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Market Cap 11.41B P/E 32.81 EPS this Y 32.70% Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income 355.27M Forward P/E 10.25 EPS next Y 39.60% 50D Avg Chg 1.00%
Sales 11.74B PEG 0.19 EPS past 5Y 9.35% 200D Avg Chg 6.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 1.44 EPS next 5Y 76.68% 52W High Chg -2.00%
Recommedations 3.00 Quick Ratio 1.08 Shares Outstanding 13.46M 52W Low Chg 45.00%
Insider Own 3.45% ROA 1.54% Shares Float 12.99M Beta 0.55
Inst Own 86.73% ROE 5.86% Shares Shorted/Prior 499.11K/458.08K Price 847.79
Gross Margin 43.15% Profit Margin 3.03% Avg. Volume 71,822 Target Price 848.02
Oper. Margin 6.47% Earnings Date Feb 21 Volume 634,035 Change 0.00%
About Alleghany Corporation

Alleghany Corporation provides property and casualty reinsurance and insurance products in the United States and internationally. The company operates in three segments: Reinsurance, Insurance, and Alleghany Capital. The Reinsurance segment offers fire, allied lines, auto physical damage, and homeowners multiple peril reinsurance products; and casualty and other reinsurance products, such as medical malpractice, ocean marine and aviation, accident and health, mortgage, surety, and credit reinsurance products, as well as directors' and officers', errors and omissions, general, and auto liability reinsurance. This segment distributes its products and services through brokers, as well as directly to insurance and reinsurance companies. The Insurance segment underwrites specialty insurance coverages in the property, umbrella/excess, general, directors' and officers', and professional liability lines; surety products comprising commercial and contract surety bonds; and workers' compensation insurance products. This segment distributes its products through independent wholesale insurance brokers, and retail and general insurance agents. The Alleghany Capital segment provides precision automated machine tool solutions; manufactures custom trailers and truck bodies for the moving and storage industry, and other markets; design, engineering, procurement, construction management, and validation services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; products and services for the funeral and cemetery industries, and precast concrete markets; and hotel management and development services, as well as operates as a toy and musical instrument company, and structural steel fabricator and erector. The company also owns and manages improved and unimproved commercial land, and residential lots. As of December 31, 2021, it owned approximately 77 acres of property. The company was founded in 1929 and is based in New York, New York.

Y Chatroom

User Image fjcicchetti Posted - 1 day ago

$TSLA I have a question for those who always say "diamond hands" or "buy the dip"... I've been curious about this for years, it's not just this stock, it's happened with every stock that's been hugely popular.......If the stock is absolutely tanking, why would you not sell and buy back in later? It's not like they're gonna run out of shares while it falls. Why not save yourself some money & sell at $X, then buy back in at $Y, saving yourself $5-$10 per share? You can be long, and not just hold through brutal stretches.

User Image srinik23 Posted - 6 days ago

$VKTX Here is another factor - we are assuming VKTX worth $Y based on LLY/NVO - but at some point those multiples could compress too - so again another reason (imo) that BL should look to sell faster than later. Hoping he realizes $12b ($100ish) is not a terrible outcome especially if given in stock of a company that could 3-4x if this product gets to the end. GL GL to all

User Image smarterthanyou Posted - 1 week ago

@chapelp @marianaparra @Cmon_man224444 I just replied to another post. This is it. bad terminology (on prior lockups) on a single timeline maybe (the practice is new) but they are locking up in preparation to pay the SEC The SEC wants $X. Ripple wants to pay $Y. Why not agree to settle at $Z and pay the SEC in XRP? Once news breaks, the SEC $Zs will go up 7x overnight. Less money and dilution for Ripple and the SEC gets the money they want and sell in to a spike.

User Image smarterthanyou Posted - 1 week ago

@Cmon_man224444 @marianaparra bad terminology on a single timeline maybe (the practice is new) but they are locking up in preparation to pay the SEC The SEC wants $X. Ripple wants to pay $Y. Why not agree to settle at $Z and pay the SEC in XRP? Once news breaks, the SEC $Zs will go up 7x overnight. Less money and dilution for Ripple and the SEC gets the money they want and sell in to a spike.

User Image AberamaGold Posted - 3 weeks ago

$AMC anyone else notice all the new accounts saying “I’ll sell at $X” and “wasn’t this at $Y last year”? Yeah… we get it. F**king frauds.

