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Market Cap 9.89B P/E 4.69 EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income 1.85B Forward P/E -14,024.00 EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg 9.00%
Sales 67.34M PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg 5.00%
Dividend 1.00% Price/Book 1.45 EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -13.00%
Recommedations - Quick Ratio 0.14 Shares Outstanding 70.50M 52W Low Chg 23.00%
Insider Own 0.78% ROA 1.14% Shares Float - Beta 2.34
Inst Own 158.10% ROE 59.72% Shares Shorted/Prior -/- Price 140.24
Gross Margin 100.00% Profit Margin 2,746.40% Avg. Volume 4,314,525 Target Price -
Oper. Margin 85.47% Earnings Date - Volume 4,450,645 Change -1.63%
About SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Explor & Pro

SPDR Series Trust - SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF is an exchange traded fund launched by State Street Global Advisors, Inc. The fund is managed by SSGA Funds Management, Inc. It invests in public equity markets of the United States. It invests in stocks of companies operating across energy, oil, gas and consumable fuels, oil and gas exploration and production sectors. The fund invests in growth and value stocks of companies across diversified market capitalization. The fund seeks to track the performance of the S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Select Industry Index, by using representative sampling technique. SPDR Series Trust - SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF was formed on June 19, 2006 and is domiciled in the United States.

SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Explor & Pro News
XOP Chatroom

User Image chartsmarter Posted - 21 hours ago

Feast or Famine: https://www.chartsmarter.com/2024/06/18/energy-sector-review-6-20-24/ "time for energy to step up in second half or group will fall prey to its tendency to finish year-end at bottom of SPX leaderboard. $CVX will have a big say in that. Drillers especially weak." $XLE $OIH $XOP LBRT TDW $CNQ #oil #crude

User Image ArcValueTrade Posted - 22 hours ago

Natural Gas, Oil ,Gold, Silver, DXY Price Forecast: Support & Resistance Strategy Guide Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snVAc6suqhw - UNG Natural Gas tightening range- $OIH $XOP $IEO $GUSH $UGA

User Image sister Posted - 1 day ago

$XLE $OIH Increasing Geopolitical Uncertainty w/Putin and N. Korea cozying up = Inflows to the Energy Patch and oversold Refiners and Oil Services. $XOP $IEO $GUSH https://www.nytimes.com/2024/06/18/world/europe/putin-north-korea-kim.html Putin Will Head to North Korea as Ukraine War Redefines Ties With Kim President Vladimir V. Putin’s military needs have prompted the Kremlin to strengthen ties with the authoritarian government of Kim Jong-un, which is well stocked in munitions

User Image KryptonResearch Posted - 1 day ago

Krypton Research Initiates Coverage on EOG Resources at “Buy”, $152 Target: $EOG $XLE $XOP https://kryptonresearch.beehiiv.com/p/krypton-research-initiates-coverage-eog-resources-buy-152-target

User Image russellkbrett Posted - 2 days ago

$XOP E&P ETF tryin to go green here. WTI nearing $80 again and $XOM holding its 200-SMA. Exxon @ breakeven 35/bbl is a solid Buy here.

User Image TheTradingAgent Posted - 2 days ago

$XOP daily, new lows, be careful. $OXY $XOM $VLO $MPC Daily Review https://youtu.be/7WYhPwxuWVA

User Image wkalunji Posted - 4 days ago

$XOP Breaking below trend support. Needs to close above $144 next or else get really ugly. Weekly chart.

User Image Ro_Patel Posted - 5 days ago

Baker Hughs: US Rig Count down -4 w/w to 488 (down -64 y/y) & Nat Gas Rig Count unchanged w/w at 98 (down -32 y/y) $USO $XLE $XOP $UNG $OIH

User Image russellkbrett Posted - 5 days ago

@tiktokstocks @mcdicedtea There's also a broad based "sell energy" trade going on since Wed along with the rest of the 'real economy' co-hort in general (take a look at MOS hitting another 52-week low, for example). All the major Energy ETFs like $XLE $XOP $OIH have the same bell-to-bell mass selloff in the last 3 sessions and are all below their Daily 200-SMA's today. If one wanted to make a bearish bet on the XOP in general earlier in the week but wanted more beta they'd immediate go to the weakest holding in the group ($APA) and that is what they did via the options, imo. Megacap stocks are now being treated as the new 'save haven' trade is lieu of Staples. The $IWM small caps has given back all its post CPI/PPI gains in spite of yields falling all week. Old correlations broken. Market is now worried the Fed will be late on cuts.

User Image russellkbrett Posted - 5 days ago

@mcdicedtea Watch the E&P ETF $XOP. Basically the same waterfall price action on the Daily chart last 3 days. Pull up any individual holding in it like $EOG $OXY $DVN ect and they all look the same. This is a broad sector wholesale sector selloff for whatever reason (source of funds to chase the AI trade? who knows?). Algos slamming the XOP below its 200-SMA. $APA just trades at a high beta to it, though.

User Image russellkbrett Posted - 5 days ago

@spearnreel They got a bargain for CPE. It is accretive and will improve cash flow, keeping it steady until Suriname comes online, which at current market cap $APA is valuating at zero. 5.60x forward and 3x trailing. No one cares. It's all momentum algorithms / CTAs selling it down with the $XOP holdings. No rational thinking human being would sell here. Ever since this weeks EIA number the "short energy stocks" has been "the play" for the week regardless of Crude price recovery. Large blocks of $27 strike weekly and July $APA put options were bought on Wed.

User Image agham12 Posted - 5 days ago

$XOP Anyone share their opinion? End of Petrodollar.. how does it affect the oil and gas equities?

