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Market Cap 133.68M P/E - EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income - Forward P/E - EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg -19.00%
Sales - PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg -55.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book N/A EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -79.00%
Recommedations - Quick Ratio - Shares Outstanding 1.24B 52W Low Chg 176.00%
Insider Own - ROA - Shares Float - Beta -
Inst Own 0.01% ROE - Shares Shorted/Prior -/- Price 0.11
Gross Margin - Profit Margin - Avg. Volume 7,304,336 Target Price -
Oper. Margin - Earnings Date - Volume 4,866,434 Change 5.29%
05/16/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Summarizes Its First Quarter of 2022 Disclosure
04/25/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Provides a Progress and Contract Update on Its Profitable Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Company, KurveXR
04/21/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc.) Provides a Progress Update in Line With Its Short and Medium-Term Milestones
04/06/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Signs Letter of Intent for the Acquisition of a Profitable Florida-Based Fire Suppression System Company
04/04/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Provides an Update on Progress and Second Quarter Plans
03/31/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Confirms its Investment Project and Manufacturing Facilities for ILUS EV Technologies in Čačak, Serbia
03/22/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Confirms Plans for Its Renewables Subsidiary and Replay Solutions
03/15/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International Inc (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Confirms the Appointment of Its Official Auditors
03/09/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Confirms Middle Eastern Market Plans in Response to Increased Demand and Opening of Saudi Arabian Office, in Addition to Recently Opened Dubai Office
03/07/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Confirms That It Will Exhibit Its Technologies at the World’s Largest Fire and Rescue Convention, FDIC International in Indianapolis, From the 25th to 30th of April 2022
03/01/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), to Present at the Emerging Growth Conference on 2 March 2022
03/01/22 CEO Presenting on the Emerging Growth Conference on March 2 Register Now
02/28/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Provides Update In Light of the Conflict in Ukraine and Escalating Global Threat
02/22/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Provides an Update Following Its 2022 First Quarter Board Meeting
03:00 PM OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Acquisition, Vira Drones, Confirms Pre-Order Discussions for One Hundred Vira M500 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
02/15/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc)  Announces the Acquisition of Its First US Firefighting Equipment Distributor, Georgia Fire and Rescue Supply, LLC.
02/15/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Secures$15 Million in Funding From Three Funders
02/14/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Provides a Share Structure Update
02/11/22 OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Announces Its 2022 Revenue Expectations and Plan for Current Acquisitions and Business Divisions

ILUS International Inc., a mergers and acquisitions company, focuses on acquiring and developing technology and manufacturing businesses worldwide. It primarily focuses on emergency services, and life safety and related technologies, such as emergency response vehicles, electric utility vehicles, specialist vehicle conversions, disruptive firefighting equipment, wearable technology, and related software solutions. The company was formerly known as Ilustrato Pictures International Inc. and changed its name to ILUS International Inc. in January 2021. ILUS International Inc. was founded in 2021 and is based in New York, New York.

ILUS Chatroom

User Image Bauer75 Posted - 1 minute ago

$ILUS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZdJjbCBXWc

User Image Sir_Plus_CONtent Posted - 20 minutes ago

$ILUS where is $ILUS in the the mist of all these food warehouses burning to the ground. If conventional sprinkler systems are not working to contain such fires can firebug tech be integrated into the sprinkler systems? Or is all this a big sham. There has not been this many food warehouse plants burning down in the history of operations. This should be a business opportunity for $ILUS in my opinion. 🤷

User Image OptiMysticEnergy Posted - 1 hour ago

$ILUS 11 cents feels like a solid base here

User Image 1Gators Posted - 1 hour ago


User Image ExShire Posted - 1 hour ago

$ILUS The Audit is going to make a huge impact in the direction of ILUS over the next few months

User Image ExShire Posted - 3 hours ago

$ILUS Waiting on the next update...

