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Market Cap 62.66M P/E - EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -11.08M Forward P/E - EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg -22.00%
Sales 9.42M PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg -37.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 1.14 EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -64.00%
Recommedations - Quick Ratio 14.43 Shares Outstanding 199.59M 52W Low Chg 381.00%
Insider Own 10.51% ROA -2.10% Shares Float 178.24M Beta 4.40
Inst Own 2.74% ROE -24.63% Shares Shorted/Prior -/- Price 0.31
Gross Margin 47.39% Profit Margin -121.92% Avg. Volume 404,481 Target Price -
Oper. Margin -18.49% Earnings Date Oct 13 Volume 744,779 Change -1.78%
AVTBF Chatroom

User Image Shrequities Posted - 4 hours ago

$AVTBF $HITI $CGC $TLRY $SNDL Cannabis tendy season is upon us, valuations are bloody meaning deals all around. Great companies will thrive as legalization is around the corner. The sector is about to be a monster.

User Image Shrequities Posted - 4 hours ago

$AVTBF Bottoming soon, shares are incredibly cheap now, easier than ever to accumulate. I’m not f%#*ing leaving!

User Image StonkLover007 Posted - 11 hours ago

$CGC $CURLF $TCNNF $AVTBF Keep a close 👀 on $IONKF as it has a P/S ratio of 0.2 compared to an industry average of 2-5. Youd think they were going out of business, but to the contrary, they are rapidly growing revenues and plan to continue massive growth for the forseeable future

User Image LosinMoneyIsEZ Posted - 14 hours ago

$AVTBF sold out of my entire position. Will buy it all back and more at .24. Got tired of the constant bleed

User Image Kitboga_ Posted - 15 hours ago

$AVTBF straight to $0.20?

User Image StonkLover007 Posted - 1 day ago

$AVTBF Assuming no external or internal news, it looks like the next floor is .26-.29 range, then after that .18-.19. I dont see this going to 10 cents though. $0.26 seems like a realistic floor. Btw im getting this from the stocktwits chart so excuse my inaccuracies

User Image jgilbe98 Posted - 1 day ago

$AVTBF dst.x get in now

User Image errormirror Posted - 1 day ago

$AVTBF anyone knows how their business is doing in Canada?

User Image Shrequities Posted - 1 day ago

$AVTBF Buying these dips, up to 65,000 shares 160,000 wts

User Image Moemazon Posted - 2 days ago

$AVTBF bought this one at .75. Should I sell out at end of year for tax loss or is there any hope of seeing .75 ever again??

User Image StonkLover007 Posted - 2 days ago

$AVTBF Jeremy is down bigly on this

User Image Centigrade Posted - 3 days ago


User Image SirCoolHand Posted - 5 days ago

$AVTBF I’m in

User Image ImpossibleStockNews Posted - 5 days ago

$AVTBF I bought more AVTBF. Stay tuned to the channel and I’ll post a video to explain.

User Image StonkLover007 Posted - 6 days ago

$IONKF Speculation: when a similar type of company, $AVTBF became known by the youtube financial community, the price/share rose from around $.10 to $.80 in a very short amount of time (about 5 weeks.). Currently Avant brands is valued around $70m, however, they posted 3.1m in revenue for the most recent quarter. Ionic brands is growing revenue at a rapid rate, possibly about to post $10-11m in revenue for Q3 alone. If Ionic the price-to-sales of Avant, Ionic's market cap would be $210m+, and as everyone knows, the valuation currently stands under $9m. I'm not saying thats what youtube noteriety would do that for us, but it definitely shows the potential. I could definitely see a quick 10x

User Image StonkLover007 Posted - 1 week ago

$IONKF is pretty much $AVTBF pre-youtube fame.

User Image momobull Posted - 1 week ago

$AVTBF $PLNHF $CRSR $TTCF told you my buddies weren’t lying. Now crying a river on YouTube.

User Image StonkLover007 Posted - 1 week ago

$PLNHF $IONKF $HITI $AVTBF all 50x or more companies in 10 years if the US federlly legalizes

User Image ALF69 Posted - 1 week ago

$AVTBF At the end of the day if some popular YouTubers didn't hype this stock up months ago it would be trading around .20 cents or less. That being said I do agree the company does have strong fundamentals which are rare for penny stocks but As far as growth is concerned I am not yet seeing any reliable trends that warrant the current multiple. I am assuming investors are pricing in the new international customer which will likely boost revenues 20-30% but I don't see anything beyond that. I am bullish in the very long term but in the short term, I think a better buying opportunity will present itself.

User Image ImpossibleStockNews Posted - 1 week ago

$AVTBF New video from today on AVTBF: https://youtu.be/IzaeuPrFBf0

User Image Centigrade Posted - 1 week ago

$AVTBF It's about time to go green now. Getting a bit on the ridiculous side of things.

User Image StonkLover007 Posted - 1 week ago

P/S ratios of cannabis companies: (less = better) pt.2 $IONKF - 0.3 $CGC - 10.86 $ACB - 6.04 $CURLF - 7.4 $AVTBF - 8.5

User Image Kitboga_ Posted - 1 week ago

$CRSR Jeremy is done. Every single stock that he picked is wrong. $CRSR $TTCF $WBA $VYGVF $AVTBF ~~

User Image Newsfilter Posted - 1 week ago

OTC Markets Group Announces Quarterly Index Performance and Rebalancing $AAWH $ACLHF $ADBRF $ATBYF $AVTBF https://newsfilter.io/a/7197372564257669b9b0f19b14529d50

User Image Centigrade Posted - 1 week ago

$AVTBF Big money is trying hard to bankrupt Jeremy. Holding long. Biden will have to legalize just to try and save face at this point.

User Image momobull Posted - 1 week ago

$VGFC welcome to the big boy league, now the hedgies can short this self proclaimed not just “good” but “very good” food company. $CRSR $TTCF $VYGVF $AVTBF amazing day in the short Jeremy portfolio

User Image Eldjenso Posted - 1 week ago

$AVTBF Still at the same levels as in July. Still up loads on the year. Compare it to Tilray, CGC, ACB etc. I for one think that now that 3PL is up & running we will see the growth we have been waiting for. Not breaking to new lows on report (yet). Still a bull and looking forward to upcoming ERs and news.

User Image StonkLover007 Posted - 1 week ago

$IONKF Avant was a $20m USD market cap prior to it's fame. Ionic is currently half that. So if the same buying pressure applied to Avant was applied to Ionic, a 10x in within 1 month is absolutely realistic. This is why we need to spread the word. Millionaires will be made from this stock. $AVTBF $PLNHF $HITI $CURLF

User Image momobull Posted - 1 week ago

$crsr $plnhf $TTCF $AVTBF $VYGVF was thinking to do a short cathi wood portfolio too at her peak insanity but she has better picks than Jeremy and quite honestly, her followers are more savvy than the Youtube ones.

User Image momobull Posted - 1 week ago

$crsr $ttcf $avtbf $plnhf $vryyf not going to lie, crsr was the one i was worried about most. Not anymore. My short Jeremy portfolio is just kicking ass.