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Market Cap 44.79M P/E - EPS this Y 35.10% Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -37.34M Forward P/E -1.58 EPS next Y 2.30% 50D Avg Chg -5.00%
Sales - PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg -30.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 3.40 EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -72.00%
Recommedations 1.70 Quick Ratio 0.18 Shares Outstanding 56.27M 52W Low Chg 35.00%
Insider Own 0.50% ROA -174.27% Shares Float 55.63M Beta 2.37
Inst Own 10.45% ROE - Shares Shorted/Prior 5.27M/4.51M Price 1.58
Gross Margin - Profit Margin - Avg. Volume 154,591 Target Price 6.83
Oper. Margin - Earnings Date May 9 Volume 138,762 Change -3.66%
About SELLAS Life Sciences Group, Inc

SELLAS Life Sciences Group, Inc., a late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the development of novel cancer immunotherapies for various cancer indications in the United States. The company's lead product candidate is galinpepimut-S (GPS), a cancer immunotherapeutic agent that targets Wilms tumor 1, which is in Phase 3 clinical trials for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia; and in Phase 1/2 clinical trials for the treatment for ovarian cancer. It has a strategic collaboration with Merck & Co., Inc. to evaluate GPS as it is administered in combination with PD1 blocker pembrolizumab in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial enrolling patients in up to five cancer indications, including hematologic malignancies and solid tumors; and GenFleet Therapeutics (Shanghai), Inc. for the development and commercialization of GFH009, a highly selective small molecule CDK9 inhibitor, currently under Phase 1 clinical trials. The company is headquartered in New York, New York.

SELLAS Life Sciences Group, Inc News
03/28/24 SELLAS Life Sciences Reports Full Year 2023 Financial Results and Provides Corporate Update
03/26/24 SELLAS Announces Positive Topline Data from the Phase 2a Study of SLS009 in r/r AML and Provides Steering Committee Update on Phase 3 REGAL Study
03/19/24 SELLAS Life Sciences Group Announces Closing of $20 Million Registered Direct Offering and Concurrent Private Placement Priced At-the-Market Under Nasdaq Rules
03/19/24 SELLAS Life Sciences to Host Corporate Update Call on March 26, 2024, at 8:15 am ET
03/15/24 SELLAS Life Sciences Group Announces $20 Million Registered Direct Offering and Concurrent Private Placement Priced At-the-Market Under Nasdaq Rules
03/08/24 SELLAS Announces Executive Leadership Reorganization and Prioritization of Commercialization Partnerships
03/01/24 SELLAS Life Sciences Delivers Oral Presentation of SLS009 Phase 1 Data for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients at 2024 European School of Haematology (ESH) Conference
02/29/24 SELLAS Life Sciences to Present SLS009 Phase 1 Data from Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients at the 2024 European School of Haematology (ESH) Conference: Updated Date and Time
02/06/24 SELLAS Announces Publication of Preclinical Data on its Highly Selective CDK9 Inhibitor, SLS009, in Oncotarget
01/25/24 SELLAS Life Sciences to Present SLS009 Phase 1 Data from Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients at the 2024 European School of Haematology (ESH) Conference
01/10/24 SELLAS (SLS) Rises on FDA Fast Track Tag to Leukemia Candidate
01/09/24 SELLAS Life Sciences Receives FDA Fast Track Designation for SLS009 for Treatment of Relapsed/Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Provides Updated Data for Phase 2a Study of SLS009 in Relapsed/Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients
01/04/24 SELLAS Life Sciences Announces Pricing of $9.0 Million Public Offering
01/03/24 SELLAS Life Sciences Announces Proposed Public Offering
01/03/24 SELLAS Provides Corporate Updates and Highlights Key Upcoming Milestones
12/27/23 SELLAS Life Sciences Reports Positive Follow-Up Immune Response and Survival Data in Completed Phase 1 Study of Galinpepimut-S Combined with Opdivo® in Advanced Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
12/21/23 SELLAS Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for SLS009 for Treatment of Peripheral T-cell Lymphomas
12/14/23 SELLAS Life Sciences Announces First Patients Enrolled in 60 mg Dose Cohort in Phase 2a Clinical Trial of SLS009 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
12/13/23 SELLAS to Host Corporate Update Webinar on January 3, 2024 at 8:30 am ET
12/04/23 SELLAS Life Sciences Announces Positive Recommendation from REGAL Independent Data Monitoring Committee of Galinpepimut-S in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
SLS Chatroom

User Image cea Posted - 1 minute ago

@Johnmtnb2018 @M17K With all due respect, IDMC does not have any form of fiduciary responsibility. They are focused on independent analysis and protection of the study participants. If GPS has proven itself per the Phase 3 criteria, they have an obligation to inform $SLS and recommend halting for efficacy and submission of BLA to the FDA and providing GPS therapy to both arms.

