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Market Cap 138.12M P/E - EPS this Y -16.10% Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -36.48M Forward P/E -3.34 EPS next Y 6.10% 50D Avg Chg 14.00%
Sales 19.42M PEG -0.21 EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg 7.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 9.00 EPS next 5Y 15.00% 52W High Chg -42.00%
Recommedations 1.70 Quick Ratio 1.08 Shares Outstanding 24.49M 52W Low Chg 78.00%
Insider Own 1.49% ROA -32.17% Shares Float 20.06M Beta 1.59
Inst Own 39.58% ROE -115.90% Shares Shorted/Prior 403.98K/339.87K Price 5.64
Gross Margin 85.49% Profit Margin -187.82% Avg. Volume 128,463 Target Price 36.25
Oper. Margin -184.01% Earnings Date Aug 2 Volume 185,097 Change -1.91%
About DURECT Corporation

DURECT Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company, researches and develops medicines based on its epigenetic regulator and pharmaceutical programs. The company offers ALZET product line that consists of osmotic pumps and accessories used for research in mice, rats, and other laboratory animals. It also develops larsucosterol (DUR-928), an endogenous, orally bioavailable small molecule that is in Phase IIb clinical trial to play a regulatory role in lipid metabolism, stress and inflammatory responses, and cell death and survival to treat alcohol-associated hepatitis, as well as completed Phase Ib clinical trial to treat patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. In addition, the company offers POSIMIR, a post-surgical pain product to deliver bupivacaine over three days in adults; and Methydur to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It markets and sells its ALZET lines through direct sales force in the United States, as well as through a network of distributors in Japan, Europe, and internationally. The company has strategic collaboration and other agreements with Virginia Commonwealth University Intellectual Property Foundation; Indivior UK Ltd.; and Innocoll Pharmaceuticals Limited. DURECT Corporation was incorporated in 1998 and is headquartered in Cupertino, California.

DURECT Corporation News
06/07/23 DURECT Completes Enrollment in Phase 2b AHFIRM Trial of Larsucosterol in Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis
05/11/23 Wall Street Analysts Think Durect (DRRX) Could Surge 594.98%: Read This Before Placing a Bet
05/08/23 Durect (DRRX) Reports Q1 Loss, Misses Revenue Estimates
05/08/23 DURECT Corporation Reports First Quarter 2023 Financial Results and Business Update
05/01/23 DURECT Corporation to Announce First Quarter 2023 Financial Results and Provide Business Update on May 8
04/27/23 DURECT Corporation to Host KOL Event on Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis
04/25/23 DURECT Corporation to Participate in Fireside Chat at the H.C. Wainwright BioConnect Investor Conference
05:00 AM DURECT Announces Peer-Reviewed Article Accepted for Publication with Additional Data from Previously Completed Phase 2a Study of Larsucosterol in Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis
03/24/23 7 Biotech Stocks Sitting in the Sweet Spot
03/21/23 DURECT Corporation Announces Appointment of Gail Maderis as Chair of the Board
03/11/23 DURECT Corporation (NASDAQ:DRRX) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript
03/09/23 DURECT Corporation Fireside Chat at the Oppenheimer 33rd Annual Healthcare Conference
03/08/23 Q4 2022 DURECT Corp Earnings Call
03/07/23 Durect (DRRX) Reports Q4 Loss, Tops Revenue Estimates
03/07/23 DURECT Corporation Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Financial Results and AHFIRM Trial Update
02/28/23 DURECT Corporation to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Financial Results and Provide Business Update on March 7
02/17/23 7 Stocks Under $10 to Buy in February
02/03/23 DURECT Corporation Announces $10 Million Registered Direct Offering of Common Stock and Warrants
01/11/23 Durect (DRRX) Soars 11.8%: Is Further Upside Left in the Stock?
11/28/22 DURECT Announces 1-for-10 Reverse Stock Split
DRRX Chatroom

User Image KINGSPARTAN Posted - 15 hours ago

$DRRX It must suck being a Long here. Knowing that nothing can propel the share price. Longs waiting on that milestone of 300 patient enrollment just to see the share price sinking, even with more than average volume. By the time anything comes to light, if it does, AI will have created Artificial Livers, making DUR-928 worthless, much like today, and that is a big IF it was approved. Hard to get out of quick sand.

