Market Cap 452.17M P/E - EPS this Y 43.30% Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -183.52M Forward P/E -8.21 EPS next Y 63.20% 50D Avg Chg -18.00%
Sales 64.87M PEG -0.22 EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg -21.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book N/A EPS next 5Y 17.60% 52W High Chg -58.00%
Recommedations 1.70 Quick Ratio 1.91 Shares Outst. 393.19M 52W Low Chg 28.00%
Insider Own 8.54% ROA -43.44% Shares Float 362.47M Beta 1.96
Inst Own 41.51% ROE - Short Shares 0 Price 1.15
Gross Margin 75.38% Profit Margin -282.90% Avg. Volume 15,748,008 Target Price 6.17
Oper. Margin -239.77% Earnings Mar 2 Volume 5,899,842 Change -2.95%
TherapeuticsMD, Inc. News
04/09/21 TXMD Stock: The News Giving TherapeuticsMD Shares a Shot in the Arm Friday
04/09/21 TherapeuticsMD's Hormone Therapy Approved in U.K. and Belgium
04/08/21 TherapeuticsMD and Theramex Announce the Approval of BIJUVE® Capsules Indicated for Hormone Replacement Therapy in the United Kingdom and Under the Trade Name BIJUVA® in Belgium
03/15/21 Here's What TherapeuticsMD, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:TXMD) Shareholder Ownership Structure Looks Like
03/02/21 TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (TXMD) Q4 2020 Earnings Call Transcript
03/02/21 TherapeuticsMD (TXMD) Reports Q4 Loss, Tops Revenue Estimates
03/02/21 Recap: TherapeuticsMD Q4 Earnings
03/02/21 TherapeuticsMD Announces Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2020 Financial Results
03/02/21 TherapeuticsMD, Inc. to Host Earnings Call
03/01/21 TherapeuticsMD Earnings Preview
03/01/21 TherapeuticsMD Announces Participation in Upcoming Investor Conferences
02/23/21 TherapeuticsMD to Report Fourth Quarter 2020 Results on March 2, 2021
02/18/21 Here are the tough questions Congress needs to ask about GameStop today
02/16/21 TherapeuticsMD Announces Closing of its Underwritten Public Offering of Common Stock
02/16/21 What the GameStop Congressional hearing will reveal to retail investors
02/11/21 TherapeuticsMD Announces Pricing of $110 Million Public Offering of Common Stock
02/10/21 TherapeuticsMD Announces Underwritten Public Offering of its Common Stock
02/03/21 Is TherapeuticsMD (TXMD) Stock a Buy For 2021?
01/29/21 TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (NASDAQ:TXMD) Analysts Just Cut Their EPS Forecasts Substantially

TherapeuticsMD, Inc. operates as a women's healthcare company in the United States. The company offers IMVEXXY for the treatment of moderate-to-severe dyspareunia; BIJUVA, a bio-identical hormone therapy combination of 17ß-estradiol and progesterone for the treatment of moderate-to-severe vasomotor symptoms; and ANNOVERA, a ring-shaped contraceptive vaginal system. Its preclinical projects include the development of TX-005HR, a progesterone-alone transdermal cream; TX-006HR, an estradiol and progesterone transdermal cream; and TX-00THR and TX-0008HR, which are transdermal patch product candidates. The company's clinical development product is TX-009HR, an oral progesterone and estradiol formulation. It also manufactures and distributes branded and generic prescription prenatal vitamins under the vitaTrue, vitaPearl, vitaMedMD, and BocaGreenMD Prena1 brands. The company sells its prescription prenatal vitamin and hormone therapy drug products to wholesale distributors and retail pharmacy distributors. TherapeuticsMD, Inc. is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

TXMD Chatroom

User Image barba3 Posted - 22 minutes ago

$TXMD While this paid spend view doesn't account for paid social, they have been pulling back on programmatic/video/direct buys while increasing scripts (Except for last week).

User Image Jonathon777 Posted - 33 minutes ago


User Image Gentleman007 Posted - 35 minutes ago

$TXMD PT today of $7.55 buying HERE.

