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Market Cap 1.64B P/E 15.74 EPS this Y -59.80% Ern Qtrly Grth 1.90%
Income 117.41M Forward P/E 13.29 EPS next Y 67.00% 50D Avg Chg 5.00%
Sales 743.16M PEG 0.57 EPS past 5Y 54.39% 200D Avg Chg 11.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 2.65 EPS next 5Y 22.00% 52W High Chg -18.00%
Recommedations 2.30 Quick Ratio 2.07 Shares Outstanding 48.42M 52W Low Chg 86.00%
Insider Own - ROA 8.69% Shares Float 48.19M Beta 1.24
Inst Own 61.78% ROE 18.05% Shares Shorted/Prior 2.04M/2M Price 34.95
Gross Margin 36.65% Profit Margin 15.80% Avg. Volume 825,719 Target Price 15.80
Oper. Margin 17.93% Earnings Date May 8 Volume 1,180,534 Change -1.49%
About Perion Network Ltd

Perion Network Ltd. provides digital advertising solutions to brands, agencies, and publishers in North America, Europe, and internationally. It offers Wildfire, a content monetization platform; search monetization solutions, including website monetization, search mediation, and app monetization; and cross-channel digital advertising software as a service platform. The company also provides supply management platform; demand management platform for campaign planning and design; analytics platform, which provides information and performance insights; creative platform, a robust media platform; and an AI platform that uses machine learning to bring intelligence to the various phases of campaigns. In addition, it offers an actionable performance monitoring platform to support the various phases of campaign management; an online video player and integrated ad server to upload, manage, and stream video content; content monetization system, which integrates ads within the content layouts at the page level. Further, the company provides a publisher management system that provides analytics and performance optimization tools, as well as reports; search-demand management systems; monetization products that integrate and onboards demand vendors; and AI Systems. Additionally, it offers Intelligent HUB (iHUB), which connects the supply and demand sides of the marketplace; and strategic optimization of relevant traits (SORT), a provisional patent technology that eliminates the need for cookies. The company was formerly known as IncrediMail Ltd. and changed its name to Perion Network Ltd. in November 2011. Perion Network Ltd. was incorporated in 1999 and is headquartered in Holon, Israel.

PERI Chatroom

User Image GoAPEShit Posted - 41 minutes ago

$PERI Looking at 65-70M in Free Cash Flow for 2024 based on updated guidance. Factor in the cash on hand & fair value today should be around 20-22. Revenue will see growth in '24 compared to '23 based on updated guidance. Will have plenty of cash on hand for acquisitions to boost profitability. Don't lose sight of the prize. Microsoft f'd us and others but don't forget we still have a successful business after that bandaid got ripped off. Average down or buy in. This is where money is made. Stay level headed my friends. 🤙🏻

User Image nicknackpattywack Posted - 5 hours ago

$PERI Going to be a while until it goes back to my average of $19.50

User Image BlakeCanyon50 Posted - 6 hours ago

$PERI I’ll nibble now. Dust settled.

User Image jo51 Posted - 6 hours ago

$PERI as someone who bought this in the 8s and 9s and sold my first shares in the high 20s and majority of my shares the day Doran announced he was leaving and my last shares at 30.50, HOLY SHIT, what a fall from grace. sorry longs.

User Image stockandsex Posted - 7 hours ago

$PERI $9.60 buying zone

User Image tradernoob004 Posted - 8 hours ago

$PERI time to move on, this is headed below 10 in May

User Image optionstrader500 Posted - 9 hours ago

$PERI Class Action Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Perion Network Ltd. (PERI) Investors – Nationally Ranked Investors’ Rights Firm Holzer & Holzer, LLC Encourages Investors With Significant Losses to Contact the Firm what should we do? I am down over 9k on this

User Image SuperSocks Posted - 9 hours ago

$PERI Reminds me of $TEUM back in the day when I was new at this, lost a tonne of money because I ignored the warning signs. Made a tonne of money here when i listened to the warning signs and not my heart. Shelf offerings never used, hit articles, CEO sailing into the sunset at the top..it's all there. Hope i'm wrong for the longs and it recovers, would advise anyone else to stay well clear for now.

