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Market Cap 9.26M P/E - EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -35.57M Forward P/E -0.40 EPS next Y 47.00% 50D Avg Chg -4.00%
Sales - PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg -84.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book N/A EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -98.00%
Recommedations 2.00 Quick Ratio 0.01 Shares Outstanding 65.15M 52W Low Chg 20.00%
Insider Own 17.45% ROA -703.17% Shares Float 35.55M Beta -1.15
Inst Own 1.44% ROE - Shares Shorted/Prior 3.59M/4.11M Price 0.51
Gross Margin - Profit Margin - Avg. Volume 705,935 Target Price 2.00
Oper. Margin - Earnings Date Apr 18 Volume 36,633 Change -1.19%
About SeaStar Medical Holding Corpora

SeaStar Medical Holding Corporation, a medical device company, develops a platform therapy to reduce the consequences of hyperinflammation on vital organs in the United States. The company offers inflammatory response to fend off infections and repair damaged tissue in the body. It is also developing products in various therapeutic areas, including pediatric and adult acute kidney injury on CRRT; cardiorenal syndrome in congestive heart failure; myocardial stunning in end stage renal disease; and hepatorenal syndrome. SeaStar Medical Holding Corporation is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

SeaStar Medical Holding Corpora News
03:00 PM SeaStar Medical Reports 2023 Financial Results and Provides a Business Update
04/11/24 SeaStar Medical to Present at the Noble Capital Markets’ Emerging Growth Virtual Healthcare Equity Conference
03/27/24 SeaStar Medical to Restate Financials, Sets Business Update Call for April 17
03/12/24 SeaStar Medical Provides Updates on Enrollment of Adult Pivotal Clinical Study and Commercial Launch of Quelimmune, FDA-Approved in Pediatric Patients
03/11/24 SeaStar Medical-Sponsored Symposium Featuring Experts Discussing Pediatric Acute Kidney Injury and the Selective Cytopheretic Device to be Webcast Live at AKI & CRRT 2024
03/05/24 Q4 2023 Nuwellis Inc Earnings Call
02/27/24 Manuscript Discussing the Benefit of SeaStar Medical’s Selective Cytopheretic Device in Patients with Heart Failure and Hyperinflammation Published in European Journal of Heart Failure
02/22/24 Nuwellis’ Distribution Partner, SeaStar Medical, Receives FDA Humanitarian Device Exemption for Pediatric Selective Cytopheretic Device Quelimmune™
02/22/24 FDA Grants Humanitarian Device Exemption Approval to SeaStar Medical’s Selective Cytopheretic Device for Pediatric Acute Kidney Injury
02/22/24 Unleash Massive Returns With These 3 Top Penny Stocks
02/01/24 SeaStar Medical Granted Canadian Patent with Broad Claims Covering the Selective Cytopheretic Device Technology
01/26/24 SeaStar Medical Announces Pricing of $9.0 Million Registered Direct Offering Priced At-the-Market
01/11/24 SeaStar Medical Appoints David A. Green as Chief Financial Officer
01/09/24 SeaStar Medical Issued U.S. Patent with Broad Claims Covering Use of the Selective Cytopheretic Device for Multiple Clinical Indications
12/28/23 SeaStar Medical Updates Subject Enrollment in its Pivotal Trial with the Selective Cytopheretic Device in Adults with Acute Kidney Injury
12/13/23 SeaStar Medical Forms Scientific Advisory Board of World-Renowned Pediatric and Adult Clinical Experts
11/14/23 SeaStar Medical Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results and Provides a Business Update
10/31/23 Nuwellis’ Strategic Partner, SeaStar Medical, Receives FDA Approvable Letter for Its Pediatric Selective Cytopheretic Device
10/30/23 Discover the Next Nokia: 3 Penny Stocks With Big Potential
10/30/23 FDA Issues Approvable Letter for SeaStar Medical’s Selective Cytopheretic Device for Pediatric Patients
ICU Chatroom

User Image Stormbull50 Posted - 31 seconds ago


User Image EnterpriseValue20 Posted - 6 minutes ago


User Image BSL6356 Posted - 8 minutes ago

$ICU in order for investors to be, or stay, mind-boggling bullish, they needed to give a mind-boggling forward guidance today. Anything short of "we're going to sell so many motherfucking SCDs in the coming months", then there's not much to look forward to until when sales numbers start to actually be reported.

