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Market Cap 492.63B P/E 14.44 EPS this Y -16.20% Ern Qtrly Grth 78.00%
Income 1.02T Forward P/E 13.71 EPS next Y 27.10% 50D Avg Chg 5.00%
Sales 2.26T PEG 0.76 EPS past 5Y 28.08% 200D Avg Chg 16.00%
Dividend 12.00% Price/Book 1.34 EPS next 5Y 21.50% 52W High Chg -13.00%
Recommedations 1.80 Quick Ratio 1.93 Shares Outstanding 5.19B 52W Low Chg 60.00%
Insider Own 0.00% ROA 16.14% Shares Float 38.68B Beta 1.24
Inst Own 16.98% ROE 39.64% Shares Shorted/Prior 22.78M/29.01M Price 94.99
Gross Margin 59.56% Profit Margin 44.90% Avg. Volume 13,391,622 Target Price 98.48
Oper. Margin 49.56% Earnings Date - Volume 5,936,371 Change 2.56%
About Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactur

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited manufactures, packages, tests, and sells integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices in Taiwan, China, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Japan, the United States, and internationally. It provides complementary metal oxide silicon wafer fabrication processes to manufacture logic, mixed-signal, radio frequency, and embedded memory semiconductors. The company also offers customer support, account management, and engineering services, as well as manufactures masks. Its products are used in mobile devices, high performance computing, automotive electronics, and internet of things markets. The company was incorporated in 1987 and is headquartered in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

TSM Chatroom

User Image Jusbemoney Posted - 2 minutes ago

$SOXL $20 let's go $NVDA $AMD $TSM

User Image JayJay80 Posted - 1 hour ago

$HIMX Still very undervalued. $QQQ $TSM $SPY

User Image SweepCast Posted - 2 hours ago

SweepCast ⚡ Unusual Options Detected: $TSM with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $92 CALL Expiring: 03-31-2023 worth 63K🐂 |🥇 Start Using SweepCast! @SweepCast 🥇 |

User Image FinBrain_Technologies Posted - 2 hours ago

Market report for $TSM : News sentiment : 19 % positive Put-call ratio : 0.44, Imp. vol. : 36.52 % Options volume : 4.45K vs 30-day avg : 50K Discover TSM stock forecasts on FinBrain Terminal https://finbrain.tech/market/NYSE/TSM

User Image Spacerobot Posted - 2 hours ago

$SPY $TSM is running this asinine move up, but $NVDA looks like its sick of nonsense. Gee, I wonder why, it's only been weeks of unjustified moves into the sky.

User Image dafoolio Posted - 3 hours ago

$NVDA $TSM $ASML All up big . The market is saying AI is the real deal.

User Image Chark Posted - 3 hours ago

$TSM ER before market on 4/13, then this will fly. Most semi ER have been great. Top of the LRC is 104. RSI only 58 with all indicators rising.

User Image AsiaMarkets Posted - 7 hours ago


User Image AsiaMarkets Posted - 7 hours ago

$TSM Number 15? Is that fair? https://www.asiamarkets.com/25-best-stocks-to-invest-in-during-2023/

User Image ChartMill Posted - 9 hours ago

The industry average ROA is 11.99%. $TSM outperforms 85% of its industry peers. https://www.chartmill.com/stock/quote/TSM/fundamental-analysis?key=b919df5c-91ad-47ee-aff1-ac56eca4260e&utm_source=stocktwits&utm_medium=FA&utm_content=TSM&utm_campaign=social_tracking

User Image OddsRally Posted - 10 hours ago

$TSM Call options are being actively bought suggesting a bullish outlook for the stock's future We are seeing the $92 CALL having heavy activity which expire in 9 days. Follow The Flow Whales Are Betting The Stock Will Move Towards $92 dollars before 🎲 3/31/2023

User Image SweepCast Posted - 11 hours ago

SweepCast ⚡ Unusual Options Detected: $TSM with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $92 CALL Expiring: 03-31-2023 worth 63K🐂 |🥇 Start Using SweepCast! @SweepCast 🥇 |

User Image UltraAlgo Posted - 14 hours ago

$TSM Open Interest => 56% (Puts) - 44% (Calls) @ 2023-03-24. 🚀 UltraAlgo https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FryL4g3XoAIfTcM.png

User Image AngrySerf Posted - 14 hours ago

$SPY Powell just bought me more time to accumulate on some positions for 2024. While I would like to see a pivot, but the market just V bottoms so quick it makes slow accumulation a little difficult. Looks like retest of October lows potentially depending on earnings revisions and big cap reactions. Targeting deep value, dividend stocks mostly with some strong tech $GOOGL and $TSM . Keep an eye on sector rotation over month to month, market will decide bottom. I don’t see prices dropping on food, cars and services but probably going flat. Which is crazy expensive IMHO. Banks already tightening on credit (jacking up rates) which how most purchases are made. Stay the course, because if the market doesn’t recover we will have bigger problems than the market itself.

