Get access to real-time and historic data for your APPs

Market Data


Query stock quotes from U.S, Europe and Asia exchanges

MutualFunds & ETFs

Access to mutualfunds and ETFs fundamentals

Market Movers

Real-time access to market movers, top gainers/lossers and most watched tickers

Crypto Data

Get API access to global metrics, crypto top gainers/losers, trends and coin fundamentals

Fundamental Data

Financial Statements

Comprehensive financial statements on companies around the world

Institutional & Insiders

Exclusive access to institutional, 10% Owners and other insider trades

Earnings and Disclosure

Earnings statments, Real-time and Historical data

Company Profile

Access to general information of companies around the world

Performance & Tools

Technical Analysis

Computation of technical indications, signals & valuations

Rating and Recommendations

Real-time recommendations, upgrades and downgrade from analysts


Exclusive access to the most talk about companies on subReddits

Technical Indicators

Get REST API access to the most common technical indicators

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For investors who want the essentials on their applications

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For businesses who require more volume on their applications

Commercial use



For developers who require more volume on large scale applications

Commercial use

Requests 10,000 / month 50,000 / month 250,000 / month
Watchlist 10 20 100
Stocks/watchlist 30 / watchlist 50 / watchlist 50 / watchlist
Stock quotes 100 symbols per request 300 symbols per request 300 symbols per request
News endpoints
Stock endpoints
ETF & MutualFund endpoints
Crypto Module endpoints
Crypto Profile endpoints
Crypto Quote endpoints
Crypto Holders endpoints
SEC Filings endpoints
Wallstreetbets endpoints
Technical Indicators

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the data coming from?

Stock market data provided by the Mboum API is licensed and sourced from multiple high-authority market data providers around the world.

How scalable is this service?

The Mboum API service is built on top of AWS cloud infrastructure and therefore comes with a significant level of scalability and performance. The API currently handles several million API requests per hour with ease. Are you interested in a high-volume subscription plan? Reach out to Mboum Sales.

What is the API's uptime?

The Mboum API's system status is kept track of 24/7 by the technical team. We keep the amount of outages or service disruptions at a minimum and are proud to have an uptime of nearly 100%, calculated based on the last 365 days.

When will I have access to the API?

API access to our market data will be available after registration and account activation.

Which subscription plan fits my needs?

The most important factor you need to take into account when choosing a subscription plan is the number of allowed monthly API requests. If your volume exceeds 10,000 requests and/or you require more accurate, intraday data with regular updates, you will need to choose at least the Business Plan.

Which payment methods are supported?

Payments can be made via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Enterprise and high-volume customers may request annual bank transfer payments to be enabled. You can change your payment method at any given time in the "Plan & Billing" page of your account dashboard.

Is my payment information secure?

Credit cards are processed through a PCI compliant banking partner.

When will I be billed?

We charge your credit card after your free trial ends upon subscription to an API's plan and at the next recurring interval.

Can I also pay yearly?

Yes. If you choose annual billing, the total price of your subscription plan will be 20% lower than the total amount you would pay with a monthly payment frequency.