User Image MrPHD_Certifed Posted - 32 minutes ago

$SLS $MRK $BMY $ABBV Who is going to buy us out?

User Image FatherofTrades Posted - 51 minutes ago

$SLS $HUMA $ICU Day trade? NFA, DYODD, PLAY IT SAFE, THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT ONLY WHILE WE WAIT! I will be posting another one, that I think is primed for a fast dirty trade. Same time frame, be on it. Somewhere between 9:30AM-10:00AM. It takes a few minutes to find the right one, but I have one that I really hope is in play. The position needs to be watched closely through holding. Certain levels and thresholds have to be met before I want to play. We play these with a tight (10-15% for me) SL and scale our profits out aggressively. We are often in and out within an hour. One and done, simple shot. Adding SLS before the inevitable pop, adding ICU slowly as these dips come (calm down, you're upset a pre-rev company is pre-rev. This is a LONG hold. Market overreaction plain and simple.), and HUMA will ALWAYS be added under 3.20 for me on EVERY dip. I've talked a LOT about building positions. Now I'll just let you all know how I'm doing it. Much love to the bulls from California, and stay

User Image NomorebigC4life Posted - 1 hour ago

$SLS Is it just me or does it feel like longs are battling the never ending evil forces that constantly want to drag this to the ground? So insanely pathetic.

User Image borealborn Posted - 1 hour ago

$SLS I'm liking this uptrend. Hopefully it sticks around for a while

User Image maker11 Posted - 1 hour ago

@AndersKingern_ @GPS_OS_21_vs_SOC_5 @MrPHD_Certifed $MRK had 22,123 “watchers”. That’s right: almost half as much as $SLS. Makes sense 🥸

User Image BMWLTWM3 Posted - 1 hour ago

$XBI gap 1 filled, ($84.67, look at that close, 2 cents below) does Wall Street / Market Mover algos want to fill gap 2? $67.28 ?? These Bio's are being hammered. $sls $icu $chrs $sens

User Image MrPHD_Certifed Posted - 1 hour ago

$SLS March 2025 in rate cuts expected by wallstreet And guess who will be president DJT https://www.cnbc.com/2024/04/17/wall-street-pushes-out-rate-cut-expectations-sees-risk-of-no-action-until-2025.html

User Image MrPHD_Certifed Posted - 1 hour ago

$SLS buyout will be in the 20 to 30 range

User Image M17K Posted - 2 hours ago

$SLS if data readout is positive and trial halted (many strong cases have been made before why this is likely), I see the next 10mo or so price action including: Strong Gap Up: $7-$17, hard to precisely pin down where we’ll land due to synthetic downward pressure releasing for a potential huge jump Consolidation/1st round profit taking: $5-$14, people will take profit here as they completely have the right to do, many more will also buy in on solidified pipeline and strong partner/BO potential Steady Rise Back: $10-$18, we creep up after accumulation and hit into the $B MC to stay as investors buy into news Big Partner/BO: $25+ Is this some bs speculating? Probably a bit What’s bottom line? This could be life changing for patients AND investors so strap in this year

User Image Telgar Posted - 2 hours ago

$SLS What does make a lot of sense to me is that the 1,3,6 month charts look prime for a serious breakout in price. New institutional interest will soon be reported and the news that we have all been waiting for will be released. Several catalysts coming down the pipe. In order to win, you getting be in the game. Time to add to your position.

User Image GPS_OS_21_vs_SOC_5 Posted - 2 hours ago

$SLS Ask this SCUMBAG @MrPHD_Certifed WHY IT SPAMS THE BOARD - BUT CAN'T DENY ITS PAID TO WORK HERE.... Short Interest 5,272,228 shares - source: NASDAQ Short Interest Ratio 15.66 Days to Cover

User Image MRTunity Posted - 2 hours ago

$SLS we are ALL asking the same question and all making the same statement : NOTHING MAKES SENSE around here

User Image Sharkie2023 Posted - 2 hours ago

$SLS so strange.. no filings since the end of March. OS 56M so no warrants were exercised. How does Anson and Highbridge not have to file 13D/G after the last March 15th raise. Did they really sell down there position to remain below additional reporting requirements. Nothing makes sense. I am optimistic something big is coming in a positive way, but tough to reconcile what these two funds are up to.

