Market Cap 6.64B P/E - EPS this Y 706.50% Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -122.6M Forward P/E 6.63 EPS next Y -28.00% 50D Avg Chg -20.00%
Sales 3.63B PEG 0.22 EPS past 5Y 47.69% 200D Avg Chg 23.00%
Dividend 1.00% Price/Book 6.56 EPS next 5Y 27.43% 52W High Chg -29.00%
Recommedations 2.60 Quick Ratio 0.59 Shares Outst. 498.84M 52W Low Chg 406.00%
Insider Own 21.15% ROA 1.56% Shares Float 331.35M Beta 2.32
Inst Own 70.62% ROE -12.32% Short Shares 0 Price 13.32
Gross Margin 9.58% Profit Margin -3.38% Avg. Volume 15,555,663 Target Price 19.26
Oper. Margin 4.11% Earnings May 10 Volume 34,684,303 Change -7.56%
Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. News
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02/09/21 Cleveland-Cliffs Announces Pricing of Senior Unsecured Guaranteed Notes Issued at Par, $500 million of 4.625% Notes due 2029 and $500 million of 4.875% Notes due 2031
02/09/21 Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. -- Moody's assigns a B3 rating to Cleveland-Cliffs' senior unsecured guaranteed notes
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02/09/21 Cleveland-Cliffs Announces Proposed Offering of $1,000,000,000 Senior Unsecured Guaranteed Notes
02/08/21 Cleveland-Cliffs Prices Public Offering of Common Shares, including 40,000,000 Common Shares by ArcelorMittal
02/08/21 Cleveland-Cliffs Announces Proposed Offering of Common Shares, including 40,000,000 Common Shares by ArcelorMittal
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11:32 AM Top Ranked Momentum Stocks to Buy for January 28th
06:00 AM Cleveland-Cliffs Announces Commitment to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 25 Percent by 2030
01/25/21 Cleveland-Cliffs' Revenue Estimate Tops Wall Street Forecasts
01/25/21 Cleveland-Cliffs stock soars after upbeat revenue outlook

Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. operates as an independent iron ore mining company in the United States, Canada, and internationally. It operates in two segments, Mining and Pelletizing, and Metallics. The company operates three iron ore mines, including the Tilden mine in Michigan; and the Northshore and United Taconite mines in Minnesota, as well as holds 23% stake in the Hibbing mine in Minnesota. It produces various grades of iron ore pellets, including standard, fluxed, and DR-grade for blast furnace steel producers; and flat-rolled carbon, stainless, and electrical steel products primarily for the automotive, infrastructure, and manufacturing markets. The company was formerly known as Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. and changed its name to Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. in August 2017. Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. was founded in 1847 and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

CLF Chatroom

User Image sunnerside Posted - 42 minutes ago

$CLF ..could've done the "crystal ballers"... less grief. sounds gay though.

User Image badpoetry Posted - 1 hour ago

$CLF revenue growth from 2019 of $2 billion to $5.4 billion for 2020 and expected $18.7 billion for 2021. Hard to believe so many people don't expect small growing pains. This transition is on a much larger scale than many seem to realize. Same period going from 1.04 a share to 3.18 a share in earnings. That's exactly what you want to see. I'm befuddled buy these buffoons

User Image whlmrk01 Posted - 1 hour ago

$CLF LG has to give more clarity on earnings than a blanket statements like ebitda more than 2019 revenue bla bla, he killed the momentum, now we needs to wait couple of weeks or Q1 report Definitely this is worth more than $18, $25 if infra comes, we cant believe political leaders, hope biden is not lime trump in infra bill Again wall st is too slow in giving credit to old economy stocks They always eager to give lofty valuations to tech stocks, look at NvDa, AMD, they are trading 10 years ahead of earning, crazy wall st

User Image badpoetry Posted - 1 hour ago

$CLF cliff is 2.6 billion liquidity including $200 million, you'd think they were scrapping broken washing machines instead of of pumping 1.9 million metric tons of clean green HBI into a end products for virtually every automaker in the country.

User Image LongTilimGone Posted - 1 hour ago

$CLF “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it” I usually avoid buying in March. April might be coming early this year.

User Image sunnerside Posted - 2 hours ago

$CLF true.

User Image YamiSeigi Posted - 2 hours ago

$CLF Q1 earnings look to be amazing based on record steel prices and the comments on the investor call. Infrastructure bill being a focus starting in mid-March will be a strong catalyst. Relax and enjoy the discount right now from the perfect storm that caused this dip. Patience is the name of the game when the market decides to be irrational.

User Image drabloyescobar Posted - 3 hours ago

$CLF this goes back to $8, $6, then $4. Bankruptcy coming.

User Image drabloyescobar Posted - 3 hours ago

$CLF nobody wants steel stocks Long term. They pump and dump. No super cycle coming, no infrastructure, negative GPD growth for the next 4 years while piss pot is prez, steel prices tank due to China production coming back on, supply glut is already here, dump this trash and go buy tech...

User Image sunnerside Posted - 5 hours ago

$CLF ..not much ya can do.. lay back and try to enjoy it I guess. that's the trouble with rape. ..feigning concern, bob will say "you shouldn't have wore that dress." his advice always sounds like that to me. ..beeker will lie to you as long as you want to listen. remember he came out as a long term long a week or two ago- adding all the way down! that beeker is a masterful joke teller. ..a couple of other randos spouting off.. ..had one case of stolen valor from some asshole. iblotto, or something like that, claimed he was a hard hatter. ..all pretty typical for an earnings miss. did I miss anything else?

