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Market Cap 1.55B P/E - EPS this Y -21.40% Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -1.14B Forward P/E 4.90 EPS next Y 345.50% 50D Avg Chg -42.00%
Sales 5.31B PEG 0.49 EPS past 5Y 40.65% 200D Avg Chg -85.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 0.37 EPS next 5Y 66.00% 52W High Chg -97.00%
Recommedations 3.10 Quick Ratio 1.02 Shares Outstanding 644.88M 52W Low Chg 6.00%
Insider Own 0.00% ROA -2.93% Shares Float 440.88M Beta -0.07
Inst Own 60.95% ROE -34.26% Shares Shorted/Prior 36.86M/48.43M Price 2.40
Gross Margin 51.37% Profit Margin -21.49% Avg. Volume 14,549,833 Target Price 40.34
Oper. Margin -7.49% Earnings Date Apr 20 Volume 17,298,030 Change -13.04%
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TAL Education Group provides K-12 after-school tutoring services in the People's Republic of China. The company offers tutoring services to K-12 students covering various academic subjects, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, political science, English, and Chinese. It provides tutoring services primarily through small-class services under the Xueersi, Mobby, and Firstleap brand names; personalized premium services under Izhikang name; and consulting services on overseas studies under the Shunshun Liuxue brand, as well as offers services under the Haoweilai name. The company also operates jzb.com, an online education platform that serves as a gateway for online courses offered through xueersi.com; and other Websites for specific topics and offerings, such as college entrance examinations, high school entrance examinations, graduate school entrance examinations, preschool education, and raising infants and toddlers, as well as mathematics, English, and Chinese composition. In addition, it operates mmbang.com and the Mama Bang app, an online platform focusing on children, baby, and maternity market. Further, the company offers education and management consulting, and investment management and consulting services; develops and sells software and networks, as well as related consulting services; and sells educational materials and products. As of February 29, 2021, its educational network included 1,098 learning centers and 990 service centers in 109 cities throughout China and one city in the United States. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Beijing, the People's Republic of China.

TAL Chatroom

User Image westmoney Posted - 51 minutes ago

Credit Suisse reports that the education sector( $EDU, $TAL, $GOTU, $METX) has suffered a sell-off over the past two days, following earlier media reports of unverified documents referring to regulators' demands to ban VIE structures, tightening M&A expansion and curbing tuition fees hikes. However, Credit Suisse believes that the announced regulations aim to promote high-quality professional education and expects China's demand for talent will continue to increase, and that the positive keynote is unlikely to change quickly. Valuations in the sector have fallen to the equivalent of a projected 2022 P/E ratio of between approximately 5 and 10 times, which is a historic low, and Credit Suisse expects that increased clarification of regulation will help restore the market's confidence. What do you think? https://www.westmoney.com/share/stocknewsdetail?id=936625541858070528&lang=en&color=2&wm=stocktwits

User Image GossipaboutChinesestocks Posted - 4 hours ago

Faced with the same impact, Yu Minhong (CEO of $EDU) and Zhang Bangxin (CEO of $TAL), the leaders of the industry, demostrate their different life attitudes. Yu Minhong often likes to show off himself in public, and he has started to take the live broadcast, reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit of optimism. While, Zhang Bangxin lives beyond spotlight. He rarely appears in public. So what is he doing? Zhang Bangxin as an entrepreneur, from any aspect is completely not worse than Yu Minhong. From the matter that TAL gives part-time employees stocks before IPO, he is also a broad-minded boss, and is willing to provide more profits to the staffs. How will these two companies develop in the future? Can they rebound? Who can give the public a better answer, Yu Minhong or Zhang Bangxin?

User Image stocktowatch7 Posted - 6 hours ago

$NKLA, $TAL here goes on http://www.stocksequity.com/active-stocks/technical-snapshots-for-investors-nikola-corporation-nasdaqnkla-tal-education-group-nysetal/

User Image SelfMafia Posted - 7 hours ago

$TAL U Want Me To Sucky Sucky Yo Money Money?

User Image Patras2 Posted - 8 hours ago

$TAL We are approaching the monthly close. I will be watching closely the green zone. Reason why, 1.97 its the swing that took us to the low 1.18. If that swing doesn't hold I could see this take out the all time low and hit 1.11.

User Image Vestorinvest Posted - 9 hours ago

$CLEU $TAL $EDU Consider to pivot and invest in an educational sector platform that has zero exposure to AST, no none regulatory impacts. CLEU 1. Trading 300% below cash 2. The fact that it has null liabilities confirms it has not deferred revenue. 3. Great buying opportunity with Sector draw down... .2.74 in cash / 3.33 book value.... on a buy price of .84/ share (STEAL!) 99% confidence this will double by summer. Balance sheet for your review... Simply sharing a trading idea... yours to decide to pursue or not.

User Image Stocksman45 Posted - 11 hours ago

$TAL TAL is an interesting stock because of its massive cash hoard. I have read that they own stock in a company that is going public (Ximalaya IPO) which adds more cash. They also own property. People on this thread have estimated total NET NET assets at $10 share. That is 4x the current price, as the current price is around $2.50 per share. $TAL could liquidate all its assets, and start a new company not in these restricted areas, whereby we could benefit from these huge net assets. No Vie or listing removal worries. They could even move out of China. So maybe liquidating the assets and getting out of China would make sense given the assets may be worth 4x current stock price. Assets give you choices that cash strapped companies do not have. The China stock blowout bottom is in progress, where it ends I do not know, but feel it might be soon.

