Market Cap 25.88B P/E - EPS this Y 86.70% Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -103.82M Forward P/E -345.75 EPS next Y 33.30% 50D Avg Chg -21.00%
Sales 307.54M PEG -11.90 EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg 64.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 30.60 EPS next 5Y 25.00% 52W High Chg -36.00%
Recommedations 2.00 Quick Ratio 2.17 Shares Outst. 534.72M 52W Low Chg 1,813.00%
Insider Own 1.01% ROA -5.31% Shares Float 397.64M Beta 1.61
Inst Own 52.57% ROE -32.98% Short Shares 0 Price 48.41
Gross Margin 5.33% Profit Margin -33.75% Avg. Volume 40,675,990 Target Price 64.63
Oper. Margin -28.39% Earnings May 5 Volume 39,589,191 Change 11.69%

Plug Power Inc. provides hydrogen fuel cell turnkey solutions for the electric mobility and stationary power markets in North America and Europe. It focuses on proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell and fuel processing technologies, fuel cell/battery hybrid technologies, and related hydrogen storage and dispensing infrastructure. The company offers GenDrive, a hydrogen fueled PEM fuel cell system that provides power to material handling electric vehicles; GenFuel, a hydrogen fueling delivery, generation, storage, and dispensing system; GenCare, an ongoing maintenance and service program for GenDrive and GenSure fuel cells, GenFuel products, and ProGen engines; and GenSure, a stationary fuel cell solution that provides modular PEM fuel cell power to support the backup and grid-support power requirements of the telecommunications, transportation, and utility sectors. It also provides GenKey, a turn-key solution for transitioning to fuel cell power; and ProGen, a fuel cell stack and engine technology used in mobility and stationary fuel cell systems, and as engines in electric delivery vans. The company offers its products to retail-distribution and manufacturing businesses through direct product sales force, original equipment manufacturers, and dealer networks. Plug Power Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Latham, New York.

PLUG Chatroom

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Albany Business Gateway: $PLUG BOD issues a rare apology and promises to authorize the repurchase of hundreds of millions shares. “We made a mistake and we are sorry.” Not...

User Image bulllssy Posted - 16 minutes ago

$PLUG heres to a green week hopefully lads!

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$PLUG Watch RSI as we get into key support and resistance levels here. 💡

User Image OrganicallyGrown Posted - 19 minutes ago

$SPI 13 news reports since January. Read them all and tell me you aren’t bullish. Solar, EV, Crypto, Cannabis. We love Spi $RIOT $BTC.X $POLA $PLUG

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$PLUG week 5 of my options trading based on stock moe youtube portfolio

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$FCEL $PLUG $GIK $GEVO all right what is it going to be tomorrow left side or right side

User Image Johnbullish Posted - 51 minutes ago

$GBBLF $PLUG $BLDP $NKLA NEW HYDROGEN PLAYER HERE. Collaboration with Ballard in order to transfer hydrogen. Approval by American bureau (ABS).

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LiquidTheta® Trade Alert (Delayed/Actionable) Ticker: $PLUG Buy: Sep 17 2021 $50.00 Calls Entry Price: $12.20- $13.35 TP1: $14.64 TP2: $16.47 TP3: $18.30 Stop Loss: $10.55 (Optional) Highly Profitable Options Signals Delivered to Your Inbox

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CWGYF The more I read about the renewable energy company Carnergie Clean Energy the bullisher I get. For me it is absolutely unclear how the company can be worth a share of only $0.007 in one of the promising topics in 2021 and beyond namely clean energy and especially wave energy?.! I think the main reason is, that this company is currently under the radar. Take a look at the newest video. They will gather pace in 2021 and beyond: At the end please do your own DD I can only try to share this company to you like other companies have been luckely shared to me and after my DD I have invested. This company is worth around $48MIO and $0.007 a share even though they hold more than 90 patents and patents pending along with various trademarks. They also have a partnership with Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. Take a look here $PLUG, $BE, $MINE, $REGI: Once this company gets to $0.01 penny it should get visible to the stream.

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$PLUG Portual will announce their plans. Money is I account. Chosen the contracts and now time to announce Plug contract !! We exist in everywhere

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$PLUG "Senator Schumer Wants Federal DOE to Help Build a New National Green Hydrogen Fuel Supply Chain - FuelCellsWorks"

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$PLUG PLUG will be fine but in the near future KULR is going to 🚀🚀🚀

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$PLUG 🔌 130,008 Watchers! 🔌

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$PLUG Is everybody as excited about the run Plug is going to experience now that the ER is past us?!??! Going to be a great week starting in about 15 hours! Could see $120 July/August, especially with data center backups $MSFT This could help us break into $GNRC business too. Less people confident about electric companies due to Texas fiasco. Come on Andy, let's get i to that business too!

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$NKLA if you all are still here, put your money into $PLUG. This company has a customer base already with Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and many others. Currently sitting on 5 billion in cash. Blackrock and vanguard are the top holders in shares for them Building the biggest green hydrogen plant in North America (announced on Friday) Rapidly expanding in Asia and Europe as well Get in while it’s cheap

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$PLUG I see we just went past 130,000 watchers today.

