User Image Netlord_2 Posted - 9 hours ago

$XLE https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/01/27/road-transport-overhaul-pete-buttigieg-vows-more-bike-and-bus-lanes-lower-speed-limits/

User Image macrossluvsrobotech Posted - 9 hours ago

$XLE Nice little head fake for ya

User Image ezmunee Posted - 10 hours ago

$XLE turns out alright again for a day trade up on a down market day

User Image jtm307 Posted - 10 hours ago

Nibbled on $VXX for a losing scalp. Went long on $XLE into the close for a win. Netted 4% today. I need more days like today.

User Image tickeron Posted - 11 hours ago

Wow this is a big change! $XLE Stochastic Oscillator left the overbought zone. View odds of downtrend. https://srnk.us/go/3362151

User Image Petro23 Posted - 11 hours ago

$XLE interesting to see whether USOIL continues to follow SPX

User Image Petro23 Posted - 11 hours ago

$XLE wait and see if Russia invades Ukraine

User Image Petro23 Posted - 11 hours ago

$XLE beautiful (long)

User Image SonGoku Posted - 11 hours ago

Safe haven $XLE $USO $OIH

User Image InsiderFinance Posted - 11 hours ago

ETF Sentiment: $XLE is the #7 ETF that institutions are trading with 16.3K options contracts. Market analysis included in screenshot of dashboard from http://insiderfinance.io.

User Image CertifiedMalarkey Posted - 12 hours ago


User Image TrainingWheelz Posted - 12 hours ago

$XLE took profits, 2 week swing 👍

User Image tradingstonks247 Posted - 12 hours ago


User Image Shoogawata Posted - 12 hours ago

$XLE Consolidating for the next leg up. Wouldnt be buying puts here in the dead of winter and brent crude highest since 2014. High probability we see 68-70 range next week

User Image Hi_PT Posted - 13 hours ago

$XLE Bought 2x Feb 18 $60 puts at .86. High probability trade. Minimal risk imo.

User Image Chark Posted - 13 hours ago

$XLE Bearish harami & 2 topping tail at the top of the linear regression channel with the RSI & McClellan falling. Look out below.

User Image francoisstpierre Posted - 13 hours ago

$XLE $XOM $CVX Take your profit.Overbought and the market is all red.

User Image SweepCast Posted - 14 hours ago

Top Flow for Today 🦄: $XLE with a single CALL Trade for total premium worth $156.8K Ranking #51 Today | This was a TRADE trade. | Visit SweepCast.com or Join our Premium Room For Access!

User Image tradingstonks247 Posted - 14 hours ago

$XLE hmmmmmm