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Market Cap 7.76B P/E 9.48 EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income 5.08B Forward P/E - EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg 30.00%
Sales 19.7B PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg 19.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 0.27 EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -37.00%
Recommedations - Quick Ratio 1.02 Shares Outstanding 27.10B 52W Low Chg 2,745.00%
Insider Own 23.58% ROA 3.56% Shares Float 21.08B Beta 2.49
Inst Own 5.57% ROE 17.84% Shares Shorted/Prior -/- Price 0.28
Gross Margin 37.30% Profit Margin 25.81% Avg. Volume 25,036 Target Price -
Oper. Margin 20.89% Earnings Date - Volume 61,260 Change -4.40%

GCL Technology Holdings Limited manufactures and sells polysilicon and wafers products in the People's Republic of China and internationally. It operates through three segments: Solar Material Business, Solar Farm Business, and New Energy Business. The Solar Material Business segment primarily manufactures and sells polysilicon and wafer products to companies operating in the solar industry. The Solar Farm Business segment operates and manages 18 MW solar farms located in the United States and 150 MW solar farms situated in South Africa; and 5 solar farms in the People's Republic of China. The New Energy Business segment develops, constructs, operates, and manages solar farms. The company was formerly known as GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited and changed its name to GCL Technology Holdings Limited in April 2022. GCL Technology Holdings Limited was incorporated in 2006 and is based in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

GCPEF Chatroom

User Image macroaxis Posted - 1 week ago

$GCPEF - Gcl Technology Hldgs is way too risky over 90… https://www.macroaxis.com/stock-analysis/GCPEF/Gcl-Technology-Hldgs #insidertrading #stocks #fintechnews

User Image Xerces2 Posted - 1 week ago

$GCPEF is this 800% for real or a glitch on here?

User Image TwentyonTwenty Posted - 1 week ago

Top 5 gainers today that have trended in the past 24 hours: $GCPEF 807.14% $HDSN 26.89% $UVXY 26.32% $VIX 22.74% $ICPT 21.00% https://twentyontwenty.com/dashboard

User Image dazschulze Posted - 1 week ago

$XELA Well there's always $GCPEF as inspiration. 😂

User Image smittenstate Posted - 1 week ago


User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 1 week ago

$GCPEF Was there really an after hours trade? I don't see it. Or is this just piggy backing off the Hong Kong exchange?

User Image dividendinvestorbyeagle Posted - 1 month ago

$GCPEF close decreased > 10% (GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd.) https://www.dividendinvestor.com/dividend-news/?symbol=gcpef

User Image dividendinvestorbyeagle Posted - 03/31/22

$GCPEF close decreased > 10% (GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd.) https://www.dividendinvestor.com/dividend-news/?symbol=gcpef

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 03/30/22

$GCPEF Apparently there was an investor call yesterday or day before. Hong Kong SP is way up / .37$US equivalent. The OTC is all screwed up; no activity. I believe most brokers have frozen trading again. Not sure why. They are forcing to hold LT. If I could, I'd buy. I'll try again later. Maybe call Fidelity this time. Schwab is usually clueless about this.

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 03/30/22

$GCPEF Schwab is canceling my orders on me. Annoyed too cause mine was @ .27; and an order was filled below that. This has happened before. Probably has something to do with why Fidelity won't take the order. Maybe Schwab's system lets me place when they really don't want me to. I re-placed the order for the hell of it.

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 03/29/22

$GCPEF If you're seeing this and not watching this ticker, please NOTE: This company supplies the materials to solar manufacturers. Solar is booming, this will go up right along side of it.

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 03/29/22

$GCPEF Yahoo Finance has had this with a target price of $0.52 like forever. And I think that is very realistic; low even. I've seen targets over $1. But the company never releases any news. The ITC is back to trading 4-5 cents below the HK exchange (adjusted for FX). For a few weeks it seemed to start matching again. I tried placing an order in my Fidelity IRA. But they are not allowing me to purchase for the same BS reason Schwab was not earlier. Even though Schwab is now allowing. But don't have enough cash in Schwab.

