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Market Cap 4.35B P/E 4.18 EPS this Y 4.10% Ern Qtrly Grth 120.50%
Income 705.48M Forward P/E 5.58 EPS next Y 11.70% 50D Avg Chg -11.00%
Sales 3.01B PEG 0.53 EPS past 5Y 6.02% 200D Avg Chg -14.00%
Dividend 10.00% Price/Book 0.74 EPS next 5Y 14.14% 52W High Chg -21.00%
Recommedations 1.70 Quick Ratio 0.40 Shares Outstanding 466.79M 52W Low Chg 14.00%
Insider Own 0.48% ROA 2.21% Shares Float 464.64M Beta 1.75
Inst Own 47.51% ROE 13.32% Shares Shorted/Prior 10.85M/10.52M Price 9.32
Gross Margin 100.00% Profit Margin 25.64% Avg. Volume 6,738,693 Target Price 12.70
Oper. Margin 31.84% Earnings Date Jul 27 Volume 5,694,142 Change -1.17%

New Residential Investment Corp. operates as a real estate investment trust in the United States. It operates through Origination, Servicing, MSR Related Investments, Residential Securities, Properties and Loans, Consumer Loans, Mortgage Loans, and Corporate segments. The company invests in mortgage servicing rights, mortgage origination and servicing companies, residential mortgage-backed securities, properties and loans, consumer loans, and other opportunistic investments. It qualifies as a real estate investment trust for federal income tax purposes. The company generally would not be subject to federal corporate income taxes if it distributes at least 90% of its taxable income to its stockholders. New Residential Investment Corp. was incorporated in 2011 and is based in New York, New York.

NRZ Chatroom

User Image UncleStock Posted - 1 hour ago

$BRMK $NRZ $GPMT $CMTG suggested for Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts - value screen: https://bit.ly/34L8yFW

User Image justbaseball25 Posted - 13 hours ago

100 more $ARR.c 100 $ORC 25 $NRZ 100 $PHK ^june 30th divis came in today. out they go.

User Image AmesHoldings Posted - 14 hours ago

$NRZ just like that, my divvy is gone

User Image CHCInvestments Posted - 14 hours ago

$NRZ Sell your first born, pimp the wife, get a 2nd mortgage......whatever you have to do, get ready to load the boat in 1 way or the other. Market ready for a bounce soon.....I added some shares and will be selling some puts today and tomorrow. Obviously I am kidding about first born, wife and mortgage.......but not about loading the boat!

User Image CHCInvestments Posted - 14 hours ago

$NRZ Here we go........sell them puts day!!

User Image Ascus Posted - 14 hours ago

$NRZ timber! Come to papa

User Image tickeron Posted - 14 hours ago

If you’re trading this week, Read This! $NRZ in Uptrend: price may ascend as a result of having broken its lower Bollinger Band on June 16, 2022. View odds for this and other indicators: https://srnk.us/go/3796910

User Image StacknJack Posted - 15 hours ago


User Image stockilluminati Posted - 22 hours ago

$NRZ https://www.stockilluminati.com/nrz/news.php - Annaly Capital's BV, Sector Valuation, And Dividend Sustainability Vs. 19 mREIT Peers - Part 2 (Includes Q3 + Q4 2022 Dividend Projection)

User Image stockilluminati Posted - 1 day ago

$NRZ https://www.stockilluminati.com/nrz/news.php - AGNC Preferred O: A Floating 8.5% Dividend Yield With 15% Yield To Call

User Image CHCInvestments Posted - 1 day ago

$NRZ I sure hope I get a chance to buy this at $9.40 in pre market. I took divy on half my shares and figure this should drop it to 9.43. If we can get in near there, we should bounce back to $9.68+ fairly quickly with it being last day of month and hard sell off in market, I expect it to sucker bounce soon. I am just looking for a free divy on shares I will add tomorrow am......so they will be scalp shares.

User Image CHCInvestments Posted - 1 day ago

$NRZ Tomorrow is divy day.......anyone who owns it by 8pm est today gets the divy! Gonna be interesting.....I only have half my shares this time. I may add a 2000-3000 in AH if I can, otherwise I will just wait and add more later. Been trying to stay mostly cash.......just in case this market gets slammed.

User Image Championinvestor Posted - 1 day ago

$NRZ This will be $10.50 without a doubt that too very soon, another one of the finest reits in the market

User Image Cheatah Posted - 1 day ago

$NRZ I don’t see much upside for the next year. I’m still holding but not liking the 400 million payment to go from external management to internal.

User Image CHCInvestments Posted - 1 day ago

$NRZ Market just kind of raped us! I think $SPY could go to 320 eventually. I am just watching today, thankfully....lost my ass yesterday on SPY. Still bullish this.....and will hold for divy then reassess. Sucks we already know the ER..just nothing to move it.

User Image Matooo Posted - 1 day ago

$NRZ over $11 by end of year. Good time to accumulate and collect divy

User Image oatmeal3 Posted - 1 day ago

$NRZ buying under $10 collecting divy, book value $12.5 winner winner chicken dinner

User Image Ascus Posted - 1 day ago

$NRZ see u at $8

User Image StacknJack Posted - 1 day ago


User Image Jimbro2 Posted - 2 days ago

$NRZ did they say how much the divvy is?

User Image PeacockStocks Posted - 2 days ago

$NRZ they just dropped it so people can get in for the dividends and the x date is the 30th so if you're holding starting today through the 30th you'll get the divvies

User Image stockilluminati Posted - 2 days ago

$NRZ https://www.stockilluminati.com/nrz/news.php - 13% Dividend Yields Or Higher + Big Discount To NAV

User Image CHCInvestments Posted - 2 days ago

$NRZ ABout time to add em back and collect that free divy it gave us today!

User Image CHCInvestments Posted - 2 days ago

$NRZ Who's your daddy???

User Image Ascus Posted - 2 days ago

$NRZ wow look at this thing… it will be back in the $8 …. No worries

User Image rajin11 Posted - 2 days ago

$NRZ lets gooo! had a limit order set at 10.06 thinking it wouldn't hit that ever again. Got triggered during the crash a few weeks ago glad iam in the positive now for that one. Averaged down while it was in the 8-9 range as well. lets collect those divys

User Image oatmeal3 Posted - 2 days ago

$NRZ getting it’s positive rhythm back (see what I did there)

User Image StacknJack Posted - 2 days ago


User Image Billionaireclubcollc Posted - 3 days ago

REITs Monday Action: Independence Realty Trust Up 2.65% https://www.billionaireclubcollc.com/reits-monday-action-independence-realty-trust-up-2-65/ $IRT $NRZ

User Image rajin11 Posted - 3 days ago

$NRZ what do ppl hear think of $TWO wanted to get into some other mreits

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