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$PLUG is one of the better performing stocks in the Electrical Industrial Apparatus industry.

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$PLUG Power 30% of $12 Trillion is $3.6 Trillion aka $7,272 per share PLUG Power!!! C’mon Cathie de $tsla $arkk do the math???

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$SNDL Happens to all of us mine was $plug from $3-$5and I thought I came out on top. I let my best friend talk me out of hydrogen fuel cells because of his own bias beliefs and live for Tesla & Elon that was my first big mistake in the market .Months later we both watched it hit $50 and I’m Sure we both learned something from that. It’s important to never get too greedy , but it’s also important to set a realistic time frame for your trades . Remember What does up must always come down and retrace aka consolidate for healthy growth. Do not forget about why you set that price target and stand by your dd you’re gonna hear alotta doubt and hate along the way.

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$NKLA $NIO $PLUG March AABB will moon walk...

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Afternoon everybody and I hope yall are having a great day so far! Just wanted to say our official Cobbs Capital analysis $UBER has dropped on our website. ($PLUG is on the way 💰) In it, our analyst cover past and recent earnings, business strengths and weaknesses, current acquisitions, current valuation, future potential + more 📊 Download and read free at the link below. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!✌🏽

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$PHARthe new pharming forum for LT, the advantage is that the nasdaq investors can also participate. BIG opportunity now!!! $BIIB $TSLA $PLUG $REDDIT $SHLX

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$PLUG This last 2 weeks has felt like our whole community was hit with a hurricane. As of Friday the clouds parted and im so happy to see lots of PLUG holders still here. I think we weathered the worst. Now time to rebuild and become stronger as a community. 100$ here we come.

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$FCEL 🌍💰⬆️ $PLUG 💰🌍🔌 Looking forward to a great week ahead. I anticipate some serious rebounding this week. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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$PLUG 20 and 30% just these 2. Plus Korea China Vietnam USA etc etc THIS IS BILLIONS AND BILLIONS!!

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$PLUG if the whole “market correction“ is done. This thing will rip to 60 easily. Extremely over sold. Stimulus news should allow the market to open green and we should see $53 mid Wednesday easily

Insider Trades Relationship Date Transactions Cost($) #Shares Value($) #Share Own
Marsh Andrew President & C.. President & CEO Jan 21, 5:46 PM Option 4.12 573,268 2,361,864 1,321,948
Marsh Andrew President & C.. President & CEO Jan 21, 5:46 PM Sell 65.67 573,268 37,646,510 748,680
MCNAMEE GEORGE C Director Director Jan 14, 4:34 PM Option 1.95 20,000 39,000 899,390
MCNAMEE GEORGE C Director Director Jan 14, 4:34 PM Sell 66.43 20,000 1,328,600 889,390
Conway Gerard L JR Gen Counsel,.. Gen Counsel, Corp Sec, Sr VP Jan 11, 5:29 PM Option 2.62 33,333 87,332 218,852
Conway Gerard L JR Gen Counsel,.. Gen Counsel, Corp Sec, Sr VP Jan 11, 5:29 PM Sell 52.07 33,333 1,735,649 185,519
MCNAMEE GEORGE C Director Director Jan 11, 5:29 PM Option 1.76 10,000 17,600 899,390
MCNAMEE GEORGE C Director Director Jan 11, 5:29 PM Sell 52.07 10,000 520,700 889,390
Schneider Lucas P Director Director Jan 6, 8:03 PM Sell 32.77 3,500 114,695 127,229
Conway Gerard L JR Gen Counsel,.. Gen Counsel, Corp Sec, Sr VP Jan 6, 7:52 PM Sell 33.21 108,333 3,597,739 185,519
Conway Gerard L JR Gen Counsel,.. Gen Counsel, Corp Sec, Sr VP Jan 6, 7:52 PM Option 2.14 108,333 231,833 293,852
Kenausis Gregory Director Director Dec 30, 4:09 PM Sell 35.55 55,000 1,955,250 89,169
MIDDLETON PAUL B CFO & Senior.. CFO & Senior VP Dec 28, 4:11 PM Option 2.27 216,667 491,834 416,657
MIDDLETON PAUL B CFO & Senior.. CFO & Senior VP Dec 28, 4:11 PM Sell 35.13 216,667 7,611,512 199,990
WILLIS GARY K Director Director Dec 15, 4:01 PM Option 2.16 90,200 194,832 501,133
WILLIS GARY K Director Director Dec 15, 4:01 PM Sell 27.1 90,200 2,444,420 410,933
FiveT Capital Holding AG Director Director Nov 17, 7:04 PM Sell 23.18 1,915,034 44,390,488
Roth Johannes Minho Director Director Nov 17, 7:04 PM Sell 23.18 1,915,034 44,390,488
Schmid Keith COO & Sr. VP COO & Sr. VP Sep 22, 4:04 PM Option 5.39 200,000 1,078,000 356,220
Schmid Keith COO & Sr. VP COO & Sr. VP Sep 22, 4:04 PM Sell 13 200,000 2,600,000 156,220