User Image Arnoldsens Posted - 11 minutes ago

$ICU If anyone has been watching RS stocks lately they'll know that decent companies actually can benefit afterwards. WISA ring a bell? ICU wouldn't be a RS rinse and repeat stock selling company. I'm not going to worry about it anyway.

User Image steveboehm Posted - 16 minutes ago

$ICU Yeah, im sure thats exactly whats going on.

User Image epistemic__trespasser Posted - 19 minutes ago

$ICU This is not necessarily a reason to sell, but it certainly is a reason not to buy if you were considering it, and that is the problem, the company has failed to create any incentive to buy.

User Image Qutiaw Posted - 23 minutes ago

$ICU I’ll email Jody Cain tomorrow morning to ask why the questions stopped abruptly. I would be lying if i said i didn’t feel a little bit flustered over this.

User Image defman Posted - 29 minutes ago

$ICU I have what is probably going to sound like and extreme NOOB question, but I've done a bunch of research and can't get a clear answer. If a stock is not traded for a marginal amount of time. Just HELD. How long before the shorts get caught with their pants down? It just seems like "buying the dip" makes them money every time. Is there no way to strangle them? And I know they can self generate buy buying and selling their own stock. Just curious. And I don't need to here from any self righteous troll assh0les that have nothing better than degrade a persons lack of knowledge

User Image DuckITMan Posted - 31 minutes ago

$ICU Once Revenue Flows all bets are off. Bears Shady as Fugg in a Panic that may June sets off the Commercial Sales Frenzy. 30 to 45 days at most. This will fly on the Statement by Dr. Chung that first Sale expected May/June. That's what is Called Definitive Gold Mine...

User Image JoebidenHasdementia Posted - 32 minutes ago

$ICU where is all this R/s talk coming from

User Image Rccwcp Posted - 35 minutes ago

$ICU I do have one question. I was lucky and bought TPST(.75-1.00) the night before it took off and ran up around $11 and then dropped back down around $3, I did sell at $8 and put most of the money here. Why would you not do the same thing here? You would think they would make way more money in one day compared to pennies? I guess if you make pennies every day it adds up, but still?

User Image DuckITMan Posted - 37 minutes ago

$ICU Soon Big Time Non Diluting Financing Comes backed by Huge Commercial Contracts. No More Dilution needed. Currently 8 months of Cash on Hand.

User Image Dimaxvt Posted - 37 minutes ago

$ICU long term hold!! Don’t buy into the fake bulls giving their advice they want you to sell so they can buy in cheaper. Life saving device. FDA approved. Matter of timing.

User Image rocketballer Posted - 38 minutes ago

$ICU lol pretty much

User Image KeithStoneBro Posted - 40 minutes ago

$ICU give a vanilla conference call on the 17th to make all the vape-smoking, basement-living, acne-faced traders freak out and trigger their stop losses. Buy on the 18th and deliver some good news after.

User Image FoxMarker Posted - 42 minutes ago

$ICU still bullish on ICU.. Am i sad its not today ? Ofcourse Do i believe its still a matter of time Ofcourse

User Image MySliceOfPie Posted - 43 minutes ago

$ICU I have been continually bullish here and still have not sold a share. Nothing has shaken, maybe foolishly, my confidence in their future. Not until today. The Q&A, or lack thereof, at the end of the conference needs to be addressed by leadership. They stated questions would be answered and then cut it short after only one person got questions answered. WTF Seastar team?!?