User Image paladinbst Posted - 44 minutes ago

$TXMD I expected a return to recent low of 1.15. Now we find out if it holds or if we are not yet feeling the dilution. Should know this week.

User Image MavT Posted - 51 minutes ago

$TXMD thy have been telling us for 9 months now that Q1 and Q2 would be flat with a ramp starting in Q3. How they arrived at that, your guess is as good as mine, BUT...why are you surprised or complaining about the performance when its doing exactly as they said it would? Would growth be nice to see now, absolutely, but none of this is unexpected.

User Image Lexus09 Posted - 1 hour ago

$TXMD won't be looking at my shares for a very long time... Rest easy fellas...

User Image Alvalo Posted - 1 hour ago

$TXMD just picked up more discounted shares today. It is a Good day.

User Image steviem Posted - 1 hour ago

$TXMD we will be under $1 this week. Prob hit new low below $.85. Now to decide if I want to lower my average or wait to make sure they aren't going bankrupt.

User Image steviem Posted - 1 hour ago

$TXMD worst performer on my list of 50 usual. Pathetic.

User Image charlie69 Posted - 1 hour ago

$TXMD all hedges are punishing small caps it will turn the other way. .....Sit tight never chase never sell for a loss

User Image 1dayingameknowitall Posted - 1 hour ago

$TXMD and its now on Facebook. it is sharable. Share share share. They got 22000 views on Instagram in under an hour. Multiple comments and shares on Facebook in 10 minutes. Its going go viral and really funny actually

User Image 1dayingameknowitall Posted - 2 hours ago

$TXMD spoke to soon. Whitney Cummings did share it with her followers 18 min ago and it already has over 9000 views. Get ready for a ride!

User Image 1dayingameknowitall Posted - 2 hours ago

$TXMD new article for annovera published today

User Image slayerfan2020 Posted - 2 hours ago

$TXMD 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

User Image 1dayingameknowitall Posted - 2 hours ago

$TXMD rant. Txmd Annovera team is most unqualified team ever. Txmd has vitamed Facebook page with over 18000 followers with mums who just had a baby or pregnant. Why not advertise annovera on it??. They They have txmd page with followers, imvexxy page as well. Yet they are not using their own free resources. They paid Whitney Cummings for what to be in commercial that no one sees. She has millions followers between facebook, tik tok and Instagram yet she did not post any of the promotions for annovera. Is not that the point to hire celebrities?

User Image RJayBio Posted - 2 hours ago

$TXMD Bullish.

User Image slax Posted - 2 hours ago

$TXMD Is Tommy Thompson still alive? He hasn't done anything with his political connections to help guide this through the FDA.

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User Image FTSEbuyer Posted - 3 hours ago

$TXMD Im in

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User Image BioAmerica Posted - 3 hours ago

$XBI What we all need to be doing for now is gathering a list of the companies who are being killed by this sector drop for no reason. Looking for companies that will turn big when the rebound starts. Two that look like they should not be getting hurt like they are are $AUPH and $TXMD . Both have lots of good products/data, and are BO candidates. Add to both on this weakness.

User Image ElBigCoonWalksLate Posted - 3 hours ago

$TXMD TimmmmmmmmmmmBerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Look out below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! IDIOT BOYZ RESIDE HERE!!!

User Image QueensGuy Posted - 3 hours ago

$TXMD How can a product portfolio like this only have a market cap. of $450MM? Makes no sense.

User Image FTslimeball Posted - 3 hours ago

$TXMD They are really trying hard to get us to sell for pennies. I would rather they go to 1c than fall for this. Holdin like a MF!

User Image hitumgood Posted - 3 hours ago

$TXMD wise up people, sell now and buy back at .85

User Image UWanSum Posted - 4 hours ago

$TXMD I think it would be best for the share price to tank until earnings to be honest, so that Finizio & the team are as embarrassed as possible when addressing shareholders.

User Image UWanSum Posted - 4 hours ago

$TXMD “Buy the dip”... 😂

User Image semserus Posted - 4 hours ago

$TXMD So Far.. At $ 1.14 is a Bottom ..But Must Hold on