Market Cap 432.30M P/E - EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -14.43M Forward P/E - EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg -12.00%
Sales 33.29M PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg -33.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 9.34 EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -72.00%
Recommedations - Quick Ratio 2.96 Shares Outstanding 139.18M 52W Low Chg 7,812.00%
Insider Own 3.08% ROA -8.36% Shares Float 135.62M Beta 11.63
Inst Own 0.00% ROE -79.50% Shares Shorted/Prior -/- Price 2.69
Gross Margin 13.09% Profit Margin -43.35% Avg. Volume 585,050 Target Price -
Oper. Margin -24.94% Earnings Date Jul 6 Volume 279,079 Change -3.24%
07/19/21 Alpine 4 Holdings Expects to Report Q2 2021 Revenue Growth of 54% over Q2 2020
07/16/21 Alpine 4's, Vayu Aerospace Corporation, Demonstrated its G1 and US-1 Airframes to Several US Based Energy and Mining Customers
07/15/21 Alpine 4 Announces its New President for Vayu Aerospace Corporation
07/06/21 Alpine 4's Subsidiary, Alternative Laboratories, LLC Secures a New $2.0 Million Order Kicking Off Q3 2021
06/30/21 Alpine 4 (ALPP) Announces the Merger of Impossible Aerospace Corporation and VAYU (US), Inc.
06/09/21 Alpine 4's Subsidiary, Thermal Dynamics International, Inc. Secures $14.6 million in Backlog
06/07/21 Alpine 4 Holdings' (ALPP) Subsidiary, Morris Sheet Metal, Awarded $2.3M in New Projects Bringing Backlog Production Work to $9.8M
08:00 AM Alpine 4's (ALPP) Subsidiary, Alternative Labs, Adds $2M in New Production Work for June and July Totaling $5.8M in Backlog
06/02/21 Alpine 4 Holdings' (ALPP) Subsidiary, Morris Sheet Metal, Awarded $1.7M in New Building Projects with their Healthcare Clientele
05/25/21 Sharing Services Global Corporation (SHRG) Congratulates Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc., on its latest Acquisition of Alternative Labs, LLC
05/19/21 Alpine 4 Holdings (ALPP) and Shareholders File Securities Fraud Complaint Against Fin Capital and Grizzly Research
05/17/21 Alpine 4 Holdings (ALPP) Issues CEO Q1 Letter to Shareholders
05/10/21 Alpine 4 Holdings (ALPP) Enters the Nutraceutical and CBD Manufacturing Industry with its Latest Acquisition of Alternative Labs, LLC
04/28/21 Alpine 4 Holdings (ALPP) Announces its Acquisition of Thermal Dynamics International, Inc. that will Reside in the A4 Defense Systems, Inc. Holdings Portfolio
04/15/21 Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. (ALPP) Reports $33.5 Million in Revenue For 2020 and 19% Growth Over 2019 and Expects to Report Shareholder Equity Growth of $40 Million in Q1 2021
04/01/21 Alpine 4 Holdings' (ALPP) Subsidiary, Excel Fabrication Awarded $1.3M in New Contracts in March to Close Out Q1
03/29/21 Alpine 4 Holdings' (ALPP) Subsidiary, Quality Circuit Assembly Estimates Record Revenue for Q1 2021 and $2M in Booked Business for April 2021
03/18/21 Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. Subsidiary, VAYU (US), Inc. Welcomes Recently Retired U.S Airforce C-sUAS/sUAS Director of Programs/Nuclear Convoy, Technical Sergeant Nathan Grier, to the Team
03/08/21 Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. (ALPP) Announces the Merger of Deluxe Sheet Metal, Inc. and Morris Sheet Metal Corporation to Become One of the Largest Sheet Metal Contractors in Midwest/North Central U.S.

Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. a technology holding company, provides electronic contract manufacturing solutions in the United States. The company also offers automotive technologies, including 6th Sense Auto, a connected car technology that provides various advantages to management, sales, finance, and service departments in the automotive dealership industry to enhance productivity, profitability, and customer retention; and BrakeActive, a safety device that enhances vehicle's third brake light's ability to reduce or prevent a rear end collision. In addition, it provides fabricated metal parts, assemblies, and sub-assemblies to original equipment manufacturers; and designs, fabricates, and installs dust collectors, commercial ductwork, kitchen hoods, industrial ventilation systems, machine guards, architectural work, water furnaces, and others, as well as specialized spiral duct work. The company was formerly known as Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd. and changed its name to Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. in March 2021. Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

ALPP Chatroom

User Image GeoArafin Posted - 16 minutes ago

$ALPP Simple thinking.. PPS is bound follow the money!!! Q2 is near...👍 Alpine 4 Holdings Expects to Report Q2 2021 Revenue Growth of 54% over Q2 2020 $ALPP Alternative Labs, an Alpine 4 subsidiary, is poised for their best Quarter in 2 years! They continue to work through their backlog and grow revenue through the acquisition of new customers. Congratulations to the entire Alternative Labs team!AMERICAN MANUFACTURING💪🏻🇺🇸

User Image RP1_LOx Posted - 37 minutes ago

$ALPP I either just convinced my Lyft driver to purchase A4 or,.....he has called the police and they are on their way here now. I guess we'll see.

User Image lollipop990 Posted - 43 minutes ago

$ALPP when you thought you blocked them all (🐻) but then they keep popping out you know they’re either newbies with no brain or fake bulls🤙

User Image dandok Posted - 1 hour ago

$ALPP bears out at full attack with the usuall bashing and a ton of fake users, as we advance toward a great expected earning for q2 you should see those attacks increasing due to the fact that this earning signal a game-over for them on a count of grea fundomentals.

