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Market Cap 4.88B P/E 9.50 EPS this Y 4.40% Ern Qtrly Grth 3.30%
Income 680.23M Forward P/E 7.68 EPS next Y 3.80% 50D Avg Chg 8.00%
Sales 1.4B PEG 0.63 EPS past 5Y 25.63% 200D Avg Chg 7.00%
Dividend 3.00% Price/Book 1.09 EPS next 5Y 12.00% 52W High Chg -13.00%
Recommedations 2.50 Quick Ratio - Shares Outstanding 113.29M 52W Low Chg 40.00%
Insider Own 0.01% ROA 2.14% Shares Float 105.90M Beta 1.23
Inst Own 91.67% ROE 13.89% Shares Shorted/Prior 12.77M/12.35M Price 43.15
Gross Margin - Profit Margin 49.80% Avg. Volume 1,742,117 Target Price 51.10
Oper. Margin 63.97% Earnings Date Jul 18 Volume 1,207,796 Change -0.60%
About Bank OZK

Bank OZK provides various retail and commercial banking services for individuals and businesses in the United States. The company offers deposit services, including non-interest bearing checking, interest bearing transaction, business sweep, savings, money market, individual retirement, and other accounts, as well as time and reciprocal deposits. It also provides trust and wealth services, such as personal trusts, custodial accounts, investment management accounts, and retirement accounts, as well as corporate trust services, including trustee, paying agent and registered transfer agent services, and other related services. In addition, the company offers treasury management services comprising automated clearing house, wire transfer, transaction reporting, wholesale lockbox, remote deposit capture, automated credit line transfer, reconciliation, positive pay, commercial card, and other services, as well as zero balance and investment sweep accounts. Further, it provides real estate, consumer, small business, indirect recreational vehicle and marine, equipment, agricultural, commercial and industrial, government guaranteed, lines of credit, homebuilder, and affordable housing loans; lender and structured, business aviation, and subscription financing services; and mortgage and other lending products. Additionally, the company offers ATMs; telephone, online, and mobile banking services; credit and debit cards; safe deposit boxes; and other products and services. The company was formerly known as Bank of the Ozarks and changed its name to Bank OZK in July 2018. Bank OZK was founded in 1903 and is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

OZK Chatroom

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 4 days ago

$OZK Scam bank

User Image Bud_Fox_1987 Posted - 5 days ago

$ZION examining the CRE portfolio, at least 1/3 of them will be non performing dog water in the next 6 months. $OZK is not going to fair well here either.

User Image danwithopp Posted - 1 week ago

$OZK Good article about OZK's strategy and their current thoughts on the CRE market https://www.bisnow.com/national/news/capital-markets/how-bank-ozk-came-to-dominate-construction-lending-124299

User Image TickerDD_com Posted - 1 week ago

From 4/23/2024, looking back across 22 Month-Ends for OZK, Percentage Change of Average Monthly Price had More Positives (59%) while Percentage Change of Average Monthly Volume had More Positives (95%) $OZK #OZK #OZKStock #TickerDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtHKu7k7bs4

User Image ManagerofRisk Posted - 2 weeks ago

$AFL $MO $OZK $PEP $PH 🤔🤔🤔🤔 3% yikes that gets you on the dividend champion list ?? 🤯

User Image Garybar Posted - 2 weeks ago

$OZK Get a regulator in there and gimme a mark to market on their CRE portfolio

User Image Garybar Posted - 2 weeks ago

$OZK https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fort-worths-tallest-building-sells-111742615.html Cost $137mm 3 years ago - latest appraisal >$100mm - sold for $12mm. By OZK math that would be 10% LTC, 12% LTV……or in the real world…..LOSS

User Image DividendPower Posted - 2 weeks ago

The List of Dividend Champions in 2024 - Updated 05/12/24 https://dividendpower.org/list-dividend-champions-2024/ $MO $AFL $OZK $PH $PEP

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 2 weeks ago

$OZK junk

User Image danwithopp Posted - 2 weeks ago

$OZK Instead of prompting ChatGPT to tell you what you want to hear, you can go look up the past due loans yourself. OZK reported 0.17% of non-purchased loans past due at the end of Q1. That comes out to a whopping $47M of a $28B loan book. Yawn.

