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Market Cap 1.80B P/E 13.37 EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income - Forward P/E - EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg 3.00%
Sales - PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg 25.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -4.00%
Recommedations - Quick Ratio - Shares Outstanding - 52W Low Chg 85.00%
Insider Own - ROA - Shares Float - Beta -
Inst Own - ROE - Shares Shorted/Prior -/- Price 154.64
Gross Margin - Profit Margin - Avg. Volume 6,791,666 Target Price -
Oper. Margin - Earnings Date - Volume 10,019,431 Change -3.67%
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SMH Chatroom

User Image ProKnifeCatcher87 Posted - 51 minutes ago

$AMD should all help including $SMH $mu update $TSM https://www.investing.com/news/stock-market-news/micron-stock-recovers-on-report-of-over-6-bln-in-chips-act-grants-3383558

User Image ElliottwaveForecast Posted - 1 hour ago

In G3 DTV, we also explained that $SMH $SOXX took the lows opening more downside for $NVDA $AMD #Elliottwave #Stocks #Trading

User Image TheTradingAgent Posted - 2 hours ago

$SMH daily, semis broke the lows. $NVDA $INTC $AMD $MU Daily Review https://youtu.be/cinIZR4msE0

User Image FCN2 Posted - 3 hours ago

$TSM $NVDA $SOXS $SMH received word that it was a successful hit today - We are not trading, but the group is, and that is why I am posting. We hit almost 100 K total through the drops and counter scalps and so Seth and I are taking the rest of the week off. I will be posting as the chain of command guides me to tell you guys where to go next. GL Mates

User Image ChartGuysDan Posted - 3 hours ago

Market bears scored more check points today, pushing $SPY below weekly 12ema and initiating monthly consolidation for $SMH Will a gap down mark a temporary bottom? @junglefunk_ is finally on twitter and in today for a look at the markets, give him a follow https://www.chartguys.com/watch?v=EGvwZDuj-Xw

User Image ProKnifeCatcher87 Posted - 4 hours ago

$AMD $TSM reports before open early morning 2nd biggest $SMH holding 12% $ARM $NVDA

User Image howardlindzon Posted - 5 hours ago

$IWM $QQQ $SMH $SPY $TLT brian’s videos always good

User Image igOPTIONSKING_ Posted - 5 hours ago

$AMD $SPY $SMH Puts pay so much on this stock 😍 Gotta know how to read a chart. Also helps that Lisa is selling millions 💰

User Image FCN2 Posted - 5 hours ago

$AMD $NVDA $SMH bought time on these, so we do not care about this small downward move

User Image relative Posted - 5 hours ago

$MU $AMD $NVDA $SMH Watching semis close:

User Image SunAndStorm Posted - 5 hours ago

$SMH Close is Day 1 under a key "Level of Interest." see pr. Not confirmed, but in the current market, not helpful either. The Leader is teetering...

User Image SunAndStorm Posted - 5 hours ago

$SMH Breached #LOI again. 107.63 now with a large spread (high volatility). We'll see if they can rescue it into the close...

User Image Cutlass Posted - 6 hours ago

$AMD When $SMH tags 175 I will take a look at chips - $SOXL ⏳⏰📋

User Image chessNwine Posted - 6 hours ago

$SMH Daily. Big close coming up in final hour here for semiconductor ETF. This would mark the first close below the 50-day m.a. (dark blue line) since November 2nd, 2023, a good 5.5 months. 50-day at $216.34, currently.

User Image SunAndStorm Posted - 6 hours ago

$SMH Made it down to my number, below it by a bit to 212.70. "Anointed" Level of Interest as I say...

User Image DisBagzRHeavy Posted - 6 hours ago

$SMH we might have a reversal here with Bidens comments on China.

User Image SunAndStorm Posted - 6 hours ago

$SMH Watch the mid-March low. A breach of that "Level of Interest" as I call them, would be very negative for the entire market as semis have led this rally in a big way. It could become a Wave 3 down for semis. https://www.tradingview.com/x/z5FSNunG/

User Image igOPTIONSKING_ Posted - 7 hours ago

$AMD $SMH $SPY Hope you listened. AMD puts going CRAZY!! 🩸💪🏽

User Image thevortex33 Posted - 8 hours ago

$SMH $NVDA $SPY so Chatbot technology isn’t going to propel humanity towards technological singularity? I’m shocked. I guess the market will have to implode until it’s time to get bullish for the next chatbot rally.

User Image FCN2 Posted - 8 hours ago

$NVDA Bullish again. $AMD $SMH

User Image BambooC Posted - 8 hours ago

$LKNCY great couple months ahead in contrast to $SMH ?

User Image jumbobody Posted - 9 hours ago

$SMH We are getting killed... $TSM please help the industry!

User Image lionking Posted - 9 hours ago

Rotation out of semis is real. $AAPL over $SMH

User Image oghowie Posted - 9 hours ago

$NVDA $AMD $SMH Chips looks heavy ahead of $TSM earnings.

User Image StockNipsDaily Posted - 9 hours ago

$NVDA $SMCI $SMH $SOXS $SOXL is going to be RS worthy in 6-18 months 🗣️

User Image StockNipsDaily Posted - 10 hours ago

Finish them! $SOXX $SMH $SMCI $NVDA $AMD

User Image JLInvest Posted - 10 hours ago

$ASML $AVGO $NVDA $SMH $QQQ trouble In semi land where that demand pop was just China front running the Biden admin escalations. Looks like Chat bot euphoria is fading.

User Image TheTradingAgent Posted - 10 hours ago

$SMH daily, new lows, watching $NVDA $TSM $INTC $AMD Daily Review https://youtu.be/j2Xa5TUyNCY

User Image Chickenstick1 Posted - 10 hours ago

$SMH Market inefficiency, exposing smart money directional bias.

User Image ivanhoff Posted - 10 hours ago

Semiconductor stocks are under pressure after $ASML missed sales estimates. $SMH $ARM etc. @MarketSurge #IBDpartner bit.ly/431EbVK