User Image StreetwiseReports Posted - 20 hours ago

H.C. Wainwright reiterated its Buy rating and $32 price target on this California-based biopharma that's currently trading below $6. Key Catalyst for US Biopharma Stock on Track for Q4/23: https://ow.ly/yeTX50OKLi8 $DRRX #Biopharma #stocks #hepatitis #liverhealth

User Image littlechj Posted - 22 hours ago

$DRRX Dr. McClain’s new article at @GoHealio on Larsucosteral’s “promising efficacy signals.” Additionally, Dr. Sussman attended the Marcus Evans 32nd Evolution Summit in Boston, discussing key management tactics in Larsucosteral trial. Both news available through Durect’s Twitter account.

User Image LeftyT Posted - 1 day ago

$DRRX picked up a few at 5.68 and 5.72 on the algo dip. Weird price action here on a crazy algo day. Also added more $ALT at 3.985 Crazy stuff... but too cheap to ignore.

User Image udupisek Posted - 1 day ago

$DRRX Why is the management is so exuberant ? Why Dr.Sussman is giving a talk in Marcus Evans 32nd Evolution Summit, presenting his lecture on "how efficient their clinical trial was during the tough Covid period" ? .Now, Why they are ahead of plans on marketing & sales ? Why they are ahead on the preparation for the NDA application with FDA ?and so on. I see one simple reason. IMO, They are confidant & looking ahead for the a positive end data & pounce on that.. Hopefully that is the case here. If that happens guess where can the stock price be after FDA approval ? $44 as the analyst Kristen ( Cantor Fitzgerald) predicts. ?? https://www.may23.evolutionsummit.com/

User Image ld4 Posted - 1 day ago

$DRRX We have seen a decent uptick in volume with the moves higher over the last two days. It’s something to watch over the next few sessions.

User Image wellingtoncp Posted - 1 day ago

$DRRX this after hour bullshit is hilarious

User Image bnjhnsn Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX this is us

User Image bigbulldaddy Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX Whelp family I know I have said this before but I am officially saying it again. I am officially done accumulating. Need to go after other stocks in this market. If 25000 shares doesn't get me there I think all of us will be a little let down. Time to attack some other opportunities to diversify. Thankfully I have a fat stack of 13500 shares of PLTR in the 8 range and 13500 shares of SOFI in the 5 range. They will help float my boat if this fails. If all three fail I will probably cry lol. Good luck family.

User Image sawbone57 Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX remember, the last “give away” of stock options to insiders was via an option purchase price of (RS adjusted) $8.70, a 50% bump from today’s price. The largest shareholder, Bleichroeder, owns 10+% of company at an average purchase price of $20, a 3.4x today’s price. What does that tell you the very most informed people who have the most to gain or lose believe about this company??

User Image littlechj Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX From this point, many (particularly tutes) would want to get in or increase their shares. They want to accumulate at low prices. They will do anything trying to keep the price low. Do not help them by selling your shares cheap. If all longs keep their shares or set an artificially high sale price, they will have to pay higher. If all longs continue to buy at the current prices, and not selling, the price will go up quicker. Obviously, that’s only possible in the ideal scenario. But we longs can only hope for and encourage each other. The BIG pay day is not too far away. Good luck!

User Image littlechj Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX No offering at this point. It would be foolish to do so, and the management is not a fool. Signing ex-US rights deal would solve funding problems. Offering after unblinding data in October and price jump would be fine. No funding is needed at this point, and as the trial is closing down, the expense will be greatly reduced. Good luck to all longs.

User Image doubleyou2 Posted - 2 days ago

@bnjhnsn @OldManLogan $DRRX That still is one of the usual stuff with small biotech stocks. They (almost) always need additional funds. Cooking costs money. And no Cooking without breking some eggs. The best to all longs.

User Image OldManLogan Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX Honestly, mgmt would be smarter to do a small offering now rather than kill the momentum when they release results by doing an offering immediately after announcing the phase 2b data... I recall when Adma did their last equity issuance, the SP started to climb immediately afterwards because investors weren't waiting for the other shoe to drop anymore... Still a close watcher here... good luck to longs.

User Image littlechj Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX I would echo what LeftyT speculated: The “force” in control is trying to keep the share price low so that they can accumulate more shares. They will not let it run until the Tutes have enough. No one knows how long the stock will remain at this level, but my guess is, it will be over soon. When the price action is not favorable to longs, there will always be doubts. The company has funds through Q1, 2024. They do not need to raise money now (they are not stupid). They are more likely to do an offering AFTER the data release (and the price jump). They might be able to partner for and sign an ex-US right deal before year end. So many possibilities and no one knows for sure but the share price after a successful data outcome, which is the KEY and has a high probability, should be north of $40 (MC of $1B, which is about 7.5x the current). The bottom line is, be patient and keep adding while you can. Do your own DD and make a wise decision. Good luck to all longs.

