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Market Cap 74.31B P/E 8.79 EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -14.41B Forward P/E 8.31 EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg -
Sales 27.28B PEG - EPS past 5Y 2.73% 200D Avg Chg -10.00%
Dividend 7.00% Price/Book 5.21 EPS next 5Y 5.30% 52W High Chg -22.00%
Recommedations 2.00 Quick Ratio 0.58 Shares Outstanding 2.24B 52W Low Chg 4.00%
Insider Own 10.48% ROA 5.80% Shares Float 1.99B Beta 0.24
Inst Own 6.50% ROE -22.06% Shares Shorted/Prior 4.48M/7.81M Price 32.98
Gross Margin 82.07% Profit Margin -52.66% Avg. Volume 4,412,324 Target Price 36.54
Oper. Margin 48.44% Earnings Date - Volume 3,567,229 Change -1.02%
About British American Tobacco Indus

British American Tobacco p.l.c. engages in the provision of tobacco and nicotine products to consumers worldwide. It also offers vapour, heated, and modern oral nicotine products; combustible cigarettes; and traditional oral products, such as snus and moist snuff. The company offers its products under the Vuse, glo, Velo, Grizzly, Kodiak, Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Rothmans, Camel, Natural American Spirit, Newport, Vogue, Viceroy, Kool, Peter Stuyvesant, Craven A, State Express 555 and Shuang Xi brands. It also distributes its products to retail outlets. British American Tobacco p.l.c. was founded in 1902 and is based in London, the United Kingdom.

British American Tobacco Indus News
BTI Chatroom

User Image BuddhaLove Posted - 13 hours ago

$BTI Gonna buy everyday this week

User Image ilikebigbets Posted - 1 day ago

@camaro1969 $BTI that’s how

User Image Shapiro_trades Posted - 1 day ago

$BTI $MO $ARCC https://wallstreetwaves.com/3-reliable-dividend-stocks-with-yields-above-9-you-can-buy-with-less-than-100-right-now/

User Image solonguzu Posted - 2 days ago

$BTI seems to be the most hated stock in pre-market.

User Image taurus_bullish Posted - 2 days ago

$BTI adding every week: bargain price

User Image Screemerbeemer Posted - 2 days ago

$BTI looking to add more on weakness, this is solid long term hold with 9.75% yield

User Image SilverTrader47 Posted - 3 days ago

@Wiseman55 Me too. I like $IEP with its quarterly distributions of $1 per unit, $BTI with its juicy dividend yield, and $MOS.

User Image PowerStocker Posted - 3 days ago

$BTI life goal - buy a bunch of these then retire

User Image swingingtech Posted - 3 days ago

$BTI https://wallstreetwaves.com/where-will-british-american-tobacco-stock-be-in-1-year/

User Image SilverTrader47 Posted - 4 days ago

@CDMO @Dicktater143 I added $BTI at $30.11 today.

User Image SilverTrader47 Posted - 4 days ago

@Dicktater143 @the_Market_ I like both $BTI with its juicy dividend yield and $IEP with its quarterly distributions of $1 per unit.

User Image SilverTrader47 Posted - 4 days ago

@rchirino001 I like $IEP $BTI $ZIM $FRO and $SAVE.

User Image CDMO Posted - 4 days ago

$BTI i been waiting for below 30 to add, come to meeeee

User Image the_Market_ Posted - 4 days ago

$BTI why is no one buying?

User Image KingWaldo Posted - 4 days ago

$MO lets start seeing some inflows $PM $BTI

User Image the_Market_ Posted - 5 days ago

$BTI once recession hits hard, people will need tobacco more than ever

User Image Dicktater143 Posted - 5 days ago

$MO $BTI $PM im not saying it will happen at least not right now , but can you imagine if Nvidia came out with a real stinker report out of nowhere . Tech would shatter like a dinner plate and maybe actually return to reasonable levels . Crazy I know , but I’m old fashioned like that , I believe the stock market is made up of more than just 7 stocks …

User Image sanchovia Posted - 6 days ago

@Dicktater143 Could not agree more. But, with the possibility of rates not being cut this year and inflation being a more tricky that anticipated, $BTI and $MO sp will lag in the near term. And, if I do calls, always do covered calls. Hate risk.

