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Market Cap 393.96M P/E - EPS this Y - Ern Qtrly Grth -
Income -30.76M Forward P/E - EPS next Y - 50D Avg Chg -35.00%
Sales 889k PEG - EPS past 5Y - 200D Avg Chg -57.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 2.36 EPS next 5Y - 52W High Chg -88.00%
Recommedations - Quick Ratio 1.04 Shares Outstanding 4.40B 52W Low Chg 7.00%
Insider Own 9.74% ROA -17.57% Shares Float 2.41B Beta -22.26
Inst Own 29.04% ROE -41.42% Shares Shorted/Prior -/- Price 0.09
Gross Margin 100.00% Profit Margin - Avg. Volume 4,805,124 Target Price -
Oper. Margin -3,389.09% Earnings Date - Volume 3,451,702 Change -4.21%
12:20 AM Relief Therapeutics' Wholly Owned Subsidiary, APR Applied Pharma Research, Reports Positive Interim Data from Its Clinical Trial of Novel Nasal Spray Sentinox in SARS-CoV-2 Infected Patients
10/20/21 Relief Therapeutics Reports Two Publications of Positive Data on Nexodyn(R) AOS for Hard-to-Heal Ulcers
10/15/21 Relief Reports U.S. Collaboration Partner Announces Journal of Infectious Diseases and Treatment Publishes Positive Aviptadil Data in High Comorbidity Critical COVID-19 Patients w/ Respiratory Failure
10/13/21 Relief Reports that its U.S. Collaboration Partner has Announced Progress on Worldwide Commercial Scale Development of ZYESAMI(TM) (aviptadil)
10/07/21 Acer Therapeutics Receives Notice of Allowance of Key U.S. Patent Application Covering ACER-001 Formulation
10/06/21 Relief Therapeutics Announces Filing of Lawsuit Against its U.S. Collaboration Partner, NeuroRx, Inc. and its CEO, Dr. Jonathan Javitt, for RLF-100(TM) (Aviptadil)
10/06/21 Acer Therapeutics and Relief Therapeutics Announce FDA Acceptance for Filing of New Drug Application for ACER-001 to Treat Urea Cycle Disorders
09/30/21 Relief Reports that U.S. Collaboration Partner Announced Second Favorable Safety Report for ZYESAMI(TM) (RLF-100TM/aviptadil) in NIH Sponsored ACTIV-3b Critical Care Study in Life-Threatening COVID-19
09/30/21 Relief's Subsidiary, APR Applied Pharma Research, Reports Data Published in Journal of Wound Care, Indicating Nexodyn(R) AOS Highly Effective Treatment to Support Healing of Hard-to-Heal Leg Ulcers
09/28/21 Relief Reports that its U.S. Collaboration Partner has Announced Improved Survival at One Year in Highly Comorbid COVID-19 Patients Treated with ZYESAMITM (RLF-100TM/aviptadil)
09/24/21 Relief Reports Half-Year 2021 Results and Provides Corporate Update
09/21/21 Relief's Wholly Owned Subsidiary, APR Applied Pharma Research, Reports Data Published in Peer Reviewed Journal, Nutrients, Indicating Additional Potential Benefits of Its Physiomimic(TM) Technology
09/13/21 Relief Therapeutics Provides Update on Regulatory Interactions in the United Kingdom and European Union Relating to Lead Drug Candidate, RLF-100 (Aviptadil)
09/09/21 Relief Therapeutics' Wholly Owned Subsidiary, APR Applied Pharma Research, Launches PKU GOLIKE(R) KRUNCH in Germany and Italy
09/08/21 Relief Therapeutics to Participate in the H.C. Wainwright 23rd Annual Global Investment Conference
09/07/21 Relief Therapeutics Comments on Certain Statements Made by NRx Pharmaceuticals in its Registration Statement on Form S-1 Filed on September 3, 2021
09/02/21 Relief Reports Regulatory Clearance in Germany to Commence a Multicenter, Double-blind, Randomized Phase 2 Clinical Trial to Evaluate Inhaled Aviptadil for the Treatment of Sarcoidosis
08/31/21 Relief Reports that U.S. Collaboration Partner has Announced a New Finding from Aviptadil Phase 2b/3 Trial Demonstrating Clinically Significant Relief from Respiratory Distress in Critical COVID-19
08/19/21 Relief Reports that its U.S. Collaboration Partner has Announced a Positive Safety Report for ZYESAMI(TM) (aviptadil) in NIH Sponsored ACTIV-3 Study in Patients with Life-Threatening COVID-19

