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Market Cap 124.45M P/E - EPS this Y -99.00% Ern Qtrly Grth -63.00%
Income 60.46M Forward P/E -8.67 EPS next Y 1,400.00% 50D Avg Chg -6.00%
Sales 79.52M PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg -28.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book N/A EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -94.00%
Recommedations 2.00 Quick Ratio 0.33 Shares Outstanding 51.08M 52W Low Chg 18.00%
Insider Own 14.80% ROA -45.18% Shares Float 31.66M Beta 0.23
Inst Own 21.59% ROE - Shares Shorted/Prior 3.77M/4.68M Price 7.80
Gross Margin -26.35% Profit Margin 18.89% Avg. Volume 374,364 Target Price 12.25
Oper. Margin -16.06% Earnings Date - Volume 100,616 Change -3.82%
About Intuitive Machines, Inc.

Intuitive Machines, Inc. designs, manufactures, and operates space products and services in the United States. Its space systems and space infrastructure enable scientific and human exploration and utilization of lunar resources to support sustainable human presence on the moon. The company offers lunar access services, such µNova, lunar surface rover services, fixed lunar surface services, lunar orbit delivery services, rideshare delivery services to lunar orbit, as well as content sales and marketing sponsorships; and orbital services, including satellite delivery and rideshare, satellite servicing and refueling, space station servicing, satellite repositioning, and orbital debris removal. It also provides lunar data services, comprising Lunar data network, lunar south pole and far-side coverage, lunar positioning services, data relay, and data storage/caching. In addition, the company offers propulsion systems and navigation systems; engineering services contracts; lunar mobility vehicles, such as rovers and drones; power infrastructure that includes fission surface power; and human habitation systems. It serves its products to the U.S. government, commercial, and international customers. Intuitive Machines, Inc. was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Intuitive Machines, Inc. News
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04/04/24 NASA awards contracts to three companies for lunar vehicle design
04/04/24 Moon Stock Intuitive Machines Has a New NASA Contract Win
04/03/24 Intuitive Machines-led Moon RACER Team Awarded NASA Lunar Terrain Vehicle Contract to Support the Agency’s Artemis Campaign
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03/21/24 Q4 2023 Intuitive Machines Inc Earnings Call
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03/21/24 Intuitive Machines Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2023 Financial Results
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02/29/24 Intuitive Machines Historic IM-1 Mission Success: American Ingenuity Never Gives Up
02/29/24 UPDATE 2-In risky space business, Intuitive Machines sets sights on second moon landing
02/29/24 First US moon lander in half a century stops working a week after tipping over at touchdown
02/29/24 The Odysseus Lander Isn’t Dead Yet. Intuitive Machines Stock Is Up.
02/29/24 20 Most Valuable Space Companies in the World
LUNR Chatroom

User Image itsjustmeagain Posted - 2 minutes ago

$LUNR You left out Susie...lol

User Image AEYE_wealthfinder Posted - 40 minutes ago

$LUNR 🆘. FRAUD WARNING ⛔️ THESE ARE THE CULPRITS … VMAESA - proven to lie and misrepresent by falsely showing a short that it can’t prove… JOHNSON - Just a moron SUPERBENDER - AMC Troll who also lies and distorts No doubt probably just one iP address with the above three idiotic aliases

User Image IlliumEX Posted - 1 hour ago

$LUNR Eight straight days in a tight range, all we need is for someone to fart.

User Image VMAESA Posted - 2 hours ago

$LUNR You guys so deserve this🤡 Bring this to zero already

User Image Ahsalion16 Posted - 2 hours ago

$LUNR Zacks system ranks lunr as a SELL, this ranking system is stupid

User Image sunsetkey1 Posted - 2 hours ago

$LUNR tomorrow is the day we break out!!!

User Image jkgeorge Posted - 2 hours ago

$LUNR What is the P/E ratio here? I saw 2.12 on google and I was wondering why is it so low?

User Image IlliumEX Posted - 3 hours ago

$LUNR Trask: I thought we agreed not to cover until they've completed the last round of dilution! Gyrich: Well, you're getting sloppy and want to naked short every ten cent pop, I told you to let it run, Trask. Before long, the SEC will be on to us. Cover everything now! What are you waiting for!

User Image Ryan_Fox Posted - 3 hours ago

$LUNR cheers to LUNR. Double digits by year end. Love everything about this and all full moons.

User Image BigMattAttack Posted - 3 hours ago

$LUNR its odd that the largest volume five min candles was AH

User Image slowandsteady31 Posted - 3 hours ago

$LUNR Increased my position by 10% at 5.07. Likely my last buy. Average cost of 6.13, expecting a very green summer. Shouldnt be much longer.

User Image IlliumEX Posted - 3 hours ago

$LUNR Interesting, no change since this morning, Shorts losing steam or what.

User Image TormentedGothicPrincess Posted - 4 hours ago

$LUNR Insiders selling shares on a loss, is a tax write. Please stop posting like it's some sort of flex or gotcha. If you don't know the exchange, cash out and go play candy crush.

User Image TormentedGothicPrincess Posted - 4 hours ago

$LUNR that iron grip, everyday. beast company. Everything is screaming, 3 digits in the long run, 2 digits this year.