User Image Ciufy Posted - 05/28/24

$NVAX Just watch what happened back in the years when this went to 300...that's why not all of us will be millionaires. Over 200% + in the last month and you cry for a -10-20% day? They fight hard to change the future...they can only delay it but not change it, HOLD ON, don't be a p...$y

User Image BigCFinancial Posted - 2 months ago

@mark3rd Institution will put annorder in for X shares in a price range of $x - $y and go to a MM who will continue to accumulate those shares and then "sell" them to that "buyer" as a block These wont show up on L2

User Image 2030orbust Posted - 2 months ago

Love seeing the $10K invested in X stock is worth $Y currently. My prediction for $RKLB is $250K

User Image swampwiz0 Posted - 2 months ago

@Tomasini I would imagine that the filing will point out that this last filing had required an expenditure of $Y that will no longer be an expense going forward. Unlike a lot of others, I think that being able to go unlisted is a good sign, as it means that CLVR managment is confident that ATM funding is no longer needed. And hopefully, there will be a statement that so long as CLVR is vastly undervalued, any profits in excess of the working capital needed will go to buying back stock.

User Image Scrtidentity Posted - 2 months ago

@Steinadilo Congrats on the trade. Even though I question your sharing of your trading intentions, eg. looking to sell at $x or rebuy at $y (& generally don't think its a good idea esp on a low volume stock), I wanted to publicly congratulate you on the trade b/c you're a long time bull (at least this cycle) and it's often not easy to execute a contrary trade when your outlook changes (which is why most longs will simply sell the long and call it a day until an opportunity to rebuy presents itself). Not only that, but you went full confidence (expensive atm option vs cheaper otm). Well done. Alas, be cautious with these low volume options. You recently mentioned this was a somewhat new trade for you (puts). Buying options is difficult with liquid stocks (most don't realize you should really be an options seller.... and dealers don't want you knowing that either). It's even more difficult with illiquid stocks. You saw that with the big spreads and hefty premium.

User Image AussieDream Posted - 2 months ago

$VXRT Spankee Wankee thinks can play all for fools yet again. 24 hours of pretending to be dissatisfied and against the vote, then a complete u-turn. Who didn’t see that coming ? Volume of posts has increased to try garner support and credibility, quoting true value numbers of $x then $y, when reality Vaxart sells for only 70 cents, hopefully just for now. Scare tactics talk of what a no vote might bring, everything this guy tries is so transparent. Let Vaxart speak and tell the truth, if not, they deserve to fail

User Image Newageinvestor Posted - 04/30/24

@pirateangel113 I'll play along, If you're saying that the contract was worth $10 million in revenue to CorMedix over the life of the contract (5 years), I would view that as a pretty healthy contract given the size/number of ARC's serviced inpatient facilities (100) and operated outpatient clinics (18). I believe thought that the contract, identified as a "5-year Commercial Supply Contract", would be structured as a tiered pricing model with a lower cost of goods triggered based on milestones achieved. ie. first 1,000 vials at $X dollars, second 1,000 vials at $Y dollars, etc. There wouldn't necessarily be a dollar amount placed on the contract as the usage is unknown outside of historical trends. So no commitment on spend by ARC. In exchange, ARC has agreed to "implement DefenCath throughout their organization" per Joe T., and CorMedix was given approval to provide a press release, which I don't foresee being the case with every contract that they sign. My two cents. :)

User Image _The_One_ Posted - 2 months ago

$VXRT Many of you know that I invest in real estate, businesses, stocks. Part of that investing process includes valuation. Professionally placing a value on something to determine its true worth before dropping $$$ into it. In my local market there are several real estate scammers. They contact property owners and tell them "we will buy property X from you for $Y" In the case of $Y the offer is AWAYS about 30% less than the appraised value of the property. Their goal is to prey on people who are struggling and need cash to later flip the property for 30% profit. Every time they approach me with their bullshit offers, I tell them to pound sand and block their # or email. In our case, Vaxart is the house worth $3B minimum. You are the owner. And the scammer is the MM and hedge fund. But they aren't trying to offer you even a 30% discount. They are offering you a price that is 5% FMV.