User Image JoelGoesDigital Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX is in a nice channel i will have it on my 🚨.

User Image LeftyT Posted - 2 days ago

@NewBiesRock @LaGiostra $GILD also paid $405 M in cash to buy out UK based MiroBio even b4 the P1 trial was completed!!! So tell me how $DRRX would NOT be a target for them when it's only trading at $150 M and just completed enrollment of a pivotal trial??? SO undervalued it's sad.

User Image tradingsideways Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX not worried about price action. 90 days Each day is 1.111111% closer to unblinding.

User Image LeftyT Posted - 2 days ago

@tarnaby The Tute's algos are working OT to accumulate $DRRX shares w/out raising the price. Tute ownership is relatively low here and they are trying to accumulate before the big rush this fall. That is a real tough task given the low trading volume and float for this stock. ANY uptick in price is met w/ algo walls to cap the rise and programmed selling to drop the price back down. It's a classic "accumulate 2, give one back" slow walk algo. Patience is needed here, and will be greatly rewarded.

User Image LeftyT Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX This mngt team is pumped up for a reason. Clinical trial heads have made comments to them, on public record, that they are amazed how many patients are leaving the hospital after a single treatment in less than 4 days. That replicates what they saw in the 2a trial and is giving them confidence that the pivotal 2b trial is indeed "on track". They are confident enough to start their FDA NDA filing discussions early and initiating early commercial launch planning in the US. Don't forget they already have Fast Track Designation!!!

User Image tarnaby Posted - 2 days ago

$DRRX Curious that they are keeping it around $5.50. The last offering price. More dilution before results? Thoughts..?

User Image LeftyT Posted - 2 days ago

@NewBiesRock @LaGiostra If I was the CEO at $GILD I'd be pulling the trigger on a buyout deal for $DRRX right now. Their tech is a perfect fit for GILD sales/support and would add zero opex to support HUGE sales gains down the road. $4 B would be a great "win-win" deal. If they only go w/ an ex-US partnering deal, then you have to look at $AZN or $NVS as having the best ROI options available to them.

User Image tradingsideways Posted - 3 days ago

$DRRX end of June 7$ July 8$ September $9 Then FOMO sets in 10-15? Results binary.

User Image DMONEY1337 Posted - 3 days ago

$DRRX Bunch of whinny babies on this board. They already announced completion would happen around this time. No one with a brain is surprised the stock didn't rip on the news. The move will come in time.

User Image bibi1 Posted - 3 days ago

$DRRX You know SHIT and you hold a SHIT!!! mark these words and note them!!! They will scar you for LIFE till you die!!!!

User Image sawbone57 Posted - 3 days ago

$DRRX Assuming AHFIRM is successful and leads to FDA approval ( BIG assumption, but one all of us holding have made). What’s a reasonable price? 300,000 pts worldwide. Guess 1/3 need second dose for 400,000 TAM doses. Cheapest imaginable cost per dose $5000. 5 million more shares (sold at $20 per) gets $100 million to commercialize and pay insiders. P/S of 1 (industry average 4). 50% market penetration (If AHFIRM hits Larsucosterol will not just be SOC but malpractice NOT TO USE!!) That leads to a SP of $33! All of my assumptions are obscenely LOW. This exercise is just to demonstrate how silly current price is. And that’s ZERO VALUE for Saber technology, ZERO VALUE for additional indications and ZERO VALUE for our leading epigenetic regulation research and other molecules.

User Image LeftyT Posted - 3 days ago

$DRRX The machines are trying to take this lower, so they can accumulate more shares for the Tutes, but this price is so cheap I don't care about pinching pennies right now and I've added 600 sh already and going for more on this dip.

User Image LaGiostra Posted - 3 days ago

$DRRX timing is now clear. Price move today is not relevant. Options activity now guided.

User Image FULLYINSURED Posted - 3 days ago

$DRRX , A lotta of ifs

User Image LeftyT Posted - 3 days ago

$DRRX What kind of trading sorcery is this??? I've got another LO out at 5.50 that is only partially (10 shares) filled, and a buy at 5.43 shows up on L2 w/out my order getting filled. I must not have the right computer and broker... let's get with it Fidelity!

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