User Image FatherofTrades Posted - 2 hours ago

@Panicmode @symbot @canecoleman FWIW, I agree with his take. I keep saying this is a slow mover, nobody listens. Clearly I’m confident, I’m holding 22k shares and talking daily. Some people are patient and some are not. I am willing to wait, and am not very concerned about a R/S because I have a plan, and my plan in ICU is a multi-year hold. A bumpy year is really not bad unless you’re trying to get rich quick. The issue is there is no way to get rich quick aside from SHEER LUCK! I will continue to day trade and add profits to $ICU, $SLS, and $HUMA until each goes to where I want it. Sure, 10%-80% in one day trade is nice, but it’s a distraction and some fun profits while I wait on the life-changing paydays. Bullish as ever, no reason to panic in my plan.

User Image symbot Posted - 2 hours ago

@canecoleman Yeah, it sounds a little like you're trying to promote your trading plan to keep $ICU low until you can buy in after liquidating $SLS.

User Image canecoleman Posted - 2 hours ago

$ICU Here is my view... take it how you want: The call today was inherently positive. All positive motion, however, that motion is slow. Slow is not going to cut it when it comes to maintaining NASDAQ compliance. First patient will not be treated with Quelimmune until late May/June. That is the deadline for the R/S. In my opinion, the R/S is extremely likely now. This is going to reduce the OS between probably 1:10->1:20. However, it is likely to be followed up with an offering because they need $. The very positive thing is that AFTER the likely r/s & dilution time, SeaStar will be generating revenue from Quelimmune. This will help extend their runway and make it less likely that an R/S and highly dilutive offering happens again. For now, I'm on the sidelines and riding $SLS. But will likely jump back into $ICU late summer/fall for long term. But not willing to get diluted on the R/S in May/June.

User Image Bio_buyout Posted - 3 hours ago

$SLS T minus 9 days. Maybe on Friday.

User Image canecoleman Posted - 3 hours ago

$ICU For those looking for a short term option, jump into $SLS. Phase 3 interim analysis coming soon.

User Image FatherofTrades Posted - 4 hours ago

$SLS @jacksparo is right on time for a swing play which is his style, for those who don’t pay attention. I’m long here, so my buys at and under a dollar made sense. For a swing position, we had no momentum and minimal volume, and were far from our 52w high with a dwindling 65d avg volume chart. It was the time to go long. NOW it is time to swing! Just. Saying. We all trade differently. Finding your niche is valuable. Don’t knock others. Unless they short a cancer stock, then FUCK EM! 🤷‍♂️

User Image canecoleman Posted - 4 hours ago

@FatherofTrades @hotsoss i’m personally holding oct 1.5cs at a .33 avg. My reasoning being that I believe $SLS has made a number of moves this year that hint towards a potential buyout. Let go CCO, brought on Stacy Yeung (Arena pharm counsel when acquired by pfizer), hired stifel, $200m shelf opened. I want as much time as possible for that buyout to go down. Short term, if phase 3 is as good as we believe, any call option should print.

User Image Mikko1238 Posted - 4 hours ago


User Image jajj3a Posted - 4 hours ago


User Image AVAVAV Posted - 4 hours ago


User Image LGMRB Posted - 4 hours ago

$SLS SLS Sterging int the close at 1.40 lollll. Pumpers have enough BS to fill Lake Meade

User Image hotsoss Posted - 4 hours ago

$SLS going to yolo 6k into options for next week which ones should I buy

User Image canecoleman Posted - 4 hours ago

$OCGN I'm not usually right but this one was pretty clear. Upcoming catalysts are now in the rearview. Meanwhile, $SLS is up 40% from this post. Ocugen hasn't even started phase 3, $SLS gets interim analysis this month for Phase 3. Let's see how the rest of the month plays out for each! BOL ALL

User Image Rexa Posted - 4 hours ago

$SLS is a buyout coming page is down and tgey just updated it

User Image lossaversion Posted - 4 hours ago

$SLS 100 calls on this... let's see it rocket to 9 bucks in the next month :)

User Image Round1 Posted - 4 hours ago

$SLS I got another 51K shares today my friends. And they are going nowhere. No stop Loss. No selling. Holding.

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