User Image ClayTrader25 Posted - 7 hours ago

VIDEO - $CLF Technical Chart Analysis - 02-26-2021 - watch here:

User Image ChartMill Posted - 8 hours ago

$CLF outperforms 88% of all stocks!

User Image Will_Sonnett Posted - 10 hours ago

$CLF The Week On Wall Street: Interest Rates And Inflation - COVID worries decline, but inflation and interest rates are now part of the wall of worry. - There is no “issue” with this economy. The economic data remains robust. - Policy error remains the biggest risk to the bull market, but at the moment it's no concern. - The bond market is sending a message, the "Virus event" is over, the economy will improve dramatically.

User Image Conan753 Posted - 12 hours ago

$CLF Really hoping for this next month to be better.

User Image Kayjafri Posted - 13 hours ago

$CLF At least HRC and IO are stable. Very frustrating 2 days to end the month.

User Image drabloyescobar Posted - 14 hours ago

$CLF super cycle theory: According to new research from the American Society of Civil Engineers, the U.S. economy stands to lose $10.3 trillion in GDP by 2039 if an infrastructure bill isn’t passed. You tell me. ~Drablo

User Image Tenbagger123 Posted - 15 hours ago

$CLF $TSLA .,,.,what a pair!!

User Image Rayzor24 Posted - 15 hours ago

$CLF If that 7.5% discount is still remotely available on Monday, I'll definitely be looking to pick some up. Also, anyone looking for a super cheap up and coming lithium and rare earth play, look no further than Western Minerals. Volume has been consistently increasing and it has recently consolidated. Having made a nice 800% run the last few weeks with little to no attention, shorts have been having a field day simply because it hasn't been discovered yet. With light volume on the offer, this has 4x exponential growth in the short term but with the EV market just ramping up, the leasing contracts WPMLF has access to are going to continually increase in value. Buy and hold for gold or make a quick 400% return in the next few weeks. Either way, I can't see this being anything but a lucrative play.

User Image Chammmpuzz Posted - 16 hours ago

$CLF interesting research :

User Image badpoetry Posted - 17 hours ago

$CLF Few years ago the iron ore big kids cannibalized themselves trying to put little Clifford out of business.LG faught back and those days are done. LG understands the mineral business better than any other CEO out there, (little know fact: he was born with dynamite in his hands). Those destroyers of wealth are fine and those days are done. Maybe the new industry leaders are paying attention to the new way of doing business. Maybe they will come to understand the value in giving local workers stability, rather than pay for lean efficiency.It's a new day. And if i had it, I'd put in another life savings into this company at these prices. Are you kidding me? Tortoise stable. YEARS left in high steel prices.

User Image ChartMill Posted - 19 hours ago

$CLF was analyzed by 4 analysts. The buy consensus is at 90%. So analysts seem to be very confident about $CLF.

User Image drabloyescobar Posted - 19 hours ago

$CLF TSLA acquires CLF. YOU HEARD IT HERE! Need that steel, that high quality light s***!

User Image WALLSTREETODDS_ Posted - 20 hours ago

$CLF Based on the last 205 times $CLF was down 7.3% during a trading day, there’s a 54% chance it will trade higher by Monday’s close. Find the stocks most likely to go up right now - Get early access at

User Image EFHutton_Listens Posted - 22 hours ago

$CLF Historical view of 2020 HRC prices (courtesy Will S.) You can see the healthy price increases CLF will enjoy thru 2021 as LG “manages supply” now as the largest HRC supplier. CLF can even doing some hedging today by selling some 2021 out month contracts for future delivery so as not to be completely dependent on spot prices. An enviable position to be in as a fully integrated steel company entering a super cycle.

User Image badpoetry Posted - 22 hours ago

$CLF lg toned down his fun insults of the other steel companies because they have new CEO s and they can't legally talk about fixing output, but he's making it clear that this is the game now, and we are powerful enough to not get squished by the Giants

User Image Player18 Posted - 23 hours ago

$ABEV Sup guys, Just a heads up that this group has like 6k members, all retail traders going to pile into a single ticker this week. I just like to know where the action is going to be, ya know. Anyways, thought I'd share. $LI $BBD $CLF

User Image SweepCast Posted - 23 hours ago

SweepCast observed: $CLF with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $14 PUT Expiring: 03-19-2021 worth 27K🐻 |🎯 🎯 | #stocks #stockmarket #options #daytrading

User Image GetYourIron Posted - 1 day ago

$CLF $X "Due to how contract prices work and usually applies lagging mechanisms and the fact that we only controlled the AM USA assets for the last 23-days towards the end of the year, our steel profitability in the fourth quarter of 2020 has not benefited or improved from these strong prices just yet. As a result, our EBITDA performance will dramatically improve in the first quarter of 2020." Source: Cliffs Q4 earnings transcript

User Image beekers Posted - 1 day ago

$CLF Goldman can "risk" free take this down below the 2022 convertible bonds strike price of $10.76. And THEY will because... THEY can. Short is the play right now for the next 3 months. You're welcome.

User Image billybobhumpty Posted - 1 day ago

$CLF this how I see the last 2 days price action index holders of s&p 600 hundred had to sell and s&p 400 holders waited to pick up the shares as they dropped in price.