User Image TheTradingAgent Posted - 19 hours ago

$AAPL $AMD $NVDA $SMH $TSM Outside reversal candles and topping formation. Be careful. https://youtu.be/a7A7zHnYNQ4 Daily Market Review for Wednesday 3/22/2023 for trending Stocks, Oil, Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver. In this daily market review, we need to talk about the BULL trap that was just set. Could the action get worse into the end of the quarter? Define your risk and be safe.

User Image WallStreetBuyDip Posted - 20 hours ago

My track record for CHIP stocks. I have timestamps + buy fills for everything. What's my win rate? My trading strategy is to buy the dip when Algos are tired of selling. I buy when "Heaviness %" by Algos is low. I'll also trade $TSM + $INTC + $HIMX + $ASML + $TXN

User Image Cookie4sale Posted - 20 hours ago

$NVDA keep in mind that Buffet SUDDENLY sold out of $TSM - NVDA’s manufacturer … what did he see that caused him to liquidate the world’s chip maker? Chips are cyclical and are overvalued and heading into tightening credit conditions. NVDA is @ 23 P/S with declining growth. Why would you buy this NOW? 🤯

User Image Chark Posted - 21 hours ago

$TSM Beautiful consolidation for the next leg up. This is going to 107. Buy the dip.

User Image HarryHardwood Posted - 22 hours ago


User Image SwingThinKing Posted - 22 hours ago

$TSM $100 is coming 🔥🔥🔥🔥👊

User Image ChartMill Posted - 23 hours ago

$TSM has a Profit Margin of 44.90%. This is amongst the best returns in the industry. https://www.chartmill.com/stock/quote/TSM/fundamental-analysis?key=b919df5c-91ad-47ee-aff1-ac56eca4260e&utm_source=stocktwits&utm_medium=FA&utm_content=TSM&utm_campaign=social_tracking

User Image Jnbond7 Posted - 23 hours ago

$INTC This is the perfect time for $INTC to make up some bullsh%t about their intensive R&D in AI tech. However, given that it's $INTC, they're determined to be late for everything and waste any and all opportunities. If $INTC wasn't a US company, and there was no CHIP Act. This company would be a penny stock. $INTC is damn lucky that the US doesn't offer citizenship to $TSM and bring them over.

User Image LetsgoRandy Posted - 23 hours ago

$SPY Does this resemble a healthy market when a handful large caps are giving you the illusion the market is "stable"? $NVDA is overpriced for what will soon become commodity technology. CEO's shot on Moore's Law is eventually going to backfire on Nvidia when they can't even keep "heat" under control while relying on $TSM (destined to be a Chinese company) to manufacture everything. $intc $qqq

User Image DeepDown Posted - 23 hours ago

$AMD Glad was able to buy this from 60s. $TSM too. $PYXS huge potential with $PFE investments.

User Image DeepDown Posted - 23 hours ago

$AMD $TSM $PYXS, monster stocks.

User Image DeepDown Posted - 23 hours ago

$AMD $TSM $PYXS $CGTX, let's go

User Image AZRandomWalker Posted - 23 hours ago

$TSM The Arizona TSM plant is MASSIVE 😂😂😂

User Image risenhoover Posted - 23 hours ago

$TSM TSM / Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd. (ADR) Price Target Updated https://fintel.io/sfo/us/tsm?utm_source=stocktwits.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=pricetarget

User Image SRSG Posted - 1 day ago

$TSM small target hit

User Image Newsfilter Posted - 1 day ago

$TSM - Reuters Citing DigiTimes

Analyst Ratings
Needham Buy Mar 10, 23
Susquehanna Neutral Jul 14, 22
Atlantic Equities Overweight Jan 13, 22
Cowen & Co. Market Perform Oct 11, 21
Needham Buy Jul 13, 21
Susquehanna Neutral Jun 30, 21
Argus Research Buy Jun 22, 21
Atlantic Equities Neutral Apr 12, 21
New Street Buy Aug 28, 20