User Image Danny280zx Posted - 4 hours ago

@Fibonacci_ChaBoy Very bullish on $LUNR - unsure right now of specific dates but it's easy info to find (the easier the info is the less likely I'll remember LOL). I'm planning on rereading 3 or 4 of their news articles this weekend. I want to say November but it could be earlier. $LFWD I've been touching for years just because it's fucking cool technology - and they've just secured larger-than-previous payments from Medicare for their exoskeletons. $RR is pretty new to market but has solid ideas and has been beaten down pretty badly. Keep some on the sidelines for this one as it could get nasty if things don't move along quickly. Essentially making robotic wait staff for a variety of use cases, primarily in restaurants right now. $MLGO seems super vaporwarey. But, with the massive pops it gets sometimes, it's more worth holding this than buying lotto tickets lmao I'd say LUNR is my most bullish asset right now, outside of $SHIB.X. I did however downsize a bit ago to reload lower.

User Image StayOutofMalibuLebowski Posted - 4 hours ago

$LAES Up ah, this is extremely undervalued. We’re holding these bags together but SEALSQ is a real Company, we’ll have our day! $LUNR LUNRtics, they want to keep it around $5 until the very end. They can’t have my shares, adding when I get more powdah- catalysts coming soon and out of nowhere $IGC - BOOM 💥 recently took a position on announcement 📣 of a Yuge catalyst and there are 4 more on the way. This has no place being under a $1 and plenty room to grow! On its way to $1 with a minimum $3 pt GLTA (except shorts, fuck them)

User Image Fibonacci_ChaBoy Posted - 5 hours ago

@Danny280zx Nice I’ll check them all out, thanks, always love checking out charts and info on new stocks. I’ve only heard a bit about $LUNR

User Image Danny280zx Posted - 5 hours ago

@Fibonacci_ChaBoy Right?! Reading through the news on this one is pretty damn exciting. $RR is another one I've been accumulating. Same with $LFWD and $LUNR. All very cool stuff. And a casino play with $MLGO lmao

User Image Fiftyshadesof Posted - 5 hours ago

$LUNR just took a past projection of first green candle in early january and expanded it a bit.. this isn't how it will play out but i could see something very similar to this past 12.50 with news this rockets in a MOASS move.. even gme took like 4-5 months before maturing into what it became.. I think we have a shorter timeframe if contract news comes through and really any significant good news comes our way... We got NSNS award potential.. CP-22 award potential.. any other random 10-50million dollar award potential.. mars mission potential awards.. We got commerciallization of the moon potential.. imagine If ford pays for a mission to the moon lol.. you got governemnt defense contracts.. new sponsor news... debt financing news potential.. Think longer term and you'll do well in the markets and in life lol.. just my opinion as always..

User Image IlliumEX Posted - 5 hours ago

$LUNR Eight straight days of this.

User Image easydollars1 Posted - 5 hours ago

$LUNR held strong

User Image GreekSpartan64 Posted - 5 hours ago

$LUNR The 9 day has been rejected by my count twice. Hopefully the third times the charm.

User Image itsjustmeagain Posted - 5 hours ago

$LUNR Some big names holding / adding. Q1 should update soon enough. This will be interesting

User Image WaitingForTheDay Posted - 5 hours ago

$LUNR I’ll take a flat day

User Image Cash_loot Posted - 6 hours ago


User Image Fiftyshadesof Posted - 6 hours ago

$LUNR 1 year after maxar dropped 65% (same as we just did) from 20s though to 7s.. it ran to 57 dollars.. in less than 12 months.. patience babe patience... many will miss the boat.. chasing the next big thing.. I did the same with as lebowski.. was trading nvav and missed that power gap up.. lol.. I've done it on several stocks sticking to my rules.. one aspect i've realized while trading is that during fugazzi markets.. the more you touch your money the less you have.. lol just my opinion.. Shorts truly can only keep this stock down for so long imo.. paying 100% cost to borrows.. imagine if your credit cards were 100% cost to borrows, borrow a 5k you'll end up paying 5k back in a year if don't return their money.. now imagine lol every year on roughly 10-15million short shares.. for those saying it doesn't effect all short shares.. your dumb.. haha Short shares can be susceptible to changing the borrow rate.. and margin requirements.

User Image AEYE_wealthfinder Posted - 6 hours ago

$LUNR 🤪 Not with 75% Institutional and insiders they won’t be doing any such thing Patience pays off - YOU WAIT & SEE

User Image Cash_loot Posted - 6 hours ago

$LUNR 5 FORM 4's submitted to SEC and ALL FROM insiders DUMPING Shares. Thousands upon THOUSANDS of shares DUMPED.

User Image Cash_loot Posted - 6 hours ago


User Image Cash_loot Posted - 6 hours ago


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Roth MKM Buy Apr 4, 24
Benchmark Buy Apr 4, 24
Cantor Fitzgerald Overweight Mar 22, 24
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Cantor Fitzgerald Overweight Feb 29, 24
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Cantor Fitzgerald Overweight Feb 27, 24
Cantor Fitzgerald Overweight Feb 23, 24
Cantor Fitzgerald Overweight Dec 5, 23