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Mentions | Comments | Upvotes
Ticker # of Mentions # of Comments # of Votes Floating Shares % Shorted Market Cap Price Change Volume
DTE 2 1 4 205.45M 1.45% 23.31B 113.09 -0.05% 896,244
SPY 2 3 1 - - 413.12B 450.13 -1.39% 80,808,040
PANW 3 8 5 319.10M 4.31% 72.23B 236.17 -6.71% 6,283,836

Wallstreetbets Tracker

Discover and track popular stocks discussed on r/wallstreetbets, r/wallstreetbetsOGs, r/wallstreetbetsnew, r/stocks, r/daytrading and r/options.

This tool tracks the number of times a particular stocks has been mentioned in a posts and comments. An aggregated number of comments and upvotes are also tracked within each thread where the stock was mentioned. Results can be sorted and filtered daily, weekly, and monthly.

Table Legends

  • # of Mentions: This is the number of times a stock has been mentioned in a post/comment.
  • # of Comments: This is an aggregated number of comments from posts that contained a given stock.
  • # of Votes: This is the total number of votes from a thread that contained a given stock.
  • Floating Shares: This is the total number of floating shares last reported.
  • % Shorted: This is the current number shares shorted.

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