User Image 11thestate Posted - 10 hours ago

⚠️ $PERI and execs face class action over Bing search ad pricing changes, investors allege damage.

User Image jlo09 Posted - 12 hours ago

$PERI amazing, actually finished green for a day

User Image jsak2 Posted - 22 hours ago

$PERI extremely disappointing response to your questions. They may have complied with their obligations as a public company , but they hung their shareholders out to dry. Doron has a history of this sort of behavior. He knew it was coming, and bailed at just the right time. Have been bullish on this stock for some time. In at $14. Sold most on the way down from $27. Did not like the price action at all. Tai one of the most unimpressive CEO’s I’ve ever seen. Watch any presentation he has ever given. Good luck to all who remain optimistic . Time to move on.

User Image cubie Posted - 1 day ago

@Ollip maybe pull a $peri ?😅

User Image cubie Posted - 1 day ago

$omc gonna be like $peri or $ttd 🤔😅

User Image skbane93 Posted - 1 day ago

$PERI Got a feeling that volume is incoming $GRPN $SPOT $DASH

User Image yorki Posted - 1 day ago

$PERI I feel like no one really understands what Perion is… an arb cash cow that went public but act like the worst arb adtech person in the world.

User Image R33dh Posted - 1 day ago

$PERI Not exactly the reassurance I was hoping for. Didn't answer any of my specific questions. "Hi Reed, As you can see from our announcement, we were surprised as well. We understand investor disappointment with the news but are comfortable that we have complied with our obligations as a public company. Best, Dudi"

User Image nanidog Posted - 1 day ago

$PERI another 52 weeks low. due for bounce

User Image R33dh Posted - 1 day ago

$PERI I'll fall on my sword, this is fucking ridiculous lol

User Image VapeNRG100 Posted - 1 day ago


User Image glickmazal Posted - 1 day ago

User Image BeeDecay Posted - 1 day ago

@Portman03 those are some of the reasons why I sold all $PERI in November. Add to that: - unhealthy customer concentration ($msft). - related to the MSFT concentration: evidently the search business of Bing has changed. I did not believe MSFT would rely equally hard on PERI in the new (generative) AI setting. - $PERI had growing ad parameters whilst all other adtech companies struggled 2022-2023. Why - unclear as of today. I predicted single digits in two months a week ago. Helpen by macro economics we might get there pretty soon.

User Image Neha20 Posted - 2 days ago

$PERI Bought 8000 shares.

User Image Portman03 Posted - 2 days ago

$PERI havent seen any of the $PERI bulls chime in since they were calling for $40+ and then &60 by the end of the year. Remember weak stocks are weak fro a reason. Sometimes its not a direct correlation to the fundamentals. $PERI is stupid cheap, but it's cheap for a reason. Since the change in CEO, $PERI has been in a downward trend. Sentiment changed and so hasn't the stock price. Don;t get married to a stock strictly based on numbers and fundamentals. The narrative and macro has to support it too. This isn't a US based stock . . . that matters.

User Image Cameosis Posted - 2 days ago

$PERI @NavalnyTheGreat @tylerdurden2021 This is hilarious. Tyler for the L...

User Image HayabusaYamabushi Posted - 2 days ago

$PERI Nothing like 100s of missiles to kneecap a trade.

User Image yorki Posted - 2 days ago


User Image uniowner Posted - 2 days ago

$PERI EV/EBIDTA is under 2 with revised EBIDTA numbers, Cash per share is close to $10 per share. Forward PE for this year is under 13 and under 8 for 2025 with revised earnings projections. I couldn't resist and just bought more. This company will be bought out if it stays here much longer IMO

User Image SkillofMacGill Posted - 2 days ago

$PERI Normally goes much further down then one would imagine. No position as of yet but if it gets to the 7's, I will add for a swing.

User Image david999957 Posted - 2 days ago

$PERI Right now I'm focused on buying more at 11.7 ... bring it to me! Keep shorting!

User Image david999957 Posted - 2 days ago

$PERI I can keep this up all the way down to $5 per share! Who the hell knows, maybe shorters are that stupid!

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