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Market Cap 2.53B P/E - EPS this Y -19.70% Ern Qtrly Grth -79.20%
Income -82.77M Forward P/E 14.40 EPS next Y 48.20% 50D Avg Chg 1.00%
Sales 34.06B PEG 0.90 EPS past 5Y -28.91% 200D Avg Chg 13.00%
Dividend N/A Price/Book 0.24 EPS next 5Y 25.86% 52W High Chg -38.00%
Recommedations 2.90 Quick Ratio 0.37 Shares Outstanding 47.69M 52W Low Chg 87.00%
Insider Own 4.85% ROA 1.59% Shares Float 36.72M Beta 1.07
Inst Own 53.52% ROE 0.94% Shares Shorted/Prior 4.37M/4.96M Price 53.13
Gross Margin 16.79% Profit Margin -0.24% Avg. Volume 1,444,241 Target Price 44.17
Oper. Margin 3.99% Earnings Date Nov 30 Volume 872,571 Change -5.90%
JinkoSolar Holding Company Limi News
11/17/21 Jinko Solar Stock Clears Technical Benchmark, Hitting 90-Plus RS Rating
11/15/21 JinkoSolar to Report Third Quarter 2021 Results on November 30, 2021
11/13/21 Top 10 Stock Picks of Fang Zheng’s Keywise Capital
11/04/21 JinkoSolar Schedules 2021 Annual General Meeting to be Held on December 9, 2021
11/04/21 JinkoSolar (JKS) Recently Broke Out Above the 20-Day Moving Average
11/03/21 Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. invests RMB450 million in Tongwei Sichuan Yongxiang to Build Annual Capacity of 100,000 Tons of High-purity Polysilicon
11/02/21 5 Hot Stocks That Should Keep Rallying in November
11/02/21 What You Need To Know About JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd.'s (NYSE:JKS) Investor Composition
11/02/21 JinkoSolar Launches Next-generation N-type Ultra-efficiency Tiger Neo Modules
06:56 AM JinkoSolar Helps Refugees Transition to Life in America
05:40 AM JinkoSolar Receives Product Carbon Footprint Verification from TÜV Rheinland
10/13/21 Enphase (ENPH) to Install IQ 7+ in New South Wales Village
10/13/21 JinkoSolar Gets Recognition as the Winner of the Green World Awards 2021
10/13/21 JinkoSolar's High-efficiency N-Type Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Sets New World Record with Highest Conversion Efficiency of 25.4%
09/30/21 JinkoSolar Provides Updates on Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.'s Proposed IPO in China
09/28/21 JinkoSolar Awarded "Top Brand PV USA 2021" by EUPD Research
09/28/21 RPT-Tariffs, seizures expose U.S. solar industry's vulnerability to imports
09/28/21 Genprex Strengthens Management Team with Appointments of Industry Leaders Mark S. Berger, M.D. as Chief Medical Officer and Hemant Kumar, Ph.D. as Chief Manufacturing and Technology Officer
09/28/21 Tariffs, seizures expose U.S. solar industry's vulnerability to imports

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design, development, production, and marketing of photovoltaic products. The company offers solar modules, silicon wafers, solar cells, recovered silicon materials, and silicon ingots. It also provides solar system integration services; and develops commercial solar power projects. The company sells its products to distributors, project developers, and system integrators; and utility, commercial, and residential customers under the JinkoSolar brand, as well as on an original equipment manufacturer basis. As of December 31, 2020, it had an integrated annual capacity of 22 gigawatt (GW) for mono wafers; 11 GW for solar cells; and 31 GW for solar modules. The company has operations in the People's Republic of China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and internationally. JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is based in Shangrao, the People's Republic of China.

JKS Chatroom

User Image macroaxis Posted - 9 hours ago

$JKS - The company reported the last year's revenue of… https://www.macroaxis.com/stock-analysis/JKS/Jinkosolar-Holding #insidertrading #stocks #fintechnews

User Image irishstu Posted - 21 hours ago

$JKS Tricky one, they should beat, they know their production for the Q by the time they gave their last earnings report. But they also plan on making 10 GW in rhe last Q that's a double of each Q's production for 2021. They may revise down full year production, increased polysilicone and there was mention of China installing less panels in 2021 than they had planned due to shortage of panels because of reduced production by manufacturers.

