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Market Cap 90.74M P/E - EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -49.66M Forward P/E - EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg -26.00%
Sales 2.5M PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg -79.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book N/A EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -95.00%
Recommedations - Quick Ratio 0.15 Shares Outstanding 1.02B 52W Low Chg 18.00%
Insider Own 15.14% ROA -204.89% Shares Float 1.21B Beta 300.55
Inst Own 0.01% ROE - Shares Shorted/Prior -/- Price 0.09
Gross Margin 55.86% Profit Margin - Avg. Volume 8,870,970 Target Price -
Oper. Margin -823.16% Earnings Date - Volume 4,943,530 Change 4.23%
08:00 AM HUMBL CEO Contributes 100 Million BLOCKS to HUMBL Balance Sheet
04/27/22 HUMBL, Inc. to Present at Investor Summit Group's Q2 In-Person Conference
04/27/22 HUMBL's Monster Creative Delivers For On The Clock
04/21/22 HUMBL Announces Acquisition of HUMBL.com Domain Name
04/18/22 HUMBL Announces ‘BLUE’ as Web3 Chief Experience Officer
04/13/22 HUMBL Selected To Pilot Digital Wallet Program On Behalf of The County of Santa Cruz, California
04/12/22 HUMBL and Award-Winning Recording Artist ‘Monty’ Drop Multimedia NFT With Music, Video and Merchandise Integrations
04/01/22 HUMBL Secures Additional Financing Round and Reduces Debt Through the Exchange of Notes for Stock
03/18/22 HUMBL Announces “Project: Search 3”
03/07/22 HUMBL Acquires Latin America Technology Firm Ixaya
02/14/22 HUMBL Enters Into Asset Acquisition Agreement with BizSecure
02/14/22 HUMBL Suspends BLOCK ETX Subscription Products
02/10/22 Humble & Fume: Windship Distribution Subsidiary Boosted By Supply Agreement With BRNT
01/24/22 BLOCKS Now Available Inside HUMBL Pay Mobile Wallet
01/14/22 HUMBL Uplisted to OTCQB Tier
12/21/21 Monster Creative, a HUMBL Company, Wins Awards in The Action-Adventure and Documentary Genres at The Clio Awards
12/20/21 HUMBL Launches ACH Integration Within HUMBL Pay Mobile Wallet
12/16/21 Trevor Etienne to Commemorate College Selection Process with Interactive HUMBL NFT Collection, Signed Merchandise and Meet and Greet
11/23/21 HUMBL Announces Launch of HUMBL Pay Mobile Wallet with Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Functionalities

HUMBL, Inc., a digital commerce platform, connects consumers, freelancers and merchants in the digital economy worldwide. The company offers HUMBLPAY that connects consumers, freelancers, and merchants in the digital economy to share and pay; and HUMBLMARKETPLACE that enables merchants to list and sell goods by authenticating through HUMBL Token Engine and HUMBL Origin Assurance technologies to improve merchants ability to trade, track, and pay for assets, as well as HUMBL Pay web checkout integrations. It also provides HUMBLFINANCIAL, a platform that provides digital asset investment services. The company was formerly known as Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. and changed its name to HUMBL, Inc. in February 2021. HUMBL, Inc. is based in San Diego, California.

HMBL Chatroom

User Image Rocky_Prieto Posted - 2 minutes ago

$HMBL how are these scammers not in jail?

User Image 420GOAT Posted - 27 minutes ago

$HMBL Fidelity wouldnt let me set a dollar sell price and walk away … they say humbls worthless no one is paying a dollar for this 💩 # humblmeme

User Image bearbasher8888 Posted - 30 minutes ago

$HMBL You pitiful Crybaby liars are starting to lose your edge. You said I would be able to buy below a Nickle by now. Getting really tired of your bearshit Hail Mary lies you keep throwing around. Still the future Amazon of digital assets you FREAKEN Liars Report that you asshole Schmucks 0/100/1000

User Image SavvySav2 Posted - 1 hour ago

$HMBL just pulled that trigger for the 35k shares. I’m done! I promise 😂

User Image barnyard1996 Posted - 1 hour ago

$HMBL Bears, They stole Blocks from Humbl. Also bears, what a joke giving Blocks to Humbl.

User Image rowan2019 Posted - 1 hour ago

$HMBL What was the conference about HMBL,Coinbase,SQ and Open Sea?.What was the meetings with CA officials?.Any news?.HMBL seems penetrating more into Gov. projects, probably Peter was brought in as a director for this purposes.

User Image TimeForAChange Posted - 1 hour ago

$HMBL i just saw footes parents. They’re moving into del boca vista. I have a pickle ball match with them tomorrow at 8am. Before the heat hits us here in Florida

User Image MiaAl19 Posted - 1 hour ago

$HMBL Great tweet out very interesting thought I would share. @Newerabuilder 🔥Get ready Everyone for our new Racing Game🔥It will blow your mind away🔥 @CCRCofficial @BLOCKS_DAO BLOCKS.dao @BLOCKS_DAO · 1h Check out this roof! #verifiedbyblocks #gaming

User Image DineyKnows Posted - 1 hour ago

$HMBL Added 47,000 shares today at .0905. Bringing down my average.

