Market Cap 1.05B P/E - EPS this Y 31.60% Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -25.97M Forward P/E -55.68 EPS next Y 37.00% 50D Avg Chg 43.00%
Sales 9.3M PEG -1.03 EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg 177.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 21.86 EPS next 5Y 20.00% 52W High Chg -23.00%
Recommedations 2.00 Quick Ratio 7.94 Shares Outst. 55.70M 52W Low Chg 2,101.00%
Insider Own 10.23% ROA -38.17% Shares Float 38.31M Beta 2.26
Inst Own 15.48% ROE -67.83% Short Shares 0 Price 18.93
Gross Margin -33.81% Profit Margin -257.48% Avg. Volume 5,004,378 Target Price 18.25
Oper. Margin -257.44% Earnings Nov 9 Volume 6,023,387 Change 4.70%
Vuzix Corporation News
02/26/21 Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses Now Optimized for Softfoundry's FacePro Xpert System
02/25/21 Vuzix Announces Receipt of Approximately $48.1 Million from Warrant Exercises over the Last 70 Days
02/22/21 PreMarket Prep Stock Of The Day: Vuzix
02/22/21 Vuzix to Participate in Verizon's Upcoming 5G Presentation to the U.S. Department of Defense
02/19/21 Vuzix Smart Glasses Featured in American Medical Association Special COVID-19 Edition for Accelerating Change in Medical Health Education Systems Science Student, Resident and Fellow Impact Challenge
02/18/21 Vuzix Expands and Enhances the Connectivity of its Smart Glasses with LiFi Support
02/12/21 Vuzix Augmented Reality Is Bringing The Future of Smart Glasses
02/10/21 Vuzix Expands its Global Smart Surgeries Presence by Collaborating with Rods & Cones for M-Series Smart Glasses Platform Support
02/08/21 KDDI Research, Inc. Develops Smart Hands-Free Nursing Care Support System Using Vuzix Smart Glasses
02/04/21 Vuzix Completes Phase 1 Development of a Customized Head Mounted Waveguide-Based Display System for Assisted Medical Cancer Surgeries
02/02/21 Vuzix Smart Glasses Improve Worker Safety and Maximize Machine Uptime in the Food Processing Industry
01/26/21 1Minuut Innovation Places Further Follow-On Orders for Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses as it Prepares to Deploy its 500th Unit to Support Healthcare and COVID-19 Needs in the Netherlands
01/25/21 Why Vuzix Stock Jumped Today
01/25/21 KDDI Overseas Subsidiaries Partner with Vuzix to Provide Vuzix Smart Glasses Solutions to Customers Across the Globe
01/22/21 Vuzix (VUZI) Stock Is a Winner, But How Much Higher Can It Go?
01/22/21 Vuzix M4000 Smart Glasses Aid Construction Worksite Audit Via DJI Drone
01/22/21 15 Biggest VR Companies in the World
01/20/21 Vuzix Expands Available Smart Glasses-Based Healthcare Offerings with the Addition of Hippo Technologies Solution to Help Service Medical Professionals and Organizations Around the World
01/15/21 Vuzix Announces Financial Update with Q4 Revenues Ahead of Analyst Expectations

Vuzix Corporation designs, manufactures, markets, and sells augmented reality (AR) wearable display and computing devices in North America, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and internationally. The company offers its products in the form of smart glasses and AR glasses. Its products include monocular smart glasses for enterprise, industrial, commercial, and medical markets; and blade smart sunglasses for applications ranging from basic text messaging and answering the phone to overlaying mapping directions, menus, weather, events, stock quotes, video conferencing, sports updates, social feeds, bio-metrics, and others. The company is also developing a binocular AR smart glasses product that provides the user a live, direct, or indirect view of a real-world environment. Its AR wearable display devices are worn like eyeglasses or attach to a head worn mount to view, record, and interact with video and digital content, such as computer data, the Internet, social media, and entertainment applications. In addition, the company offers an app store on its Website, which enables users to download and purchase applications, including third party applications; applications that provide the benefits of smart glasses to users; and Vuzix Remote Assist that offers remote telepresence capabilities. Further, it provides waveguide optics and design reference kits; custom and engineering solutions; and defense and security products. Vuzix Corporation offers its products directly to enterprise and end users, as well as through specialty retailers, online retailers, distributors, value-added resellers, and Web stores. The company was formerly known as Icuiti Corporation and changed its name to Vuzix Corporation in 2007. Vuzix Corporation was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in West Henrietta, New York.

VUZI Chatroom

User Image JoeLagoiaTrades Posted - 45 minutes ago

$VRME $VUZI $WKHS $QQQ $SQQQ / Tired of trying to figure the investing/trading world out all by yourself? You aren’t alone. Join something bigger than yourself! Join our community of over 9k people! Link in my bio for alerts, education, and a community unlike any other. 👍

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$VUZI Face. The future.

User Image basedzoomer Posted - 1 hour ago

$VUZI Walmart news will be big for them

User Image CityMessiah Posted - 1 hour ago

$VUZI Vuzix + Walmart = $50-$75 PPS Coming soon.

User Image terribubble Posted - 1 hour ago

$VUZI that $WMT Walmart news is huge.

User Image Tigerwins Posted - 2 hours ago

$VUZI A bit old, but just the fact that we are being mentioned with the likes of Apple Qualcomm Microsoft is amazing, enjoy!