User Image Punit Posted - 21 hours ago

Patiently waited for this dip on $JKS now give me a foooooking Santa Rally into eoy.

User Image bejezzus Posted - 22 hours ago

$JKS $CSIQ $TAN The fundamentals remain unchanged. If the market is going to tank in certain areas (experience economy), the demand for energy will continue to grow. If the overall risk picture worsens, energy becomes a more attractive safe haven. Couple that with the megatrend taking root in terms of renewables as the cheapest source of newly built utility scale electricity - while the world is ramping up electrification across the board - and you've got a perfect cocktail for continued price strength and continued business growth. So, yes, it takes some cahones to weather the storm in the face of volatility, but I saw way, way worse with $ENPH while it lingered in the single digits and even with $JKS as it dropped below 9 dollars in 2018. But the business boom cannot be stopped by share price volatility. So, once again, it's just a matter of time.

User Image Punit Posted - 1 day ago

Long calls here $JKS

User Image bexpo Posted - 1 day ago

$JKS lets hope this holds 50.

User Image irishstu Posted - 1 day ago

$JKS holding a bag here now.

User Image bexpo Posted - 1 day ago

$JKS No matter the reason ….this was 66 on Monday! 21% down in a week.

User Image Ladoga Posted - 1 day ago

$JKS 53.5 was a nice wall. God I am day drinking here. Question boys - are we buying 17/12 puts on Monday before close? Am asking cause EPS and profit margin would be lower than CSIQ (12-15% range vs 17%) as was confirmed and I wonder if fucking shorting bitches in US would use it as an excuse to drop it next day? Am having 50 K in long term options (June 22 / Jan 23) but am thinking to buy cheap short puts to smooth the hit sort to say or lose that bullet if I am wrong and things go upward. Thoughts would be welcomed. Cheers

User Image tickeron Posted - 1 day ago

$JKS reports Earnings today. How do you think the market will react to this? $JKS in Downtrend: Stochastic indicator peaks and leaves overbought zone. View odds for this and other indicators: https://srnk.us/go/3189937

User Image bejezzus Posted - 1 day ago

People afraid of dying of COVID are in live-now mode, spending more money, requiring greater productivity and more energy from the economy. People dying of COVID are increasing the velocity of money as their inheritance is passed down. Both factors are fueling inflation. All of the above are good for energy stocks. Solar (and renewables as a whole) is the emergent megatrend in energy. Cynical but true. Long $CSIQ $JKS $TAN. (still) The bounce off of this drop is going to be pretty massive, when everybody realizes that this changes nothing.

User Image SweepCastOptions Posted - 1 day ago

SweepCast alerted: $JKS with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $90 PUT Expiring: 01-21-2022 worth 35K🐻 |🥇 Check out SweepCast.com

User Image Ladoga Posted - 1 day ago

$JKS With that drop of 6% market cap is more like 2.5 bn USD for company that sells 5-6 bn USD per annum (more like 6 bn as Q4 will be way bigger than others and management confirmed). With profit margin around 15% so that is roughly 1 bn EBIT ex-shipping costs that are dropping). And next year growth confirmed by 30% by management so 6*1.3= 8 bn minimum (if prices on panels wouldn't adjust for inflation which they should). 8 bn *15% margin = 1.2 bn So 2.5/1 = 2.5 P/E ratio ex shipping costs for 2021 and 2.5/1.2 =2 P/E for 2022. Adding more with both hands and with both legs.