Relief Therapeutics Holding AG, a biopharmaceutical company, provides patients with therapeutic relief from serious diseases with high unmet medical need. The company focuses on clinical-stage programs based on molecules of natural origin (peptides and proteins) with a history of clinical use and either initial human activity with efficacy data or a strong scientific rationale. Its lead compound is RLF-100 (aviptadil), a synthetic human vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) with a multifaceted mode of action in respiratory indications is being investigated in two U.S. Phase 2b/3 clinical trials in acute respiratory deficiency due to COVID-19, as well as in Phase 2 clinical trial for the treatment of pulmonary sarcoidosis. The company is also involved in clinical development of RLF-100 for other indications in acute and chronic lung diseases. Relief Therapeutics Holding AG is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

RLFTF Chatroom

User Image SIXswiss Posted - 30 minutes ago

$RLFTF how's that for a To the Moon rocket !

User Image Prospecteur Posted - 1 hour ago

$RLFTF OCGN shareholders relaxed while waiting for EUA they went from 0.24 cents to 15 dollars a moment while RLFTF shareholders waited for EUA on their nerves the sp went from 0.63 cents to 0.0888 cents with the gun on the head concerning the patent and a court of law between the 2 partners

User Image DonnieK Posted - 1 hour ago


User Image DonnieK Posted - 1 hour ago

$RLFTF @pennywise911 Hey Penny any luck getting those valid questions I posted answered? let me guess, no @nrxp and @Jonathan_Javitt refuses to answer them huh

User Image pennywise911 Posted - 2 hours ago

$NRXP wow ,this man is your leader?? Jacob,attacking $rlftf boards all day, i had no clue till coaltion members pointed it out. listen. Javiit Jr, u are starting to get in over your head just like your idol. the more u talk the more credible u become. last night u were a doctor /patent expert and today u wanna be a comedian..too bad we all left YB.u seriously think $rlftf broke the CA over this?u are the same guy who predicted NDA after your hero spoke?? a party like to an exeutory contract cant just walk away. the contract must be preformed or nrx will be subject to monetary damages.. $ rlftf is allowed to explore other projects just like nrx has.. nrx was hired to do a job that thet agreed to do.. dont start with this BS .. the end is near and u wanna start swinging again?? i made your master drop A PR yeaterday . trust me id just stop if i were u..

User Image Goldbrock Posted - 2 hours ago

$RLFTF to all newbies here, be careful there are no longs here, only bag holder bulltards that like to high five each other for losing money trying to pump so they can bail out!!!

User Image Predictable1973 Posted - 3 hours ago

$RLFTF Has GEM sold a single share?? NO!!! Has any other big institutions sold a single share?? NO!! Did Fauci mention Zyesami on national TV?? YES!!! Was AVIPTADIL mentioned on the Infectious and Disease peer reviewed journal?? YES!! Is AVIPTADIL the only therapeutic for severe and critical?? YES!! Was EUA application submitted?? YES!!! So guess what?? I'M NOT SELLING A SINGLE SHARE!!!!!! Have your fun now loser shorts, us true longs will get the last laugh!!!!! HOLD THE LINE!!!! GLTA!!!

User Image Goldbrock Posted - 3 hours ago

$IFRX $SPY i told you to sell $ESGC and $RLFTF and buy inflarx!!!! to the moonn

User Image DonnieK Posted - 3 hours ago

$RLFTF So Now... PER THIS ARTICLE... NRX is applying for EUA in EUROPE!!! While Ram and Jack screw over shareholders NRX just wipes its feet on the CA... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fool.com/amp/investing/2021/10/27/1-small-cap-stock-with-10x-potential/ Motley Fool would have had to verify such a claim, or been directly told such a claim prior to publishing something with THAT MUCH POTENTIAL MEANING, NO??

User Image CatchTheCleanUpSet Posted - 4 hours ago

$NRXP $RLFTF I still want to know what the hell happened to the Aviptadil IV commercialization in India by Zuventus which they planned for in August. And the EUA application by Biophore in India for Aviptadil inhaled that had the PR on 6/12/21. They just dropped off the planet. I’ve emailed a few times including last week with no reply so far.

User Image Prospecteur Posted - 4 hours ago

$RLFTF how could they predict the 10 dollar sp almost a year in advance without handling it hahahaha December 14, 2020 News - Press releases BIG ROCK PARTNERS ACQUISITION CORP. ANNOUNCES MERGER WITH NEURORX, INC. Under the terms of the transaction, Big Rock will issue to current NeuroRx shareholders a total of 50 million Big Rock common shares for their interest in NeuroRx, representing $ 500 million in capital consideration own, assuming a value of $ 10.00 per common share.

User Image KingJake319 Posted - 5 hours ago

$RLFTF What's up with this now?