User Image DuckITMan Posted - 46 minutes ago

$ICU NASDAQ will not risk Conspiring with Maxim as a Collusion Effort to DeList $ICU for Non Compliance. Especially when FDA is Supporting SeaStar, Along with Top Childrens Hospitals and Commercialization is Imminent. Y'all need to be lookin' this Gift Horse in the Mouth and show any of the Recent Quellimune Presentations to Friends and Neighbors you like.

User Image InvestWhatUCanLose Posted - 46 minutes ago

$ICU at this point of time, I am least bothered if there would be a RS of 10:1 in coming days.. I will still keep loading till adult AKI FDA approval is rolled out.. I know what this company and this device is capable of doing to dialysis industry in near future and I am not worried of this price action and a possible RS..

User Image epistemic__trespasser Posted - 47 minutes ago

$ICU if this goes back above my average at .65 I am out. Total joke. Bulls have missed every call.

User Image DarwinIsMyGod Posted - 57 minutes ago

$ICU Most of you bears struggle to put together a cohesive sentence, maybe you should scoop up a GED before you try and educate us with your 'vast knowledge' of the stock market. At least use auto-correct, or your built in automatic sentence maker(AKA 2nd Grade). Sleep well: Serendipitously

User Image oldjimzimmer Posted - 1 hour ago

$ICU why is Seastar colluding with Maxim group? Do they also have a vested interest in keeping the stock price low? Why would they do this?

User Image Morris9188 Posted - 1 hour ago

$ICU so what institution made the direct market buy in January. Was it the pension fund?

User Image Torp Posted - 1 hour ago

$ICU it’s chess not checkers.

User Image JeromesInkSupplier Posted - 1 hour ago

$ICU You know what, that’s looking like a viable option right now. Me: “Honey it went up huge! Look, it’s $6 a share now!” Her: “So we’re rich?!” Me:

User Image Aznwactrackstar Posted - 1 hour ago

$ICU wtfffff my .45 limit order isn't going through!!!! 🤪 MB

User Image FatherofTrades Posted - 1 hour ago

$SLS $HUMA $ICU Day trade? NFA, DYODD, PLAY IT SAFE, THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT ONLY WHILE WE WAIT! I will be posting another one, that I think is primed for a fast dirty trade. Same time frame, be on it. Somewhere between 9:30AM-10:00AM. It takes a few minutes to find the right one, but I have one that I really hope is in play. The position needs to be watched closely through holding. Certain levels and thresholds have to be met before I want to play. We play these with a tight (10-15% for me) SL and scale our profits out aggressively. We are often in and out within an hour. One and done, simple shot. Adding SLS before the inevitable pop, adding ICU slowly as these dips come (calm down, you're upset a pre-rev company is pre-rev. This is a LONG hold. Market overreaction plain and simple.), and HUMA will ALWAYS be added under 3.20 for me on EVERY dip. I've talked a LOT about building positions. Now I'll just let you all know how I'm doing it. Much love to the bulls from California, and stay

User Image CTZander Posted - 1 hour ago

$ICU Is it silly to continue buying shares with an imminent R/S?

User Image Blastus Posted - 1 hour ago

$ICU If a NDA is in place, they're damn good at protecting themselves with it. And with them paying themselves in shares and having insider ownership while keeping silent and not bringing the hammer down on Maxim, they're either genius and plan on executing strategically or plain retarded by not moving at all.

User Image Toshiko0509 Posted - 1 hour ago

$ICU huge confusion going on here… R/S deadline 6/7 or 6/37?

Analyst Ratings
Maxim Group Buy Apr 20, 23
Insider Trades Relationship Date Transactions Cost($) #Shares Value($) #Share Own SEC Form 4
Russell Richard D. Director Director May 23 Buy 0.5 20,000 10,000 27,978 05/30/23
Chung Kevin Chief Medical Office.. Chief Medical Officer Apr 05 Buy 1.85 3,760 6,956 3,760 04/07/23