User Image rookiebuyer1609 Posted - 6 days ago

$BTI I'm very interested, seems like a safe income stock. Why are the second half results so poor though?

User Image sanchovia Posted - 6 days ago

$BTI Seem to be here more than I should, but would like to to comment on $bti approach to paying dividends. A truly beautiful affair. They outline their dividend for an entire year. And while most companies are fairly solid in the dividend announcements, they do not outline 4 quarters of payments. Here's to a lower price this weak, pushing the yeild in our favor and here's to February, May, August and November. Keep em coming British, love the income.

User Image opgenopgen Posted - 6 days ago

$BTI Bireme Capital's Evan Tindell on British American Tobacco and tobacco's inflection point https://twitter.com/aktienboersen/status/1759612568102998484

User Image sanchovia Posted - 6 days ago

@SKOL_BTC @yeahdontcare @Kerbal Thanks man. The funny thing that he doesn't get in those seven years the dividend has clImbed from .61 cents the current .98 cents. Over 50% increase in that span. People buy this for the income mainly. Although, I will admit in my trading account had a good amount of $bti that I sold on the pop. Will reenter under $30 if we get there.

User Image sanchovia Posted - 6 days ago

@SKOL_BTC @yeahdontcare @Kerbal Just want to add two points. 1. Free choice is the ability to do what you want when you want. Thus, I say to anyone who bitches about smokings ill effects, go fuck yourself. 2. Barrier to entry. $MO has for decade upon decade understood their business and moved accordingly. Not just following regulations, but WRITING the rules! Jesus, most of $PM messages on LinkedIn ask people to quit smoking and transition to E-cigs. No other company can enter this market without a handful of lawyers and special interest groups. @yeahdontcare You`re welcome to be a little bitch here, but do not forget MJ is in the wings and tobacco has been a staple for humans for 100s of years. Somewhere it was written that the percentage of smoker should stablize to about 15% of the population. Almost there. And lastly, own the big three, $BTI $MO $PM happy as a pig in shit for almost two decades. May we enjoy more dividends in the future and until death.

User Image BuddhaLove Posted - 1 week ago

$BTI Gonna load more this week.

User Image smartkarma Posted - 1 week ago

$BTI | British American Tobacco: Innovation in Heated Tobacco & Expansion Of The GLO Range Could Propel Them Forward! - Major Drivers "The British American Tobacco (BAT) 2023 preliminary results show solid financial performance conforming to the guidance despite prevailing..." - Baptista Research (Baptista Research) Key Points:The British American Tobacco (BAT) 2023 preliminary results show solid financial performance conforming to the guidance despite prevailing headwinds.BAT's global footprint continues to offer resilient results through steady performance in Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific Middle East, and Africa, even as it counters performance in the U.S. The company marked a 3.1% increase in both revenue and profit from operations, with diluted EPS surging by 5.2%.Baptista Research looks to evaluate the... Read more: https://www.smartkarma.com/insights/british-american-tobacco-innovation-in-heated-tobacco-expansion-of-the-glo-range-could-propel-them-forward-major-drivers

User Image TopazFrenzy Posted - 1 week ago

$NEM $BTI $MO Gold and tobacco is where you should hide before the the biggest Tech crash since 2000

User Image swingingtech Posted - 1 week ago

$BTI, $MO, $PM, $ITC https://wallstreetwaves.com/6-reasons-to-buy-british-american-tobacco-stock-hand-over-fist/

User Image SilverTrader47 Posted - 1 week ago

@Dicktater143 @Krabstermania @L132 @BuddhaLove I like both $BTI and $IEP with its quarterly distributions of $1 per share. Carl Icahn, $IEP should buy $BTI and ask $BTI to start its stock buyback program again. https://www.bat.com/DOCBHQ8X.html

User Image BuddhaLove Posted - 1 week ago

$BTI Im buying all the way to ex divi

User Image SilverTrader47 Posted - 1 week ago

$MO $PM @Dicktater143 @BuddhaLove @L132 $BTI quarterly dividend payments for 2024.

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