User Image Tigerwins Posted - 2 hours ago


User Image Tigerwins Posted - 2 hours ago

$VUZI Article dated FEB 26, 2021 I'm really pleased with the level of progress that we have made in this area on several different fronts. First, we added a lot of great talent to our tech team. We've brought in senior leaders from across the industry and this has really created a deep domain expertise as we start building out more modern applications. Second, we have been aggressively upgrading our infrastructure. We upgraded more than 50,000 servers, and that's allowing us to take advantage of the latest hardware and software. We also upgraded more than 2,000 stores to 1 gigabit per second fiber connection. What this is allowing us to do is we can run machine learning and data workloads, like computer vision and AUGMENTED REALITY, which demand a lot of bandwidth, right inside our stores.

User Image tasermac Posted - 2 hours ago

$VUZI This just in from Cathie Wood........

User Image Tigerwins Posted - 2 hours ago

$VUZI Somebody had posted an article a while back about how smart glasses are being tested by Amazon drivers, if someone has the article please post it again, i’d appreciate it.

User Image Tigerwins Posted - 2 hours ago

$VUZI so it’s confirmed!!!! The company mentioned in the Dec 22 press release is Walmart!!! For entertainment purpose only, let’s imagine Walmart goes ahead and places an order. They have 10 800 stores worldwide, so let’s say 5 vuzix glasses are ordered per store, that’s 54 000 glasses!!! Ok i need to stop, my mind is racing!!

User Image CityMessiah Posted - 3 hours ago


User Image CityMessiah Posted - 3 hours ago

$VUZI I'll just leave this photo here and let it speak for itself. #Walmart #m400 #Deployments #PRComingSoon

User Image AntDX316 Posted - 4 hours ago

$VUZI Verizon and Vuzix are together.

User Image jwts Posted - 4 hours ago

$VUZI Any updates on the partnership with OnCore?

User Image jwts Posted - 4 hours ago

$VUZI Perhaps Nikko is also investing in Vuzix...

User Image AntDX316 Posted - 4 hours ago

$BRK.A Come look at $VUZI

User Image Terzman Posted - 5 hours ago

$wmt go ahead tell me how having one hand holding a device is optimal ... ya it isn’t .. it’s when not if some of those capex bucks get focused on best pole position hardware player tools like $vuzi imho It allows sales force to pick do many of the numerous store/micro fulfillment centers tasks and still look up and see in store customers and help them as well... vs looking down at hand held device while pulling steel carts w other hand etc..

User Image AntDX316 Posted - 5 hours ago


User Image terribubble Posted - 6 hours ago

$VUZI are they selling Amazon branded merch? Or...who else is making what they make?

User Image tsmokely Posted - 6 hours ago

$kopn this time is different Stock’s fair value is 15-18 per share not including what $mvis and $vuzi are trading at. A conservative valuation for today’s execution will be 15-18 post results. Can it trade through those estimates? Absolutely positively yes. Can it spook you out of your shares by going down? Absolutely yes. Our results come first March 2 pre market. If our results put us at the equivalent market caps of the others we could hit 33-43 per share. No Bullshit. Profitable and revenues of 2-7x of the other two. Good luck to all longs in kopin

User Image Tigerwins Posted - 13 hours ago

$VUZI Johnson and Johnson drug approved by FDA today. Vuzix works with JNJ. Wonder if this news will add more value to Vuzix, sure can't hurt, right???

User Image bond07 Posted - 14 hours ago

$LPTH $VUZI Are these duos?

User Image Terzman Posted - 15 hours ago

Spotted $amzn delivery driver at out front door snapping pic of a package he dropped off, he explained its protocol now after covid . Amazing to think #ar glasses like $vuzi can scan packages and document deliveries while not having to take phone out or lug scanners . Who will disrupt logistics first $xpo or $ups ?

User Image Zenas111 Posted - 16 hours ago

I'm planning on doubling down on $CCIV Monday. Yep, I'm buying 3 whole more shares! 😅 Gonna watch it rip (along with my $VUZI ), and that will be my start to trading like you big boys some day. 😋🤗

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$VUZI some concise reasons to hold LT: - only pure-play stock in AR. SP of big players will reflect limited benefits from AR growth vs 100% for V. - Vuzix is the current pole sitter. When combined with point 1 = generational wealth opportunity. - Vuzix doesn't just sell glasses but also makes waive guides with proprietary patent protected processes. - V is an American company that controls manufacturing process with limited reliance foreign materials. - V has years and years headstart on competition backed by patents. Big boys can only compress that headstart by so much and it shows in their product offerings in spite of unlimited budgets and swagger. - çustomer list is loaded with Fortune 100 companies. - Kingsman style glasses coming this year opens consumer market. - Verizon picked V as it's 5G partner. - big funds are buying aggressively. - rev ramp is kicking in. - balance sheet has ample cash, no cap raise in sight. Next raise will be for expansion. - so much more...

User Image ktrader707 Posted - 16 hours ago

$NVDA if you have the patience. $JMIA as well. $$VUZI just getting started. 😀

User Image Cglaze7 Posted - 19 hours ago

$VUZI We in this moon mission together.

User Image CityMessiah Posted - 19 hours ago

$VUZI Ark Invest and Cathie Wood bought 3% of this(Vuzix) entire company $VUZI

User Image Summitstockpick Posted - 21 hours ago

$VUZI wow wish I knew about this in December. This is a good future stock and should gain more momentum