User Image dividendinvestorbyeagle Posted - 2 months ago

$GCPEF close increased > 10% (GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd.) https://www.dividendinvestor.com/dividend-news/?symbol=gcpef

User Image macroaxis Posted - 2 months ago

$GCPEF - Gcl-Poly Energy Hld is way too risky over 90… https://www.macroaxis.com/stock-analysis/GCPEF/Gcl-Poly-Energy-Hld #insidertrading #stocks #fintechnews

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 02/23/22

$GCPEF Share price of this on the Hong Kong exchange (3800.HK) is $0.38. It has been steadily rising over last week. Some clueless idiot keeps selling on the OTC at $0.27. Whoever it is, stop throwing away 28% of your money. You're tanking the ticker and making my portfolio look worse than it is. This is my 2nd largest holding. I wouldn't complain, but I have no funds to buy more myself. I'd buy small amounts, but my broker charges high fees on this one; makes small purchases not economical.

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 3 months ago

$GCPEF Schwab is once again allowing purchases! Nothing has changed with reporting since when they did not allow. Stock is steadily rising on HK exchange fow a few days. Now above .33 in equivalent $US. Not sure why it has been going down earlier. The company does not make many press releases.

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 01/27/22

$GCPEF Called Schwab yesterday. Said they are not allowing purchases because company is deficient on reporting. BS really, they are not a US listed company and are current on their home exchange. Other U.S. brokers allow purchases. Schwab admitted they take a more conservative approach. I would buy more if I could; it trades way lower on the OTC than it should.

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 01/20/22

$GCPEF Anyone know why this hasn't had a bounce from China's rate cut announcement? Most all my Asian stocks have been up these last 2 miserable market days. But not this one. It holds lots of debt and would benefit more than most. And I realize the OTC symbol is not the real price. I'm talking about 3800.HK

User Image duurrrr Posted - 01/20/22

$GCPEF I have no idea how it dropped to 0.25. I have a buy order (gtc) at 0.26 and 0.27

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 01/19/22

$GCPEF Whoever is selling this @ below $30, you are throwing away money! This trades at a 2 week low of $33 on Hong Kong exchange (after FX rate). Call in the order and tell them to sell on the HK exchange instead.

User Image macroaxis Posted - 4 months ago

$GCPEF - Overlap Analysis Alert: Gcl-Poly Energy Parabolic SAR Extended may suggest… https://www.macroaxis.com/stocks/Overlap-Studies/Parabolic-SAR---Extended/GCPEF

User Image macroaxis Posted - 4 months ago

$GCPEF - Gcl-Poly Energy Hld has some characteristics… https://www.macroaxis.com/stock-analysis/GCPEF/Gcl-Poly-Energy-Hld #insidertrading #stocks #fintechnews

User Image duurrrr Posted - 4 months ago

$GCPEF loaded today. Will hold few years.

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 12/31/21

$GCPEF PSA: Did you know: You can call you broker an have them sell your OTC stock on the Hong Kong exchange. You shouldn't be selling for much less than what it's trading in HK dollars. divide by 7.78. Right now it's about $0.36 U.S. Someone has been selling between.26 & .30. I would keep to myself, but I am done buying. Someone is shorting themselves and depressing the price as well. Check at: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/3800.HK?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9kdWNrZHVja2dvLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAIuPRX0Hu2TsG1p0o1Q7IMa_EHs5DmcKkDZuFmM6nx4st1TFHrOv7J_jNiGCfEDen_csMoSIe06AvU_eSmUa7ArnmkwQw91XmjaeU7y3v1tu87BckYy0-8zl0n4szmZGAgMdxxMCT1mfik38CgivItACl3LsxeTkOt0zykuUbugl

User Image SkinnyMulligan Posted - 12/23/21

$GCPEF Not sure how it's trading at 0.28 today On the OTC. It's 0.32 on the HK market after exchange rate. Who would sell at an instant loss. To anyone who is unaware, you are not restricted to selling OTC shares on the OTC market. You can call your broker and have them sell on the HK market. There will be additional fees, but probably not a 4 cent difference.

User Image SorosSonosSatoshi Posted - 6 months ago

$GCPEF 100.mln aold or what happened

User Image Sheeppeep Posted - 6 months ago

$GCPEF You still can't trade this in the US!!!

User Image ZoRRo58 Posted - 6 months ago

$GCPEF it's time for $GCP!!!! $FSK $GEVO $TSLA

User Image ZoRRo58 Posted - 6 months ago

$GCPEF is in again, I can tread in Austria and now aktuel price is .36€

User Image Germany2020 Posted - 10/29/21

$GCPEF tradable 11-01 in EU 🤷🏼‍♂️ Will check my brocker