User Image josephe87 Posted - 6 days ago

$XOP would like to start scaling in below 140

User Image Ro_Patel Posted - 6 days ago

$USO above 9/21/50/200DEMA - Bull Flag breakout or consolidate b/n $74-$78 USD needs to fall - has nearly recovered post CPI gap down. Total crude complex inventories currently sit -3% below norms. Average U.S. refinery utilization remains high but steady w/w at 95% (+7% vss avg) despite modesty above-average gasoline demand (+2% vs avg). This has sent refining margins lower, with USMC 3-2-1 cracks currently sitting at $15/bbl (down -55% y/y) Oil market got a boost from the strong US NFP report as that showed that demand is likely to remain strong amid the global growth pickup as depicted also by the PMIs. Moreover, some major central banks beginning to ease their policies and China will likely continue to do so as deflationary forces are still present. Goldman f/casting $86 per barrel due to "solid summer demand" as the driving season heats up & strong consumer spending However, Citi f/casting oil down to $60 in FY25 on crude inventories surging by 1.4Mbpd next year $XLE $UGA $OIH $XOP

User Image wkalunji Posted - 6 days ago

$XOP Overall bullish ascending triangle forming. Support around $144. Still bullish unless the pattern breaks to the downside. Weekly chart.

User Image chessNwine Posted - 1 week ago

$WHD Daily. Oil services stocks in the $OIH ETF clearly outpacing peers in $XLE $XOP ETFs early on today. Cactus Inc., here, improving markedly as long as $52 holds below. One of best performers and charts in entire energy space

User Image jjmstocks1 Posted - 1 week ago

$OVV +10% YTD .. nat gas name finishing off the session inside, these are just under the 10-day .. took a look at these since $XOP was up on the session ..

User Image lordofmorningwood13 Posted - 1 week ago

$KOS Following energy. The $XOP about to rip, the $DXY about to move higher. These energy stocks like this one is going to move higher. Similar to $RIG

User Image DDeals Posted - 1 week ago

$PR $XLE $XOM $XOP Very bullish bounce on WTI off the neck line.

User Image Ro_Patel Posted - 1 week ago

Goldman Sachs said Brent crude is expected to reach $86 a barrel in the third quarter of the year on healthy fuel demand over the summer. Sees solid summer transport demand which will push the oil market into deficit of -1.3Mbpd by 3Q24 $USO $CL_F $UGA $XLE $XOP

User Image stinkroach Posted - 1 week ago

$XLE $XOP $USO watching here for an entry

User Image DDeals Posted - 1 week ago

$PR $XOM $XLE $XOP production slows, DUCs will be used up, the oil crisis will be real. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/Growth-in-US-Oil-and-Gas-Output-Slows-Down.html

User Image ArcValueTrade Posted - 1 week ago

Natural Gas, Oil ,Gold, Silver, DXY Price Forecast:- Support & Resistance Strategy Guide Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECCEJXgh3iE - UNG Natural Gas approaching resistance.. $OIH $XOP $IEO $GUSH $UGA

User Image rsmracks Posted - 1 week ago

$XOM $XOP $OIH $BP $CVX Wrap up for this week in the oil market. I don’t see a slowdown any time soon. Especially on a global level. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Hopes-of-Fed-Cut-Jolts-Oil-Prices.amp.html

User Image Ro_Patel Posted - 1 week ago

DOE announces 2 additional solicitations for the SPR: 1.5M barrels Sept delivery 4.5M barrels for Oct, Nov, & Dec delivery This is in addition to the 9M already purchased for Sept, Oct, Nov delivery (current cadence is about 3M barrels/month) SPR is stored at 4 sites & 2 of those have been undergoing maintenance, slowing purchases US Dept of Energy Sec: "All 4 sites will be back up by the end of the year, so one could imagine that pace would pick up, depending on the market" DOE's decision comes as oil prices have declined -13% since early April DOE this year moved to a direct purchase strategy instead of basing the purchasing price on an index which has helped it buy 38.6M barrels of oil at an avg of $77/barrel DOE continues to aim for $79/barrel or less, significantly lower than the avg of $95/barrel DOE rec'd for 2022 emergency SPR sales As of now, SPR has 370.2M barrels vs 600M barrels at the beginning of 2022 - total SPR capacity of about 700M barrels $USO $XLE $OIH $XOP $UGA

User Image Ro_Patel Posted - 1 week ago

Baker Hughs: US Oil Rig Count is down -4 to 492 & Nat Gas rigs down -2 to 98 US Oil Rig Count is down -64 y/y & Nat Gas rigs down -37 y/y $USO $XLE $OIH $XOP $UNG

User Image SunburnRadio Posted - 1 week ago

@Yeonhee7777 I bought $XOP for $30 at that time! Lots of it. I'm still holding.

User Image Jassim713 Posted - 1 week ago


User Image Ro_Patel Posted - 1 week ago

Oil price rout on Monday & Tuesday was the consequence of markets being dominated by a combo of extreme macroeconomic pessimism, speculative shorts, & over-enthusiastic algorithmic trading that crowded out more fundamentally based traders. Algorithmic traders don't follow the fundamentals but rely on rules-based computational formulas for executing trades. They compounded an already bearish sentiment in the oil market. The ever-growing group of CTAs that have trend-following strategies to trading were prompted by these algorithms to sell oil. CTAs have flipped their positioning in Brent Crude to a net short position from a net long position at the end of last week. CTAs typically amplify market moves w/ their trend following strategies. Options trades also worsened the oil price route. Oil prices rebounded from oversold conditions on Wednesday & higher today as many traders do not believe that that market conditions are conducive for OPEC+ to add supply in 2H24 $USO $CL_F $XLE $XOP $OIH

User Image HostileTakeovers Posted - 1 week ago

$XOP she's moving sluggish but heading back over 150.