User Image GeoArafin Posted - 1 hour ago

$ALPP Good morning everyone, Kent keeps pouring money 💵 in all the right places.. First at Alt Labs and the results are obvious..💰💰💰 Now at VAYU aerospace.. Additionally, Q2 2021 brought increased spending on R&D for A4 Aerospace, Inc. and will continue for the near future as we build out our G1, G2, and US-1 airframes and avionics platforms. This continued investment into R&D is driven by our anticipation of sales beginning in Q3 and Q4. I look forward to discussing Q2 further in August after we release our next 10Q."

User Image ryp Posted - 2 hours ago

$ALPP bought another 10 yesterday just because they're still cheap, but boy I had to wait almost an hour to have the order filled. An hour for 10 shares??

User Image 2ndSquad Posted - 2 hours ago

$ALPP before I go to bed after a long day of studying, I wanted to wish all of my ALPP family a good night and a good day tomorrow. do not worry about the price action, follow the fundamentals anddddd

User Image Angelodaniel3882 Posted - 3 hours ago

$ALPP check out $LUNA.X. Absolute beast😊

User Image Unavailable_Investments Posted - 4 hours ago

$ALPP Why does every bear have a brand new account 😭🤣

User Image rm2trading Posted - 5 hours ago

$ALPP The problem with this stock at this time is supply is greater than demand, this is why the price keeps falling. Also, investors who bought over 4.00 are pissed and losing money some even bought at 6,7 and 8 some will sell on any up moves. to claw some money back. It's ok for the ones who bought at 0.20 they are still up over 1000% so they got room to hold, but if it keeps going down will they be under pressure to sell and will start taking profits.? If I had a stock with over 1000% return I would be taking some off the table. It would take close to 100 years to make that on an index tracker.

User Image Fried_Joe Posted - 5 hours ago


User Image Raiders0724 Posted - 5 hours ago

$ALPP go to $RCAT bigg truss

User Image DJALPP Posted - 5 hours ago

Picked up some $GOED today today to add to my already huge stuffed suitcase of $ALPP Would not be surprised at the end of the year to see both stocks well into the double digits! Extremely undervalued stocks! $ALPP upcoming catalysts: Acquisitions, uplisting to Nasdaq, net profitability, smashing revenue targets, sexy Vayu Aerospace contracts $GOED crushing revenues and profitability, vertical integration/supply chain, possible name change, future acquisitions, dedication from leadership to become #1 online appliance retailer and proof in the pudding with recent acquisition of Appliance connection (which I ironically purchased all my appliances from 5-6 years ago!)

User Image SiddStock Posted - 6 hours ago

$ALPP If you wanna gamble, there are smaller cap stocks, crypto, NFTs, optionable stocks. Not saying if you wanna make a quick buck that I don't want you here, I have no authority to say that and it would be a stupid thing to say, but posts about "NASDAQ today??? :eyes::eyes:" do get annoying to read. N and earnings will happen when they happen. Not worried :D

User Image jackdaniels2024 Posted - 7 hours ago

$ALPP Opportunity costs calls. . . . good luck to all of you.

User Image Justjane Posted - 8 hours ago

$ALPP see attached- the short volume for day. Its going down. Are they realizing their attempts to make us sell are futile?

User Image N96WKR Posted - 8 hours ago

$ALPP @TheBullishFella Yeh delete your post you silly cunt, fuck out of here

User Image FJ2021 Posted - 8 hours ago

$ALPP Great progress and growth, A safe & secure investment 👍

User Image NStar12 Posted - 8 hours ago

$ALPP too many idiots creating fear for no reason with this

User Image FartMcgee Posted - 8 hours ago

$ALPP all this does is bleed

User Image BigAtze Posted - 8 hours ago

$ALPP im still here. Had to sell a few for account reasons. But 160k+ strong. No worries! Hold and load

User Image BestoTrading Posted - 8 hours ago

$ALPP Going down on ALPP with UltraAlgo.

User Image Mrmcknighty Posted - 8 hours ago

$ALPP institutional investors normally steer clear of OTC. Not Alpine!!!! They know and trust in Kent. Knowing they’ve invested their cash in the right place. How much for their shares……..? True investors know that answer!

User Image HotHamNcheez Posted - 9 hours ago

$ALPP Everybodys got this broken feeling, me & you tho we just keep buying. That’s how it goes.

User Image Halagahu Posted - 9 hours ago

$ALPP This stock is NEVER going to uplist

User Image wafc1 Posted - 9 hours ago

$ALPP buy great stocks such as HCMC OR SEN instead!

User Image jackdaniels2024 Posted - 9 hours ago

$ALPP based on my limited understanding, it isn’t just bears or shorters that drive down a stock‘s price. it’s mainly lack of demand for common shares. The price goes down till ppl are ready to buy at a price they feel it is worth. from what I’m still learning about the otc and penny stocks is that the lower the price, the more room for borrowing and day trading. it seems it’s really just lack of demand for shares of ownership in this company, hence the low volume

User Image ChefCarlutz Posted - 9 hours ago

$ALPP Q2 results will shut all of these bears up.

User Image Bidster Posted - 9 hours ago

$ALPP I’m looking out for big buys coming in before the Nasdaq up listing is announced. Due to Donahoe’s friends getting the heads up just before😅

User Image Jumboflan Posted - 9 hours ago

$ALPP tomorrow will be 5 weeks with Donohoe on board. So we’ll be surpassing the Nasdaq 5 week estimate, even with an advisor specifically brought on for this, on top of the 5.5 months prior to that without one. What the fuck.