User Image NeedsImprovement Posted - 3 months ago

@godsvanity Yeah like my wife knows I have $X invested in stocks, and I know she has $Y invested in stocks, and we together have $Z invested in stable things. We kind of just assume that $X and $Y aren’t things we can 100% plan around accessing. I just think it’s helpful to keep discussion to that level because we want to have a general sense of risk but I don’t want to get into the weeds and start being critical of the specific trading actions. So far it’s worked out.

User Image ThomasLD Posted - 4 months ago

$AUPH A privately negotiated share repurchase is another way to buyback shares. Maybe that is why we did see any huge purchase shares for every trading day. Would it be possible, example Otsuka put on paper to show that they have been purchasing shares at $x (even though on reality Otsuka did not buy any shares on open market) and AUPH will buyback their shares back at $y > $x. That way, Otsuka will make money ($y -$x) = +$Z? Then Otsuka will buy Aurinia out for $w Billions such as $2B+?

User Image stu Posted - 4 months ago

@SteelCo @bennybc @speakmannameonlyonce I am realistic as well, not throwing out any SP targets for a potential BO. I've read posts here where the posts read "MW won't sell for less than $X or less than $Y..." Not sure how they know what MW wants as a target SP.

User Image bigalpee Posted - 8 months ago

@labranded21kr @StocktwitsSuxx that's not a short though, is it? You sold shares at $x with the intent to repurchase at $y; what's your theory on entry and exit at GEVO?

User Image MarketBeatInsiderTrades Posted - 8 months ago

Yellow Pages Insider GoldenTree Asset Management LP Sells C$1,120.00 in $Y www.marketbeat.com/stocks/TSE/Y/insider-trades/

User Image MarketBeatInsiderTrades Posted - 8 months ago

Yellow Pages Insider GoldenTree Asset Management LP Sells C$104,160.00 in $Y www.marketbeat.com/stocks/TSE/Y/insider-trades/

User Image MarketBeatInsiderTrades Posted - 9 months ago

Yellow Pages Insider GoldenTree Asset Management LP Sells C$28,225.00 in $Y www.marketbeat.com/stocks/TSE/Y/insider-trades/

User Image Riviantastic Posted - 09/27/23

@BloomQ makes sense. A bull call spread would be buying 3 calls at various strike prices (at the money, $x higher, and $y higher). Given the current market, I'm buying calls that are way out in the future to be extra careful. There are a ton of people buying far more aggressive calls for this year or 2024 which I'm not doing

User Image oaksapollo Posted - 10 months ago

$ETON From $5.88 to $4.63 in 2 days, makes me a little nervous they're going to try to raise money here. They don't need to, but sometimes management has a little success, they start thinking "if only I had $X instead of $Y, we could do this deal or that deal." Come on ETON live within your means, that's what got you here.

User Image scott52 Posted - 10 months ago

@jobix @SocioCobb Any buyer could always structure a deal so that the risk of approval is minimized by a contingent value right (CVR). They pay $X for the pipeline plus $Y as a CVR payable only if the FDA approves the melanoma treatment. BMS bought Celgene with a CVR that only paid out if three drugs met approvals by a certain date. One got pushed back, missed the deadline but ultimately got approved, and the CVR expired worthless. Pissed me off:-)

User Image LongTermInvestor84 Posted - 10 months ago

$AMC $Y ... hey, wagie, this POS will never skyrocket. The stonk was diluted with the APE conversion and the reverse split. Go back to the grill, wojak. You're never going to get out of the rat race 🤡🖕🐀💩🐀💩

User Image om86baig Posted - 10 months ago

$AMC $Y OBV is nowhere near all time highs. It's fallen off a cliff.

User Image see_the_top Posted - 10 months ago

$BTC.X $Y im not under 31k. I will never ever will.

User Image SKUNK_Works Posted - 10 months ago

$AITX $Y it's already huge. HUGE debt, huge AS increase, huge losses for shareholders. Huge LIES and FLUFF BS to sell shares. It's just a share selling SCAM

User Image MarketBeat Posted - 08/31/23

York Water announces quarterly dividend of $0.2027. Payable on 10/16/2023. 1.99% Yield. www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NASDAQ/YORW/dividend/ $Y

User Image EarningsInsider Posted - 11 months ago

Zacks Research Raises Yum China FY2023 Earnings Estimates to $2.10 EPS (Previously $1.98). www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/YUMC/earnings/ $Y

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