User Image SamRothstein08 Posted - 12 hours ago

$TAL Happy to see this hot garbage burning. Fraud.

User Image chinastockk Posted - 12 hours ago

$CLEU somting up with $cleu mm are raising asklooks like domthing coming get in cleu $fami $metx $tal

User Image KeisoD Posted - 12 hours ago

$TAL dropped to %1 al ready finish me

User Image phil0007 Posted - 12 hours ago

$TAL only down 14%. Wait until the real sell-off starts tomorrow

User Image williamma89 Posted - 12 hours ago

$TAL Technical analysis is voodoo, stock go up and down because of people's confidence in it, does not matter the number or graph, direction is what matters.

User Image tickeron Posted - 12 hours ago

$TAL reports Earnings today. Do you agree with the A.I. prediction? $TAL's Aroon indicator drops into Downtrend on January 26, 2022. View odds for this and other indicators: https://srnk.us/go/3362020

User Image williamma89 Posted - 13 hours ago

$tal there are two reasons why BULLS should be very very careful about the purported rumor of CCP attacking private school and VIE related ed tech drained HK ed tech stocks for two days. One: CCP did not come out to diffuse the rumor and save the ed tech market from two days plunging. They just have to deny it and they didn't. TWO: I saw tiktok videos and weibo of very similar content of local gov. party meetings talking about the same content, but only a few local areas not national. So this means we really don't know the validity. But CCP silence and lateness in debunking the rumor is a red flag. Day one, I assume it is rumor. Day two, still inaction, letting the ed tech stocks to plunge, big red flag.

User Image williamma89 Posted - 13 hours ago

$TAL only way you bull scan be saved now is CCP come out explaining that the rumor of crackdown is groundless and totally fake. They did not come out and it is day 2 already. HK ed tech stocks fell two days in fierce sell off that is a reminder of July crackdown. Good likelihood that the rumor of crackdown to permanently end VIE structure related ed tech is serious because VIE structure ed tech cannot go back to HK. One reason $EDU seems to have softer landing is $EDU has HK llisting ALREADY and $EDU has now completely shifted to every business except education making them more avert to crackdown.

User Image williamma89 Posted - 13 hours ago

$TAL With this level of falling down and China reacting fiercely to US market condition, I say we expect thsi stock to be 1.80 sometimes by 2-5. What you are seeing now is a world where whales are cautious and they anticipate bad outcomes. Stocks are fine to long if there are no timed bombs. $TAL has timed bombs. Holding one day trade, I agree. Holding overnight, man, why torture yourself.

User Image Iocoin Posted - 13 hours ago

$TAL Good luck guys

User Image Siren_bcrx Posted - 13 hours ago

$TAL lol charity tution center

User Image Baxeor Posted - 13 hours ago

$TAL I'm still floating, but if it falls again tomorrow, I'll sink.

User Image west281356 Posted - 14 hours ago

$TAL 😬

User Image Molotov60 Posted - 14 hours ago

$TAL finished

User Image Iocoin Posted - 14 hours ago

$TAL I'm in

User Image Stocksman45 Posted - 15 hours ago

$EDU One thing I did not know is that I believe I read that the Fall curriculum went through, which means refunds of tuitions would be far less than I thought, which is a very good thing. Same goes for $TAL. Both stocks selling for less than half cash. If they both liquidated all their assets, even more. Generational lows in these stocks. They can liquidate and leave China. Uncertainty is what makes people dump.

User Image phil0007 Posted - 15 hours ago

$TAL oh my oh my , it's going to get delisted !tell me something new ! can't wait to see this stock disappearing

User Image chinastockk Posted - 15 hours ago

$CLEU load cleu now for early Feb trade 23g comes out in Feb last year there was a major pump. This year there will be one as we'll load all you can now of cleu $wafu $eeiq $tal

User Image Molotov60 Posted - 15 hours ago

$TAL we need to recover if not tomorrow will be at 2.30 no r below ….

User Image williamma89 Posted - 16 hours ago

$TAL I can be totally wrong on this, but I threw 3-4k USD on $AAPL put option 160 due tommorow betting on tonight. Extremely risky because there is erosion of premium. But I see $AAPL as a pandemic stock and far too vulnerable. It is main business is still hardware so its experience is more like $TSLA than $MSFT , even if not, people already learn about $TSLA $MSFT experience so may do an anticipated dump during earning, making it easier to sell option. Also, $AAPL may not do a forecast, if they do, so much uncertainty about its dependence on China, how many can be produced in this year? Consumer spending power still strong in a tightening fiscal year??

User Image williamma89 Posted - 16 hours ago

$TAL I will use all the money made from $TAL today to buy $AAPL put option, I think $AAPL is just like $TSLA if you rely on unreliable nation like China then you either have to hide it or admit it the great supply chain crisis of 2022, the amount of inhuman lockdown videos spreading out of China is way beyond what mainstream media tells people.

User Image macroaxis Posted - 16 hours ago

$TAL - Next earnings report expected on 28th of April 2022. #stocks #earnings

User Image williamma89 Posted - 16 hours ago

$TAL is short term bounce possible ? Totally, does it matter? No. Because the current situation is bad. They want to delay (don’t even bother deny) investors knowing.

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