User Image Prospecteur Posted - 5 hours ago

$RLFTF HAHA FOLLOWING THE SCAM BETWEEN GEM, NRXP AND RLFTF However, according to the under the SSF, future subscription prices under the SSF will be 90% of the average closing bid price on SIX Swiss Exchange during the reference period concerned, which corresponds to 15 following trading days the corresponding subscription request from RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA. So Relief makes the request on September 1 .... Then Javitt torpedo SP with its garbage on September 3 ... causing panic and sales ... I wonder who benefits the most if SP drops 15 days after the Subscription to Reliefs request September 1st !!!!

User Image Prospecteur Posted - 5 hours ago

$RLFTF HAHAHA WHAT A SCAM BETWEEN GEM, NRXP and RLFTF DILUTION AGAIN AGAIN BY SSF ***** 312,000,000 Shares STILL AGAIN !!!! No draw was made until September 1, 2021, resulting in a remaining balance of total SSF amount of CHF 50 million. The GEM's buy position was calculated using the closing price of registered shares of RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding AG on the SIX Swiss Exchange on September 1, 2021 (CHF 0.178) and applying the 10% haircut agreed in the SSF (resulting in a share price of CHF 0.1602), by dividing the remaining SSF balance of CHF 50 million through the course of this share of CHF 0.1602.

User Image Goldbrock Posted - 6 hours ago

$RLFTF sell buy ifrx

User Image InoriTrade Posted - 7 hours ago

$RLFTF Waiting for Buy signal on RLFTF with Waiting for Short signal on with https://www.ultraalgo.com/?afmc=RingOfTrades4 https://www.ultraalgo.com/?afmc=RingOfTrades4

User Image DonnieK Posted - 7 hours ago

Jon.... @Jonathan_Javitt SIMPLE QUESTIONS FROM YOUR SHAREHOLDERS.... we appreciate your response #1 How many patients have been treated under the Georgia EUA? #2. Has the FDA communicated directly or indirectly to anyone the reason for the massive delay on EUA decision? (Almost 5 months prompt?) #3. Has the FDA directly or indirectly communicated to anyone the need for trial data BEYOND OUR RCT (such as NIH trial etc) for EUA decision? #4. Has NRX purposely left out data in submission to FDA for ANY reason? (example.. to delay FDA response based on our RCT data alone and allow for NIH data to be used in connection with or as a supplement to, our RCT? ) #5 Did Motley Fool verify with you or NRX their statement that NRX is filing for EUA IN EUROPE?? Simple questions YOUR $NRXP SHAREHOLDERS (the ones you said funded the trial when $RLFTF supposedly backed out) ARE ENTITLED TO KNOW!!

User Image TonyMontana007 Posted - 7 hours ago

$NRXP $RLFTF Seriously hoping for the best from both stocks! Wish the news some of us have been waiting months for comes soon 🚀

User Image TonyMontana007 Posted - 8 hours ago

$NRXP $RLFTF Jesus!!! Did you guys see that 75% drop on $CRTX 😬😬

User Image meowmeowmeowmeow Posted - 8 hours ago

$RLFTF wednesday pre-market close music video weezer - undone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHQqqM5sr7g

User Image Prospecteur Posted - 8 hours ago

$RLFTF RAM and JACK stopped reporting on APR subsidiary, stock market reacts negatively and sp plunges

User Image DonnieK Posted - 9 hours ago


User Image DonnieK Posted - 9 hours ago

$RLFTF People asked where I got the quote that NRX IS PLANNING TO APPLY FOR EUA IN EUROPE..... (NOTICE THAT SAYS NRX NOT RELIEF 🤔) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fool.com/amp/investing/2021/10/27/1-small-cap-stock-with-10x-potential/ $nrxp

User Image sthl129 Posted - 10 hours ago

$RLFTF Come on over to $NRXP if you want real value and you like winning. Stay at Relief if you like losing bigly.

User Image Predictable1973 Posted - 10 hours ago

$RLFTF Share it on all your social media outlets people, don't let up!!!

User Image Predictable1973 Posted - 10 hours ago

$RLFTF Keep that petition going!!!!!

User Image Predictable1973 Posted - 10 hours ago

$RLFTF https://www.change.org/p/zyesami-aviptadil-is-the-only-hope-for-patients-in-the-icu-with-covid-19-it-increases-odds-of-survival-and-recovery-4x-while-blocking-the-cytokine-storm

User Image Prospecteur Posted - 11 hours ago

$RLFTF JACK hides, his sales of DILUTION has the six on the positive announcements of RLFTF

User Image DonnieK Posted - 11 hours ago

$NRXP UM...... NRx Pharmaceuticals is gearing up to submit an application for an EUA for the treatment in Europe. $RLFTF

User Image PerpetuallyDazed Posted - 12 hours ago

$RLFTF https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04909996