User Image Bigman2020 Posted - 6 hours ago

$ILUS still extremely low volume - something is going on behind the scenes here for sure. Low share price combined with low volume could be a great recipe for restructuring shares. Also with nobody really selling anymore, all it would take for this to shoot up 40% in a day would be volume of about 20 million shares

User Image OnTheLam Posted - 7 hours ago

$ILUS Bears are starting to feel like Luke

User Image 1Gators Posted - 7 hours ago

$ILUS here nice Tweet

User Image JohnnK Posted - 7 hours ago

$ILUS bought more shares today as I said I would do yesterday. Thin trade not many sellers. My entire order is not filled yet, so where are the tones and tones of shares at these prices? I put the order in at the ask only 27.k k shares filled, where are the share??? Hmmmm

User Image Gogoasa88 Posted - 7 hours ago

$ILUS update the OS weekly!!!

User Image Bigman2020 Posted - 7 hours ago

$ILUS my personal indicators suggest this is gonna explode higher soon and bust through walls faster than the Hulk

User Image DDBuffett Posted - 8 hours ago


User Image HawkkDZ Posted - 9 hours ago

$ILUS adds Shareholder value by acquiring businesses around the world and $THRY.X empowers Inventor entrepreneurs and institutions to make informed investments.

User Image 1Gators Posted - 9 hours ago


User Image ridethewaves3 Posted - 9 hours ago

$ILUS price today?

User Image MyGod88 Posted - 10 hours ago

$ILUS …God help us🙄🙏🏽

User Image insiderfinancial Posted - 10 hours ago

Video covers important lessons also for $HMBL $KYNC $ALPP $ILUS shareholders!! https://insiderfinancial.com/lessons-from-aapt-icoa-mjwl/183207/

User Image GZK Posted - 11 hours ago

$ILUS still no announcement on the shares reduction?

User Image Jesse1011 Posted - 15 hours ago

$ILUS 🚀🚀🚀🚀

User Image Jesse1011 Posted - 15 hours ago

$ILUS buyin another 35000 shares tomorrow to put me at 200k

User Image ETRADER94 Posted - 16 hours ago

$ILUS are we in some kind of “quiet period”

User Image insiderfinancial Posted - 16 hours ago

A lot of lessons in this video that can also be applied to $HMBL $ILUS $ALPP $KYNC https://insiderfinancial.com/lessons-from-aapt-icoa-mjwl/183207/

User Image 1Gators Posted - 16 hours ago


User Image MasterJedi22 Posted - 18 hours ago

$ILUS ILUS reported today Q1 2022 revenue of $3,013,522 representing a 482% increase over its revenue in Q1 2021. The company also reported a 73% increase in its balance sheet for the same period to $34,381,723, its highest reported balance sheet to date.

User Image PurplePenguin Posted - 18 hours ago

$ILUS If anyone wants to take the time to report ILUS to the SEC for their DRCR asset, it might be worthwhile. About a year ago, ILUS paid DRCR a total of $164,500 for 10M shares and had the $11,833,500 unrealized gain listed in their assets for a total of $12M, as DRCR's price was around $1.20 at that time. ILUS doesn't appear to be reducing that asset even as DRCR's price goes lower and lower. DRCR is down to $0.16. Nick and JP, it would be a good time to ask Caren to publish a revision to your financials before you go down for fraud charges. Right now, anyone who relies on the published value of assets is being duped and would have a case against you. The longer you let it sit, the more chance there is you'll land in hot water.

User Image PurplePenguin Posted - 19 hours ago

$ILUS Is it my imagination...or did ILUS not account for the reduction in price of their 10M shares of DRCR??

User Image shadesandtrades Posted - 19 hours ago

$ILUS CAN ILUS HOLD 10 CENTS? https://youtu.be/5NaGffAkY28

User Image kennypowers1122 Posted - 19 hours ago

$APSI well we will find out about that 33 mil share cancellation to the OS by Wednesday! Not many OTC shells are fully audited and SEC reporting like we have here.. then add in it will potentially only have 17 million Outstanding Shares😬😬😬😬 Bring on the merger! $SYSX $ILUS $NUGN $AWSI

User Image Bigman2020 Posted - 19 hours ago

$ILUS I like what I’m seeing. This subsidiary uplist isn’t some kind of smokescreen. If they are able to pull this off it would be spectacular. I have never seen an otc company uplist a subsidiary onto Nasdaq or nyse.