Market Cap 1.67B P/E - EPS this Y 10.00% Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -13.63M Forward P/E -96.09 EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg -28.00%
Sales 3.09M PEG -17.71 EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg 30.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 179.15 EPS next 5Y 10.00% 52W High Chg -56.00%
Recommedations 3.00 Quick Ratio 1.68 Shares Outst. 157.95M 52W Low Chg 4,705.00%
Insider Own 1.07% ROA -53.53% Shares Float 156.28M Beta 4.09
Inst Own 14.77% ROE -541.89% Short Shares 0 Price 10.57
Gross Margin 54.76% Profit Margin - Avg. Volume 13,985,998 Target Price -
Oper. Margin -455.18% Earnings Mar 11 Volume 4,634,193 Change -4.17%

MicroVision, Inc. develops PicoP scanning technology to create high-resolution miniature projection, and three-dimensional sensing and image capture solutions in the United States and Asia. Its PicoP scanning technology includes micro-electrical mechanical systems, laser diodes, opto-mechanics, and electronics. The company also develops a light detection and ranging engine for consumer electronic applications and automotive collision avoidance systems. It licenses its products primarily to original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers. MicroVision, Inc. was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Redmond, Washington.

MVIS Chatroom

User Image Tomcat8808 Posted - 2 minutes ago

$MVIS I think we are about to spike soon

User Image TechInvestorSMR Posted - 2 minutes ago

$MVIS awesome

User Image DipperAndRipper Posted - 2 minutes ago

$MVIS one minute chart actually showing a cup and handle???

User Image amazonassociate29 Posted - 2 minutes ago

$NAKD $MVIS $GEVO L2 is lit . 162K, 82K and a 140K Load. Someone knows something somewhere .....HAAHAHAHHAHA

User Image Tripple3s Posted - 4 minutes ago

$MVIS shorts look to be giving us the go ahead I hate that big money has to take over we all had diamond hands before I used tot honk it was to shed the weak

User Image Alpha_Joe_ Posted - 6 minutes ago

$MVIS everyday I wake up and see people on here saying “tomorrow tomorrow!” And when that tomorrow comes the stock is red like always and continues to decline. You guys misinform so many investors for your selfish needs cus you’re most likely a bag holder. Everyone seems to believe that there will be a buy out and MVIS will boom.. but let me tell you this, if you’re a real investor/trader and know what you’re doing, do you have anyyyyy clue what will happen if no news come out this month regarding a buy out and it doesn’t happen? The stock will fucking tank so hard. So stop misinforming people about something that isn’t even close to being guaranteed. You just want people to lose money like you cus you don’t wanna lose alone 😂

User Image Heres Posted - 9 minutes ago

$MVIS these prices

User Image VIN86 Posted - 11 minutes ago

$MVIS what happen here? last saw were mooning from some army news!?

User Image Prismo Posted - 11 minutes ago

$MVIS added more 🥱

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User Image Verdacomb Posted - 22 minutes ago

Each $GME 💎 Enamel Pin will cost the previous EOD share price. Instead of selling only 100/100 - like my $MVIS pins - I decided this pin club is exclusive only to those willing to pay the price of one share. That’s the point - not everyone wanted to buy a $100 pin but I still sold out. Likewise - some will think it’s ludicrous to buy a GME pin at share price, but this stock has created millionaires. So I have created unique exclusive products meant solely for those willing to pay the price - which will update everyday. Gray portions on the image are chrome silver - shining bright like a diamond. I’ll have the $AMC Banana Enamel Pin available in the coming weeks!

User Image Priceman Posted - 22 minutes ago

$MVIS Lol.. the best NDA for the BO of MVIS these days is confusion for the investors, including the weak hands with very little DD and commitment.

User Image clockworkgreen Posted - 25 minutes ago

$MVIS declining revenue. No thanks

User Image Gb_Casanova2 Posted - 25 minutes ago

$MVIS Back to $2

User Image DickyB_ANyTImE Posted - 27 minutes ago

$MVIS Where is the XX century XX decade XX year XX month XX hour XX minute XX second ticker? playa

User Image Nateeboyd Posted - 29 minutes ago

$MVIS I'll be over here..

User Image PresidentClownBalls Posted - 29 minutes ago

$MVIS when this breaks 10,64 it's going to take off.. that's the magic number!

User Image DickyB_ANyTImE Posted - 30 minutes ago

$MVIS I had high hopes that this was the month you all were going to tell me to go F myself. Total let down. Ticker ticking.,

User Image Dammitt Posted - 31 minutes ago

$MVIS this one

User Image Dammitt Posted - 31 minutes ago

$MVIS bears scared of a website like this and what about when they put out seeking alpha bullshit articles 🤷🤷

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$MVIS Common you bastard. Get up there already.

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$LOTZ $MVIS $HYLN $DPW $ATOS Don't blame me, I voted for President Trump.

User Image Nateeboyd Posted - 36 minutes ago

$MVIS sweet baby mavis!!!lfg. Drop that news ss!!

User Image Capitano66 Posted - 37 minutes ago

$MVIS I have a model s tesla 2019, the autonomous guide does not see the curbs, sidewalk and with the rain it does not work the radar cameras cannot see. Tesla needs an advanced Lidar, and so do all the new Lucid, Nio, Xpev cars etc .......🚀💪🏻

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User Image ChinoLovesPennystocks Posted - 39 minutes ago

$MVIS if you are considering selling ur pos because of the bears on ST....well i have news for you. Leave the stock market, this is not for u 🤣🤣🤣

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$MVIS longest April of my life man!

User Image Tkachuk_Jr Posted - 42 minutes ago

$MVIS $BWEN $IDEX $IBIO $RMTI Is it just me loosing 20-40% on almost every stock, and have no cash to average down? :) Trying to be optimistic

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$MVIS Let's liven this room up! Cue the music!!..$$$$$$