User Image SweepCast Posted - 1 day ago

SweepCast alerted: $JKS with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $90 PUT Expiring: 01-21-2022 worth 35K🐻 |🥇 Who is in this one right now?! 🥇

User Image SweepCast Posted - 1 day ago

SweepCast alerted: $JKS with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $90 PUT Expiring: 01-21-2022 worth 35K🐻 |🥇 Learn How Unusual Options Helps Gain Insights! 🥇

User Image thomaskristiansen Posted - 2 days ago

$JKS $CSIQ Elected parties in Germany (socialist, greens and new liberal) Wish to to phase out all coal plants before 2030, versus 2038 earlier. 15M Electric cars on the road before 2030. They are also phasing out nuclear. They do not wish to more reliant on unsafe supply of nat gas from Russia. Should be a good market for solar+wind+storage

User Image SweepCastOptions Posted - 2 days ago

SweepCast alerted: $JKS with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $90 PUT Expiring: 01-21-2022 worth 35K🐻 |🥇 Check out SweepCast.com

User Image SweepCast Posted - 2 days ago

SweepCast alerted: $JKS with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $90 PUT Expiring: 01-21-2022 worth 35K🐻 |🥇 Learn How Unusual Options Helps Gain Insights! 🥇

User Image STCKPRO Posted - 2 days ago

$JKS NEW ARTICLE : JinkoSolar Stock Takes a Breather Before Earnings https://www.stck.pro/news/JKS/18613408

User Image irishstu Posted - 2 days ago

$JKS Ne nice if they swipe it back to green before close. When thst happe s its a good sign for the next day. Earnings next Tuesday.

User Image Ladoga Posted - 3 days ago

$JKS look at this. Triple bottom on daily. Just For reference just Jinko has such red candle and CSIQ for example just has green ones. Shorting cunts are so shorting.

User Image irishstu Posted - 3 days ago

$JKS bought at 56. Thought we might get 55.5 but didn't.

User Image bexpo Posted - 3 days ago

$JKS 53 coming?

User Image bexpo Posted - 3 days ago

$JKS I sold half my shares at $66.07 1 day ago. This is 15% lower now in 36 hours time! This is very unstable. It moves like a triple leveraged ETF….

User Image bejezzus Posted - 3 days ago

$CSIQ $JKS $TAN Just reading Lazard's 2021 LCOE report from October. On page 5 it can be deduced that every $0.12 rise in gas prices adds 1 dollar to the LCOE of gas combined cycle plants. So by Lazard's calculations $5 natural gas means that gas combined cycle - at the very cheapest - comes in around $58 per MWh and as much as $87. Unsubsidized solar's estimated range is $30-$41 - and importantly - it doesn't change when fuel prices increase. Sunshine still costs free. And you think utility CEOs and CFOs aren't paying attention? Especially the ones at the head of publicly traded companies? They better be. Report here: https://www.lazard.com/media/451905/lazards-levelized-cost-of-energy-version-150-vf.pdf

User Image sleekoptions_twits Posted - 3 days ago

$JKS Green to red move: +1.41% to -3.53% https://www.sleekoptions.com/sleekscan.aspx?sub1=dscan&type=greentoredDaily

User Image bejezzus Posted - 3 days ago

I love that $JKS has definitively broken through 22 and increased about 5x over the past 3 years. Of course, if you're day trading it's a bit of a scary proposition. But if you have any kind of timeline beyond the daily or weekly, there are some glaringly obvious triggers over the next six months that are going to propel it past 100. So it's still chill time.

User Image STCKPRO Posted - 3 days ago

$JKS NEW ARTICLE : The Sky Seems to be the Limit for JinkoSolar Stock https://www.stck.pro/news/JKS/18553911

User Image Pisces_B Posted - 3 days ago

$JKS I thought this finally broke through and it went back to below 60 in two days, damn!

User Image bejezzus Posted - 3 days ago

$JKS $CSIQ looks like sell side tried to take a big swing to drive down share price today, but ran out of steam. Volume petering out and prices coming back up. And regardless of day-to-day, $JKS and $CSIQ are part of the solar megatrend trade, and two of the few leading stocks in the sector that haven't seen a huge bump yet (think $ENPH $SEDG $DQ and others). So much growth not yet priced in here. Much more to come. 6 bn market caps before 2023.

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