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 2 weeks ago

$OZK scam bank

User Image StockInvest_us Posted - 2 weeks ago

Signal alert: $OZK - Overbought Trend Short (Overvalued) https://stockinvest.us/l/eMIo9g2T0z

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 3 weeks ago

$OZK Lets see where this goes after they finally have filled that gap.

User Image StockInvest_us Posted - 3 weeks ago

Signal alert: $OZK - Overbought Trend Short (Overvalued) https://stockinvest.us/l/wwnbGpLKT4

User Image danwithopp Posted - 3 weeks ago

$OZK This is misleading at best. Those 9 loans only make up 14% of the total book and aren't fully funded, so you're cherry picking the data. I could just as easily say they've committed their total capital to the 59 loans in the 125M-250M tranche. But of course, that would also be ignoring the entire concept of leverage.

User Image DividendPower Posted - 3 weeks ago

3 Dividend Champions For Long-Term Investors Seeking Dividend Growth And Safety $AFL $OZK $CVX https://seekingalpha.com/article/4688714-3-dividend-champions-for-long-term-investors-seeking-dividend-growth-and-safety

User Image Garybar Posted - 3 weeks ago

$OZK their total capital is committed to (checks notes) 9 loans. NINE. Is that how a bank works 🤔

User Image danwithopp Posted - 3 weeks ago

$OZK Since I'm the resident bear basher on here, I'll chime in to say there is some legitimacy to this bear case. "Nothing is repaying" is untrue, but loan repayments were down about 25% YoY. OZK has thus far been able to bridge the gap, and fund additional loan growth, by attracting more deposits. It's something to keep an eye on, for sure.

User Image Garybar Posted - 3 weeks ago

$OZK cre loans aren’t repaying because they can’t repay….because they’re not “stabilized” and might never be

User Image Garybar Posted - 3 weeks ago

$OZK this bank has a liquidity problem. Have to keep funding cre projects when nothing is repaying. Their “as stabilized” LTVs are probably a fantasy. Might not “stabilize” in the timeframe they need to refi their portfolio.

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 3 weeks ago

$KRE In 2018, $KRE's largest holding $OZK at 2.67% of the index was able to changed its corp structure to remove the parent holding company, which allowed the bank to no longer be regulated by the SEC or Fed Here's a chart showing the vast amount of rules no longer applicable to OZK OZKA also is top 3 highest concentration of CRE exposire of all Regional Banks Imagine what comes falling out of that closet when shit finally hits the fan.

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 04/29/24

$KRE Rember when another regional bank failed...On Friday $OZK $ZION $WABC $BANC Who's next? $OZK is going to see the teens again.

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 1 month ago

$OZK junk bank

User Image Stocksrunner Posted - 1 month ago

Analysts are bullish on Bank OZK $OZK after its impressive Q1 performance, signaling potential for further upside. The regional bank's solid earnings underscore its strength and growth prospects. https://stocksrunner.com/symbol/OZK

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 1 month ago

$OZK Scam bank

User Image MomoMojon Posted - 1 month ago

$OZK she's a baby bank.

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 1 month ago

$OZK Wait- So on the earnings call the CEO said it's great for them at these rates, great for them if rates are cut, amd great for them if higher for longer or even if raises increase? So, does the business has no risk? Sounds totally legit. Lol

User Image Investment_Engineer Posted - 1 month ago

$OZK https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/commercial-real-estate-foreclosures-jumped-march-trouble-looms

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 1 month ago

$OZK I am shorting the holy shit out of this garbage can company. Over exposed. Not regulated by the SEC nor the FED. They are massively over capitalized by way of creative accounting. When the market tanks, this company will be single digits.

User Image FOTIKRR Posted - 1 month ago

$OZK this price action is what happens when your exposure far outweighs your profits by way of cleverer accounting. When the market tanks, this thing is toast.

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