User Image mymobilexl2 Posted - 1 hour ago

$HMBL so revenue up 644% but why didn't the sp jump just as high? Why is it going down to 0.08?

User Image tradersgraphics Posted - 1 hour ago

$HMBL HMBL 2022-05-17 Short Interest Data: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCwQTDpXpqI

User Image jimmytherib Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL Hope to see some fireworks before July.

User Image Ramse025 Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL Think about this...buy-hold-accumulate. Go Humbl! Words of wisdom from lilpink penguin...

User Image brotherearl Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL just added a few myself knowing everyone of them going to count ..go you savvy trader go... pulling for you too.

User Image SavvySav2 Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL getting ready to pull the trigger to buy another 35k shares. Trying to join @swagzilla in the the 1m share club!!

User Image jedi17 Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL https://twitter.com/newerabuilder/status/1526615834491224083?s=21&t=yliRvI4NX27Y29ZB8DIMww

User Image swingandholdlong Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL hmmm

User Image PurplePenguin Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL Think hard about this. 15 months ago, Humbl's valuation was literally $50 billion. That's $7.72 at the high with almost 7B shares on a fully diluted basis. Shareholders were hanging their hats on the 'super app'. Fast forward to Q1 of this year. Literally 99.4% of Q1's pathetic $1,147,134 in Q1 revenues came from three acquisitions; Monster, Tickeri and Ixaya. Those three acquisitions cost about $30M in notes, stock and cash, and were made AFTER the $50B valuation. The remaining 0.6% of revenues, about $7000 in total, came from the legacy business which investors previously valued at $50,000,000,000!!!!! Even now, HMBL carries a valuation of $600M, about 20x what was already overpaid for those three money-losing acquisitions. Shareholders were absolutely snookered. Now...Brian is launching "Search3" to show investors once again how he can "pivot." Think really hard before throwing more good money at HMBL.

User Image elusiveaa Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL HUMBL is trending on Twitter MFs! Phuck all you bears and bashers. Get out of your moms basement. “Can you DAO it suckas!”

User Image alentejano Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL AIRDROP TRX (500TRX = +-$35) You only need is the following : • Verified Binance Account Steps: 1. Go To Binance 2. Go to Spot wallet and Search "TRX" then click 3. Go to deposit then select "TRC20" 4. Copy the address Note: Make sure to copy correct right address Next Step is: How to get 500 TRX? 1. Go to https://tronseed.com/ref/ENmw5xuH 2. Paste the address from Binance then wait a couple of minutes! Check if it's 500 TRX .

User Image Born_Lucky_Not_Rich Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL NICEEEEEE!! reversal is imminent.

User Image OneTradeAway24 Posted - 2 hours ago

$HMBL when humbl goes from 9 cents to $20 in 2030 whoever sold now is going to be like wow I made the biggest financial mistake ever. Hold.

User Image Vader66613 Posted - 3 hours ago

$HMBL So now hmbl can verify its self with blocks aye. Isn't that a red flag. Do you investors not see what is happening here? Or are you still on that Kool aid?

User Image LevelTwoData Posted - 3 hours ago

$HMBL Live $HMBL and $BLOCKS ticker, chart, and chat up and running. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgylRQXrWbA #HUMBL #BLOCKS #BLOCKCHAIN #P2P #ETX #NFT #TICKETING #BLOCKSDAO #DOA #DEFI #CRYPTOCURRENCY

User Image ClayB Posted - 3 hours ago

$HMBL This guy made an APP that takes Tweets and adds them to the BLOCKS blockchain making them immutable. How cool is that?https://blocks-1.gitbook.io/blocks/case-studies/immortalizer-app

User Image OneTradeAway24 Posted - 3 hours ago

$HMBL anyone think $5 a share is possible again this year? It was $5 last year.

User Image Vader66613 Posted - 3 hours ago

$HMBL who owns blocks? Apparently hmbl does now after they paid themselves with it's other entitie blocks how shady is that

User Image curly516 Posted - 3 hours ago

$HMBL luna is still involved w this pos

User Image BazKingfish Posted - 3 hours ago

$HMBL Guess I'll take another 5K....average down to .29, so not too bad and certainly within reach! Stay HUMBL my friends!

User Image NytRyder59 Posted - 3 hours ago

$HMBL https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiEor32guf3AhUchXIEHZlCA0kQvOMEKAB6BAgVEAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.defenseworld.net%2F2022%2F05%2F15%2Fhumbl-inc-otcmktshmbl-short-interest-down-31-0-in-april.html&usg=AOvVaw2rLJjxbOCu1LEGirvgyZJF